Get Ready, Karan Johar is preparing his next script

According to the latest news,

Get Ready, Karan Johar is preparing his next script

Yep, like Jesus’ resurrection, this one too is definitely going to happen. Let us save you the trouble by revealing who THIS celeb is: Manish Malhotra aka KJo’s best friend. Now, you know what to look forward to this year: a Karan Johar Production starring Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor with supporting cast in the likes of Ayan Mukherji and Mahesh Bhatt. Rishi Kapoor is in talks to play the villain, but he’s still undecided about it.

The irony is that Alia and Ranbir are really working in a Karan Johar/Dharma Production!

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60 Responses

  1. Monalisa says:

    If Ranbir does not have pr who is spreading Alia-Ranbir are just BFF rumour? Certainly not Kjo because he is hell bent on spreading RK-Alia are couple rumour??

  2. Samantha says:

    ‘Like’ if u support an outsider Ranveer Singh (who hasnt YET worked wt KJo) much much more than nepotism ka product Ranbir Kapoor, whos getting infinite chances despite flops after flops!

    • Steffi says:

      well Samantha…I Like RK because I love him as an Actor (my choice) not because he is an outsider (but RS is not) (again you choice)….just the amount of bad PR this link up gives RK don’t think he is behind this….even if he is I would always be interested in his movies….and this whole site and pinkvilla where we see constant RK bashing…..I can tell you one thing the day he decides to have a professional PR all of this would stop and glossed over…Just like Feminism/ Meninism, I am smarter than most chicks I have dated, I have dated 3 girls at a time, I was so in character that I almost hit some one, I became a man after seeing Kareena come out of a pool etc are glossed over…Admin Post this

      • Anisha says:

        Thank you, Steffi! Just what I was trying to say. If he had a PR they’d see the bad press he gets on PinkVilla/Twitter/everywhere and adjust their strategy accordingly. If Salman Khan’s past can be glossed over, Ranbir’s is nothing — he didn’t kill someone or an endangered species or hit a woman physically. But we are seeing none of that. We see constant Ranbir bashing with no rebuttal from his end.

        • kiran101 says:

          he and his family are openly taking pride in his sexual conquests. please see rishi-neetu remarks on women….no one made that up.

        • kiran101 says:

          Please answer first ” Gareenbon ka Ranbir kapoor” that RK spread with KJO. Why are you silent on this ? RK has people like u defending such shit…is this not PR ?? Mocking someone for not being ELITE in ur eyes…thats Kapoor scion for you. inviting everyone on KWK and spreading Ranbir is superstar and Ranveer as gareeb …. is that not PR ?

        • Admin says:

          For the record, Ranbir has people in charge of his image. When he doesn’t like something that is publlished about him, he either has his lawyer or his management people get it taken from that website. He can only threaten websites that ask favours from him.

      • kiran101 says:

        @steffi @anisha ? who played alon with KJO spreading “gareebon ka ranbir kapoor” ?? answer this questionfirst

        • Anisha says:

          @kiran101, why are you SO fixated on this “gareebon ka Ranbir Kapoor” phrase? You know that English saying poor man’s something, this is the Hindi translation and it doesn’t imply that Ranveer is poor. So what Karan said that Ranveer is the poor man’s Ranbir? That’s Karan’s opinion and he can damn well tell that anyone who’s willing to listen — what is wrong with that?

          • kiran101 says:

            Because it is said in pejorative and demeaning way. Nope there is nothing wrong with mocking someone as hero of lower class people as if Ranbir is high class. KJo being a elitist ofcourse it means Ranveer does not amount to much compared to Ranbir. What wrong with assault and humiliating someone ?? nothing… In that case what is so wrong with Ranveer saying all those things that you listed so far then ? Please tell me Talking bullshit and deameaning anyone and calling it an opinion is bullcrap… and if you are actually endorsing it that says something about you…no wonder you take Ranbir side.
            so why call out on Ranveer’s oipnion on the intellect of women he dated ??? Do you know niche audience already rejected the kapoor scion ???

          • kiran101 says:

            Folks ! basically @Anisha says there is nothing wrong with KJO and Ranbir’s condescending propaganda about Ranveer as “Gareebon ka Ranbir Kapoor” and is hailed as an opinion.

