First among many: Arjun Kapoor poses with Sridevi’s daughters and sweats over Salman Khan

So many things happened at Sonam Kapoor‘s wedding, so many happy moments, so many fun moments, but the only cringeworthy moment HAD to come from Arjun Kapoor wishing he could turn invisible upon seeing Salman Khan coming his way. We will talk on that later, but first let’s bring it out there how the whole Arjun Kapoor family is already following PR protocol. It was already coming and when this step will help all of them professionally, they had no choice but to put the hate away and pretend to feel the love around them.

Arjun Kapoor poses with Sridevi's daughters


Arjun Kapoor poses with Sridevi's daughters

Arjun Kapoor poses with Sridevi's daughters

Arjun Kapoor poses with Sridevi's daughters


Here is daddy and Amar Singh’s constant companion, Boney Kapoor with his kids Arjun, Anshula, Khushi and Janhvi. Still can’t believe that both of his wives are not here and he has been the only one left for his children. Sridevi would have been happy to see her kids blending so well with Arjun and Anshula. Wherever she is, she probably went:

Ooii ooii ooii.

Kicki lakki chiki lakk chum

Kicki lakki chiki lakk chiki chum

Kicki lakki chiki lakk chum


It’s not secret that among Anshula and Arjun, Arjun is the one who despised Sridevi the most. He was old enough to understand his mother’s pain when his dad left her for Sridevi. It’s also the woman, who get blamed when it was the man who chased her like if he was unmarried and had no responsibilities. Anshula was always cordial towards Sri and her daughters. Sridevi‘s passing turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the entire Kapoor family. A blessing that they came to realise, thanks to their PR people. For her fans, we lost a great talent but for this family, they got the attention that they never got before and it was all due to her death and also due to the fact that she passed away suddenly.

It’s the same family that really didn’t get along with her and today, it’s because of her that they are all getting good mileage. The Kapoors have more kids, who are all expected to join the Bollywood bandwagon so they need the media attention and are going to need it for years to come. Oh and let’s not forget that Boney is planning a documentary to be released on Sridevi. It’s why he had professional footage shot at her funeral. Don’t know how to feel about this since Sridevi was very private. If he is doing it to pay tribute to his wife, it’s fine. But if he is doing it to cash in on the sudden limelight that the Kapoor family got, it’s on him.

Aside from this happening, something else occured while the Kapoor sisters were busy posing for the cameras at the reception. It went something like this:

You can see Salman Khan peeking in first to see the situation at the venue. It’s pretty much all of us when we arrive late at an event and you are wondering if there are still people there or not. As soon as he has done peeking, he walked in like the Ultimate Godfather with only one of his damsels behind him. Probably he did a paper, scissors, stone between Daisy Shah and Jacqueline Fernandez. Salman and Jacqui walked in and Arjun Kapoor suddenly started behaving like a mentally-challenged adult. We watched the video without sound and it seems that as soon as he saw Salman, he panicked and kept looking around. At one point, he looked at the cameras. We are guessing his thought process must have gone something like this:

Arrey baap re

Kahan phas gaya hoon main

Maar dalegi mujhe/He gon kill me

Where is Ranveer when I need him? Baba, baba, where are you, baba?

Sh!t, all the photographers are here. Arrey sh!t, PinkVilla mein breaking news hogi.

Why did I listen to these people to come out and show that we are a united family in front of the cameras? BC MC…

Why is it suddenly so hot? Why am I sweating like this? BP high hai kya?


At this very moment, Godfather knew what his presence was doing to Arjun and he purposely stayed there for a while. He bumped into two of the damsels in distress that he launched and is launching and was busy chatting away with them while Arjun ki jaan phaat gayi – in slow motion! There on the same steps, there were Salman, Katrina Kaif, Isabelle Kaif and Jacqueline Fernandez all chit-chatting away. We want to take a moment here and say how in the world do they all look 10 years older? Jacqui looks like that old lady we know in our area, who is fair and has dyed red hair!

The reason why they were able to pounce on Godfather was because that Romanian lady was at home busy writing encrypted messages on Instagram, which might just be either about Salman or about someone else, but we are guessing Sallu since she wasn’t with him. Tell you the truth, these women should just quit it! The only person Sallu has truly been happy with and has been with for a long time is his bodyguard Shera! So, no other lady stands the chance of making him that happy.

Back to Arjun and Salman, it’s nice that Salman is still respectful towards Boney despite what Arjun did to him. Technically, Arjun did not do anything to Salman personally, it was more of a betrayal. For those, who don’t know and are going to ask us in the comment what happened between them. Here’s the story. First, Arjun used to look like this:

Arjun Kapoor poses with Sridevi's daughtersArjun Kapoor poses with Sridevi's daughters

After completing his education, he worked at his dad’s company and then proceeded to be one of the many minions that followed Salman and Katrina around. Salman and Katrina were together at that time and it was also during that period that Arjun started dating Arpita, who is Salman’s sister. Looking the way he did, Arjun was probably lost and clueless on what he should do since his father was a big producer and his uncle was this respected actor. He told the media that he was writing a script and wanted to become a director. That went on for quite some time. Then, Katrina made him her rakhi-brother (don’t ask) and also wrote a script for her!

Since he was sticking to Salman like those denggi mosquitoes in Mumbai, Salman (after having a one or two) told Arjun that he should become an actor and he also asked him to get serious and start coming to gym with him. For two years, Arjun dropped everything and started following Salman everywhere only so that he can exercise with him at the gym. Mind you, these were at odd hours early morning or whenever Salman wanted to exercise. Somewhere in between, Arjun and Arpita were done and Arjun was losing weight quickly. Someone else in the Khan household noticed how Arjun was looking different and that someone happened to be married to Salman’s brother.

