Hollywood Blind Item – April 2020 – 1

This couple is about to start the new life they have been so public about today. Unfortunately, even though they would have wanted all the attention, the rest of the world are too busy trying to stay alive than to actually care about them!

To be fair, they did hog the limelight a lot when they announced their plans not so long ago so they already got the attention they wanted. What’s interesting is, even though they said they wanted to live like us commoners, they still want the perks that come with their status.

As it is, no one cares about their status if they are not in the country that he was born is. It’s the only place where his title matters, or mattered. So now, life is really going to begin for them and his dad is going to take care of their security payments for now.

Let’s see how far they can survive now that they have gotten what they wanted. Considering he doesn’t have any qualifications to begin with, she will be the main breadwinner. On top of that, they are supposedly going to start another charity foundation. Where will they get the money from? Well, they will have to beg their rich friends!

It will be interesting to see how who still values their friendship now that they are not these title-holders!

Check out the blind item from Blind Gossip. Let’s see if she dares to release those scandalous family secrets out to the public!

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Hollywood Blind Item


We Are Exceptional People

Let’s say you have an Instagram account.

Let’s say you are also fortunate enough to have a lot of followers.

What happens if you have to move to a new Instagram account? Will Instagram move your followers to your new account?

The answer is β€œNo.”

We stopped doing that a couple of years ago. Now we tell users to simply put a note on their old account instructing followers to follow them at their new account.

This married celebrity couple is in exactly that situation right now. They need boost their social media numbers as fast as possible to start making money.

So they are not taking no for an answer!

We were contacted by their representative asking us to make an exception in their case. Their argument was that this was an exceptional couple in an exceptional circumstance and that it would be to Instagram’s benefit to do this.

We don’t know if Instagram will comply.

But my, my, my! Someone is certainly full of me me me exceptionalism!

Of course the couple will deny it.

In their new, β€œindependent” lifestyle, they would never ask anyone else to fund them… or protect them… or make any kind of exception for them!

What? All three?

Never mind.

OSOP Guesses

Celebrity Couple: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle



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7 Responses

  1. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Agree with Nefarious that both MM & PC are birds of a particular feather ! To the Admin ,there was a blind item on Blind Gossip about PC being instantly blacklisted by MM after her people put out a (false) story on meeting baby Archie. There were also tales about MM herself wanting to sell the baby’s first pics to the highest bidder which was nixed by Buckingham Palace. The Jonas marriage is a contract one anyway for publicity & a baby . Unfortunately for her Hollywood is as sexist and ageist as the specimens in Bollywood.

    • Admin says:

      πŸ˜‚ You know what they say? Birds of the same feather flock together! PC was pissed that MM missed her wedding hence she didn’t bother to attend the baby shower. Why she put out that article saying she met the baby and at the same time promoting another Tiffany product is just too much. Now that MM is in LA, maybe they can patch up and catch up!

  2. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Meghan married Harry thinking life’s going to be like a Disney princess. She didn’t care for Central London and they moved to Windsor spending Β£2 Million on refurbishing Frogmere Cottage . Then she makes it a point to alienate him from his entire family (and old friends) . It was cringe worthy watching Harry at a party begging for a job for Meghan! Charitable Trusts pay up only a certain percentage of the vast amounts they receive , a lot of it is swallowed by the fat cats and not the needy.

    • Admin says:

      It’s clear that she wants to be the center of attention but is not. Hence the move, which will put all the focus on them and now have her be compared to Kate!

      • Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

        Absolutely , the British royals & aristocracy operate very differently from attention seeking Hollywood stars-they don’t make a vulgar show of their wealth and believe in understated elegance-something Meghan never understood ! They display their artwork and ruins with pride and stick to their dogs & horses. Meghan would have found it straight out of P G Wodehouse and virtually impossible to relate to . She was never a big Jennifer Aniston type on TV ,all she brings to the table now is her marriage. To do her justice ,at least she had a job unlike Harry who was not considered bright enough (after the cheating scandal at Eton) to go to university. Have you noticed that friendship with Priyanka Chopra has died a natural death ? I wonder what happened out there !

        • nefarious says:

          PC and MM seem to similiar in intent…hence, i suspect once MM thought she was far more higher up in the ranks than PC , she dumped her. TBH, PC would have done the same

        • Admin says:

          πŸ˜… Their friendship is an example of the kind you shouldn’t have. Imagine having a friend who suddenly wakes up and realized she has to compete with you? Everything PC did after MM met PH was so quick that it definitely made it look like she was trying to do better than MM. Wonder if she would have married JoBoy if MM didn’t tie the knot?!

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