            KJO and Ranbir are completely in right for spreading such things about others yet its Ranveer’s PR thats demonic.Ans no not all opinions are considered equal…saying racist and bigoted statements in this world and one cannot escape as opinion. Ranbir spread such malice on Ranveer and yet she wants us to buy he has no one doing dirty PR for him.
            First let them treat a human decently and then try to sell him as hot stuff. Despicable and abbhorant to endorse such elitism when Ranbir himself is not even half educated as Ranveer…. Ranbir’s entire family is not even half educated as Ranveer’s.

  3. goldengirl says:

    kjo aunty and his cheap gimmicks. Alia is in a wrong company. He is ruining her. I never get how these stars/makers think they can bring the audience in larger numbers to the cinema by spreading breakup/link up/cat fights stories? time has changed now. People dont go to see stars but good films and stories. Manish is KJO partner. The world knows this. Hope this movie flop badly.

  4. Pav says:

    Just saw KJo’s kids pics on their birthday. They are cute for sure and not Indian for sure too.
    It’s like out of his obsession for a certain look and complexion( that’s why Anushka and RS weren’t good enough for him initially) he got them done (it’s a purchase process).
    I honestly feel very bad for their future. Imagine how they would turn out to be, brought up in that kind of a atmosphere.

    • Amanda says:

      I think all the surrogacy kids have a Caucasian parent.. Don’t know how their looks will fit in when it comes to their debut in bollywood.. I am sure Karan and SRK will try to push these kids in bw… I don’t know how tushar’s kid looks, but I bet he looks similar to yash, roohi or abram…

  5. Alok says:

    He’s so boring as a writer (I use the word loosely), Director (also very broadly applying to this hack), and producer (of mostly lousy films). The only semi interesting thing he’s done is KANK. Kapoor & Sons, Agneepath were both flukes. Can we please stop supporting his garbage products and (mostly, barring Alia) garbage talent?

  6. kiran101 says:

    @ Anisha… ur thoughts ? Ranbir is still trying to be sold as hot stuff.

    • leap says:

      @anisha also why is alia ok with this why is she ok with being linked to everyone has she no faith in her ability to be enact the role of a couple on screen or is it to please kjo ?

      • kiran101 says:

        and they say Ranbir has no PR . Only “gareebon ka ranbir kapoor” has PR.

        • leap says:

          does ranbir really need to hire a PR when his mad hatter mind is itself fully capable of cooking up link ups, blinds, pic leaks, gossip all he has to do is send that story to PV or source

          • kiran101 says:

            And he can throw women under the bus by employing his side kick Ayaan taking and leaking pictures. How arrogant should one be to call someone “gareebon ka ranbir kapoor” . Arrogance and Narcissism to clinical level . This entire gang KJO, ayan, RK, Kareena…entire kapoor klan…the way Neetu Kapoor spoke of women in RK’s life…utter disrespect and she is one woman who was beaten and abused by her drunkard husband. I do not see any appeal in RK that BW tries to shove on our faces. He is uneducated , debauched and disrespectful towards his colleagues.

          • leap says:

            Exactly. these star kid and their families are sadistic and manipulate things so that new comers never make it big.How is it that arjun kappor is still getting films but rajkumar is losing out on projects for being overexposed. I dont see any appeal in any of these star kids anymore. My current fav’s are all outsiders.

          • Pooja says:

            Right now I’m just happy that sonam getting marriage at least one annoying starkid leave us.already starkids army r ready to get into in industry with below average look n brat like behaviors.

          • Pooja says:

            This all starkids hate outsiders like dp PC n kangana n jealous of there success.just search chance to attack them eg-padmavat my choice video or kangana’s interview even bebo was so much insecure of ash.I never seen sonakshi or sonam ever praise dp for her success except of criticizing her for other things.

      • Anisha says:

        Alia is just following K.Jo’s orders. After all, she owes her career to him.

        • leap says:

          I agree but unless she tries to get rid of this string attached to kjo she is the female RK. and in that case match made

        • leap says:

          @anisha are you suggesting Alia will actually enter into a relationship with Ranbir just because kjo orders really is she that dumb?

