For Corona’s Sake, No One Cares About Ranbir & Alia’s BreakUp!

Since news of this couple’s breakup hit the internet, things went crazy…from their side, that is! Sadly, news of their breakup came before an announcement was sent out that the film they are working together has to be postponed due to this coronavirus pandemic. So was it released to divert attention or did the media just wanted to take a fan’s theory and make it into a story without any inputs from anyone?



It’s funny at a time when something so serious is going on, the nepotism mafia gang leader and his minions feel the need to assure us multiple times that nothing is wrong and that it wasn’t what we thought it was!

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Honestly, like anyone cares!

Everyone knows and if you have been following the news from the beginning, the way their relationship has been made public and how it coincides with any news about their upcoming film is fishy!

Though it is written that he very much was there on her birthday by her side, it might not be the truth since something else was reported earlier to make up for the reason why Ranbir wasn’t there:


Who said they  didn’t meet on  her birthday?  Right now Ranbir has his father’s health issues to deal with. He is  taking this time out from work(due to the virus scare) to be with his parents as  much as  possible.And Alia Bhatt is all for Ranbir’s family-time plans. – SKJ News

Was he there or not there?

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This part is very concerning when news of their break-up came out:

As  for being “cold” to Alia Bhatt the  friend says, “Ranbir is known to be moody. People close  to him have learnt to deal with his moods. There are days when he  doesn’t speak to anybody.” – SKJ News

Damn, what did Aloo get herself into? She is still young and fresh, why would she go through this mess to mess up her brain like if being responsible for her family is not enough?

Several other online media platforms just went ahead and posted that Alia broke up with Ranbir without even checking the original article where this news was denied by sources close to them aka KebabJo (who else!).



So as the news spread and people still didn’t care, Alia decided to let everyone know that she and Ranbir are still very much together. Only she knows whether he did really take that picture or it was one of her cats!


But think about it, this means so much to the Nepotism mafia leader and his minions that they are going out of their way to still convince everyone Ranbir and Alia are still together and what’s more, they are still “very much in love”.

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The reason why we are sharing this today is because of this:

From Rajeev Masand’s Weekly Column on Open Magazine

Stories about Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s breakup are not true; never mind what the tabloids insist. Rumours that it’s over between the couple gained momentum last week after Ranbir could not be spotted in any of the photographs from Alia’s birthday celebrations. Alia put up pictures hanging out with her girlfriends and from what appeared to be a gathering with her family. But Ranbir was nowhere in sight in either set of photos. That prompted the breakup narrative. A source close to the pair reveals that Ranbir did see her on her big day; she just didn’t put up any pictures he was in.

The speculation around their relationship and the stories about the breakup began appearing in so many entertainment publications (one paper suggested that he was caught fooling around with a married socialite at her out-of-town farmhouse), it prompted the usually reticent actress to pointedly rubbish them. No, she didn’t come out and address the rumours, but she did respond to an Instagram video that Ranbir’s mother Neetu Singh put up of her husband Rishi Kapoor following a yoga tutorial that he was streaming from his phone to his television while self-isolating. In the comments section, Alia posted a seemingly innocuous ‘Superb’.

Two days later, she posted a photograph of herself staring at the sunset, accompanied by a postscript to her caption that read: ‘[photo] credit to my all time fav photographer RK’ and followed it up with a pink heart emoji. Those that know her agree that it’s very uncharacteristic of Alia to flaunt her relationship, but they also seem to be convinced it’s a direct shutdown of the breakup rumours. Remember you read it here first (weeks ago to be fair), marriage is still scheduled for December. Unless the coronavirus throws plans into disarray.

Isn’t it strange that a huge section of his weekly column is dedicated to reassuring the world that Ranbir and Alia are still together? It’s like a judge asking you to explain this whole thing, which is why it’s so detailed.

Check out the tags chosen for that column:


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Telling us about the events that led to their supposedly breakup, the rumours of Ranbir hanging out with a married socialite (which was a blind item released long time back), all the online comments being dropped on the Kapoors’ social media accounts and so on.

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Are they panicking that people have lost interest in both them and ‘Brahmastra’? Or do they still need to keep reminding people that they exist so their upcoming film doesn’t end up being a huge bomb? Are they that much worried about this project? On second thoughts, why would they not since it’s KJo’s most expensive one yet!

Oh and we are still being reminded that the marriage is still on in December, which is also the month ‘Brahmastra’ is releasing unless Karuna Corona is still around! They are letting us know, as if we have been invited to the grand wedding!

It’s funny that out of all Ranbir’s high-profile relationships, this is the one the media is least interested in! Everything about them is cold-news, it’s like their PR-people have to spoon-feed us on how amazing these two are as a couple. Ranbir has always been quiet and has always shared his personal info on the sly with the media, as did his ex at that time through “friends”.

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But with these two, everything has been out in the open from the day they appeared in that wedding with Ayan Mukherjee. It’s like they are screaming:

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Seriously, their romantic moments look like Bhai-Behen sharing love and affection Rakhi day!



This has lasted for sometime now and like we said the first time they did everything they could to make us all believe they were a couple (Heck, KJo had her on KWK just to convince us all!), let’s sit back and watch what happens next!

What other choice do we have? We are all on lockdown!

Psst…If the media is lacking of new news regarding the stars, how about more posts and images of Bollywood‘s most eligible bachelor risking his life by stepping out of the house with Mary Poppins broom? Is he offering home service? ‘Cause our yard needs cleaning too! 😉😉😉😉


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6 Responses

  1. Helen says:

    Camilla cabello and Shawn Mendez. It was such a dumb pr stunt in such troubled times. Boohoo for such attention hungry narcissistic celebrities.

    Kjo just copy pasted the whole thing and tried to hint rat and potate are living together.

  2. Scorpion says:

    Which Hollywood couple is this?😕

  3. Adira says:

    Calm down, people!

    Ranbir and Alia are not in a relationship. They both know it. Everyone around them knows it.

  4. Scorpion says:

    @Admin, you have stopped calling these two fake and have statred addressing them as a couple in your posts. Viral also posted a video of Alia and Ranbir today at his building compound where they are taking his dog for a walk. Looks like she has moved in to Ranbir’s house during lockdown peroid. If this was a fake/forced/arranged relationship I don’t think Ranbir would want Alia to move in with him. Your thoughts?

    • Admin says:

      Don’t read too much into it…Their relationship is a Dharma production. A similar stunt of a neighbourhood outing was recently pulled by this PR-made singer couple in Hollywood.🤭 Don’t these people know that you can’t even step out of your house?

  5. abcd says:

    Neetu Kapoor wants rk to get movies from kjo, that’s the only reason for her to let rk marry Alia. Alia bhatt is marrying rk for money and status. This is indirect way of dowry for them. The shameful part is these unethical rich people set up wrong examples. Such marriages give trouble till life post babies. Seems that they’re destined to suffer in such manner all their lives. This proves that money can buy spouse and marriage but not love.

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