          • Anisha says:

            @leap Nope, I’m not suggesting she will enter into a relationship; I’m stating that Alia will keep up the charade in front of the media.

    • Anisha says:

      This is just Karan doing his stuff, just like the admin said. If Ranbir had a PR, I’m sure we’d have seen stuff like this, seeing that deshbhakti now rules: Heck, if he had a PR at least it would’ve helped in clarifying if Dutt biopic is delayed again for reshoots or not. People just write whatever they want about him.

      • kiran101 says:

        well Ranveer has to be nice to people and pander to audience since he is no Kapoor scion. Poor noble soul that is Ranbir. So you admit Karan does stuff for Ranbir which Ranveer has to do for himself. No wonder Ranveer is gareebon ka Ranbir kapoor.

        Poor meek Ranbir has no say in what Karan decides to do. Kjo and kareena themselves said what a gossipmonger Ranbir is. Ranbir and fmaily take pride in his cassanova ways….and now say people write stuff about him ?

        How privileged one has to be to be so confident that they could do without a PR. Which big star does not have a PR ?

        • Anisha says:

          Hey kiran101, don’t twist my words. I never stated that Karan does stuff for Ranbir that Ranveer has to do for himself. Karan is just safeguarding his investment and in his deluded mind he thinks spreading link-up rumours between the leads is the only way to do it. Just like he’s desperately trying to make Ishaan and Jahnvi a thing. Now what do you have to say to that?

          By the way, all these Bollywood people are gossipmongers — no one’s holier than thou. So to single out Ranbir is unfair.

          At this point, whatever Ranbir does you’d twist it his intentions and find the worst in it, so no point in me defending him.

          • Monalisa says:

            @anisha Everyone knows RK-Alia dating rumour is spread by karan. But who is spreading Alia-RK are just bff rumours or RK is angry with Kjo for spreading rumours of Alia affair. Is Karan that stupid that he is simultaneously spreading two opposing rumours? Or is it RK pr trying to get away from Kjo’s dating rumours?
  …/ranbir-kapoor-pissed-karan-johar-and-alia-bhatt -portraying-him-playboy-396051

  …/ranbir-kapoor-rehearses-new-bff-alia-bhatt- brahmastra-396780

            Also we never got RK’s daily dance practice, airport pics, candid pap pics articles before but now we are getting such articles. Others pr sent such articles to pv but you mean to say pv writers on their own write such articles about him. Are pv writers bankrolled by him for them to write such articles on only him? but other stars pr have to write articles and send to pv to get them published. If it is not the work of Ranbir pr why is pv giving him preferential treatment over other stars?

  …/ranbir-kapoor-gets-sunkissed-and-laughs-his- heart-out-photo-397560

  …/ranbir-kapoor-lost-thoughts-family-dinner- niece-samara-sahni-poses-pro-395247



            Fyi: I’m not a hater of Ranbir Kapoor nor a fan of him as an actor. (I did try to watch Tamasha eventhough I fell asleep midway. His movie lineup does not interest me hence never watch his movies regularly but in a world full of actors like Arjun, Sid, Varun, Tiger, he still is a better actor I give that to him). I only hate him for all the relationship drama he does.

          • Anisha says:

            @Monalisa, this is the last time I’m commenting on this matter. No matter what I say you’ll misconstrue it, so no point in wasting my time or yours. Let’s agree with you that Ranbir has a PR and his PR team pesters PinkVilla staff to post daily articles on him, no matter how mundane they are. So, his PR must have asked PinkVilla to post this article that you shared: Wouldn’t his PR not know that Ranbir was headed to Bulgaria for a one-month shoot for Ayan’s film and not to London??? Wouldn’t they mention it to PinkVilla? People are already under the impression that Brahmastra would be shot in Israel after Alia and K.Jo posted the photo of Ranbir, Ayan and Alia from Tel Aviv and K.Jo went to the party for Benjamin Netanyahu and are none too pleased about it. Wouldn’t Ranbir’s PR make it a point to drive home the fact that Brahmastra is not going to be shot in Israel but in Bulgaria and that the said airport pics are of Ranbir heading to Bulgaria for the shoot?

          • kiran101 says:

            you are sure its ranveer PR. but all that filth that comes about Ranbir is not his doing? Why do u assign so much malice to only Ranveer and sainthood to Ranbir ? so do u admit Ranbir leaked mahira pics ? since you concluded Ranveer PR is at work…it is also quite well known that Ayan does dirty work for Ranbir.

          • kiran101 says:

            Okay ? does this mean Rk’s PR leaked mahira’s pics ? who said ABCD women are meeting RK ? who keeps leaking blinds like “the most handsome eligible man, making women go weak in the knees kind of blinds on him ???

            The kind of remarks that RK’s parents make on other women should hang any sane person in shame …they view women as things…and the apple does not fall far from the tree.

            I am sorry you will not have many buyers of Ranbir’s victim story. Kjo will not sell shit without Kapoor Scion’s consent. Everything is happening with his approval.

          • leap says:

            @kiran101 PV and tabloids hit a goldmine in terms of click baits with a already fizzled out mk/rk link up .So many false stories were spun to mint money off it.
            The “love bite” as Pv claimed was a cyst surgery mark she had it even in beirut event you can easily see it in the event videos its from april/may.
            Her staff did call out PV on twitter to contact them before publishing crap stories like the two wearing similar shirts.
            PV stalks some of her fans on twitter even those users know its a joke for them pv uses their tweets because with 15 mins its posted on PV.
            The claim she was depressed not true she was busy shooting for her movie, that was fallowed by clothing brand shoot,
            The entire oct, nov she was busy with her movie promotions with in the country yet in blinds rk was flying off somewhere.
            they misconstrued her every interview to suit their narrative . they were happy printing click bait on her till kjo wanted to link up alia/rk. I doubt anyone will ever tell who leaked them.although the blinds are his handy work for sure

          • kiran101 says:

            who’s PR is posting sunkissed pics and all his exes are still hung up on him ?

          • Nimi says:

            Hey Anisha ! You said in shahid news that he is insecure and none of his ex are jealous of him . Now you are contradicting this news and accusing ranveer .
            Khan-Kapoor from pinkvilla hates ranveer and Deepika and surprisingly even salman . Dark delight is another one who take side of entire Kapoor khaandaan and throws mud at Mira – ranveer . She even said Mira is a gold digger … I mean what do you even call karishma then ? The biggest joke is darkdelight in PV called Ranbir Kapoor level headed and ranveer a clown . This is a joke since levelheadedness is absent in entire Kapoor family .

          • Anisha says:

            Hi Nimi, the reason I said that was Ranveer’s PR is I got the exact same e-mail from Ranveer’s PR. I stand by what I said about Shahid — he’s not liked in Bollywood. Even his management team is fed up of him. Having said that, Ranveer and Shahid’s PR are jousting one another — neither of them can claim a higher ground on this.

      • leap says:

        “People just write whatever they want about him”. yet he is one whose personal pics are leaked., sources give detailed blind items . Ranbir can chose not to sell his personal life as PR but he does, was it not ranbir whose a fizzled out relationship pics with mahira leaked on the day of padmavat poster release btw the detailed blind came a month earlier who sells a dead relationship? thats just sadistic knowing fully well it will back fire on mahira such a fool she was trusting him . Also why such events happen to him only. His own actions enables people to write whatever

        • Monalisa says:

          Also when DP RS engagement news were going on articles about how DP is still not over RK are released, rehash article of their first date released. Also DP fans seem to know the pattern of how RK pr attach his name to her. So whenever someone comment about RK in her RS-DP posts or any other DP posts they call out RK pr to stop attaching his name to her. I saw this comment on Kat liking DP pic post on pv; that a photoshopped pic of DP with RK in Dutt after party got made in to an article by RK pr. The pic was photoshopped by a RKDP fan. Also the news about RS, DP and RK with their teams meeting to discuss movie article was released when padmaavat controversy was going on in November/ December. Many instances where any news about RS, Dp or padmaavat come out RK pr attach his name to them via his pr article.

          Why all of a sudden we are seeing Ranbir airport pic articles, or other articles of him going around town pics articles, RK-Alia bff articles, Ranbir getting angry at kjo and Alia pr for linkup rumours articles released on pinkvilla. Still not the work of pr?? Unlike other people’s pr RK pr only write articles about his relationship. Others pr talk about their work

      • Hmmm says:

        Ranbir feeds stories to pinkvilla and he has unofficial PR such as on twitter.

  7. Pooja says:

    Superhero film rk look like bad idea to me.alia look like child infront of rk.rk look way more older than his real age with all those bad habits n hairy hands.

    • leap says:

      I think kjo is reading the comments on PV about ranbir alia looking like siblings and is now hell bent on making sure they hook up so that people buy them as a couple shows how dumb he thinks the audience is

  8. leap says:

    God does anyone care about Kjo shenanigans anymore abut anyone yes we get it kjo anti BW is an orgy everyone dates everyone .Also oh come on everyone knowing ranbir knows he will hook up with a tree as along as it looks like a woman so why would him hooking up with alia (who seems willing to be linked to anyone not to mention brags about her bf count) be any more surprising. The girl has kjo as mentor he has basically presented a female version of ranbir minus the drugs and ayan. But can kjo anti for god sake spare us these stupid moronic 90’s PR stunts. while hes at it get them married two since this movie is a trilogy they will shooting for a few years need to spend so much time together so might as well.. Kapoor parents cant degrade alia she is the star kid . Alia seems ok with ranbir madness and his ways so match made in bw madness to rival RS/DP (hhhhmmmm) I would say. But honestly This alia/rk pr stupidity has given me reason enough not to go see this movie.

    • Monalisa says:

      I wonder what role Malik Kafur (a.k.a Ayan) will play in this story. Will he still be the kabaab main haddi as in Kat-RK story? Will he allow RK to make decisions of his own when he has second thoughts of reconcilations with Alia? Will he accompany them on their romantic couple holidays together? etc..

      I’m still of the opinion they give sibling vibes. These Alia fans even know RK-Alia not a good match, so in some RS posts in pinkvilla they commented for him to date Alia and even started shipping them calling Ralia..haha..
      Evidently in the ads they do together Alia and RS have good chemistry..

      • leap says:

        @Monalisa all your questions sound like pre caps from some ekta kapoor serial. If kjo read them you have just given ideas about the blinds, gossip that “sources” will give to PV lolz.

        They can marry have kids who cares Kjo needs to stop treating the audience as idiots. . They should be able to enact whatever their roles require on screen. I might be that Kjo wants RK/alia to be more talked about RS/alia .the fact that people still are not buying his PR must be making him pull his hair out

  9. Nar <3 Kangana says:


    I am expecting many juicy gossip and bacchanal from this alleged link up. Alia and Katrina are besties, Karan is a pimp, RK is struggling and damn scared after Padmavat & RS success. RP cant piggy bank on ex-link up. DP is 100% DONE! LOL LOL LOL.

    Ayan is a pimp – actually, he is Malik Kafur – Loves his “master” but we all know he just wants to be HIM. LOL LOL LOL

    I live for this time of bacchanal – evil grin, evil eyes.

    Having said all of this – my favorite better not get tangled up in here

    • leap says:

      hey can Malik Kafur in this BW version look like golem from the lord of the rings 😀 along with “Loves his “master” ” and says my precious too please lolz

      • Nar <3 Kangana says:

        lol – slb’s interpretation was a hot mess but it turned out great & ppl loved rs, jim & aditi

    • NightGlory says:

      I’m sorry, who’s RP?

      • Nar <3 Kangana says:

        typo – lol It’s RK* – He cant piggy bank on DP being his ex anymore LOL LOL

        How times have changed. Garibo ka Ranbir aka Ranveer is a star & his ex-gf is a star too but RK? He is stuck with a set of wannabes playing pr games.

  10. Amanda says:

    Karan gets all his stories while doing shopping in foreign locales.. He needn’t sit down and write because the story will be one liner anyway… The assistants and others will help him convert that one line story into 2+ hrs movie.. Ranbir seriously needs a hit now and Alia is the golden girl of dharma productions.. Hope this movie flops

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