Long story short, something was going on with them and they got caught by none other than Arpita. What happened next? Let’s just say, Donno ko badnaam hui – Darling lust ke liye!

This brings us back to this epic blind item that Rajeev Masand wrote, back then he was writing really good blind items. Take a look.


Pleased to Play Toy-boy

A prominent producer’s son, who will make his acting debut shortly, seems to have got himself into a sticky situation. Rumour has it that he was caught ‘pleasuring’ the model wife of an actor-producer whose sister he was earlier dating. Apparently, the actor-producer husband found out about his wife’s indiscretion from his own sister, who herself was shocked when she discovered what her ex was up to with her sis-in-law. It appears that the frothing husband took up the matter with his elder brother, a superstar actor, who had been mentoring the debutant lately.

Expectedly, there was complete mayhem in the family.

The elderly parents of the actor-producer have apparently got involved as well, and are said to be trying to save their son’s marriage. Meanwhile, the brothers are believed to have gotten into a heated argument that almost came to blows.

Not to mention the fact that nobody in the family can seem to forgive the model daughter-in-law for her irresponsible behaviour. Industrywalas, however, are sniggering that she should be grateful she wasn’t caught earlier. This young actor is hardly her first toy-boy, they insist. As for the debutant, he’s been told in no uncertain terms that he’s not welcome into the family house again, and won’t be easily spared if he attempts to reconnect either with the actor-producer’s sister or his wife.

Flashback to an article from FashionScandal in 2011

When the buzz broke-off about Malaika Arora Khan and Boney Kapoor’s son, Arjun Kapoor having an affair, I wasn’t shocked at all. Why? Simply because I recalled the days at IIFA 2010 in Colombo where I always spotted Arjun Kapoor (podgy and specy those days) running after Malaika as a chaperon. Arjun very much looked smitten by the bubble-butt Malaika’s charm. In fact I shared the the lift with them twice at the hotel and now since this affair thing has come out, I can put two in to two.

If Malaika was anywhere, Arjun had to be around. At the breakfast buffet where stars also had to come down to the coffee shop, the smitten Arjun was always on his toes serving Madam Bubble-Butt her juice, her eggs and I wondered why somebody like Boney Kapoor’s son is slaving around for an ‘Item-Girl.’ Now the picture is clear indeed!

So you see, this is why Godfather was super-pissed at Arjun and still is after almost 8 years! Godfather might not be some ideal human being himself, but what Arjun did was plain disgusting and wrong. Had it not been for Salman, he would have never been where he is today. On his part, Salman did not let that affect his relationship with Arjun’s father and even late mother. Still, Arjun should be lucky that he didn’t get blacklisted like Vivek Oberoi was.



The irony was, Arjun did the same to the Khan family what he thought Sridevi did to his! This is not how life works, you are supposed to learn from the mistakes of others not make the same mistake and this is crucial, especially if the mistake hurt people and broke their homes!

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20 Responses

  1. Chura liya hai tumne says:

    i think admin is one of those Deepika fans who is proud in dismissing Katrina’s hardwork and is enjoying indirectly calling her Salmans portege and will come for my blood if i mention what was happening in the Dubai hotel during HNY shoot!! and how much tsk tsk was paid for pretending to Sid Mallya gf! ouch

    • Netarious says:

      @chura liya, did you just compare hardwork with partying? I dont think this comparison is apt enuff to drive home your point.

    • Newgirl says:

      Now, now dont stop there…What happened during HNY?

  2. Monalisa says:

    Eventhough there is bad blood between Ranbit- Salman because of the whole Kat saga and between Arjun-Salman because of Malaika he never publicly dissed them or did anything to destroy their careers.Arjun and Ranbir both should thank their lucky stars that they are born in to film families or else their careers would have been destroyed by Salman for their indiscretions.
    If only Vivek is also from a film family. He would have been spared as well.

  3. nefarious says:

    Arjun really looked like he wanted to hog all the limelight at Sonams wedding. Like he was the sole brother she has, i saw videos of him where he seemed to be ‘managing’ stuff at the venue.

    He really needs to get his act together. Is he still doing Malaika? Ive not heard him dating anyone since Sona. Seems the girls dont want to be with him.

  4. NewGirl says:

    Dating the sister and screwing his wife by side, what did poor Arbaaz ever do to Arjun to deserve this?

    Arjun always sounded like a sorted guy. How did he fall for Malaika? Eew.

    Admin, keep ‘em coming lol!

  5. Universal says:

    Ok, Arjun did something you should never do. Break trust of people who help you. On the other side, not many can resist Malaika can they? 😛

  6. Z says:

    Admin, did you catch Amar Singh, right by Boney Kapoor’s side, even at Vigyan Bhavan, to collect Sri Devi’s National Award?

    • Admin says:

      Yes, hence their entry in the couples’ section.

    • Z says:

      The first thing that came to my head when I saw Amar Singh walk in to Vigyan Bhavan with Boney Kapoor, Jhanvi and Khushi was YOU, Admin — LOL! So, yeah, every time I see those two together I think of you.

  7. Leaps says:

    @admin you guys should do more articles like these the gifs are always fun

  8. Tina says:

    Arbaaz’s life is an example of why one should never get married before ensuring you are financially stable, especially if you don’t have a fall back option (family money/education). All his problems can be traced back to his lack of financial stability.

    • kiran101 says:

      @tina…Salman gifted them a flat… gave several gigs to maliaka …must’ve given lot of money. wasnt Malaika better off with Arbaaz than without him. well its another matter that she wont have any respect for Arbaaz as a husband or provider.

      just a thought.. imagine how these people will fight for Bhai’s money if anything ever happens to him.

    • sweettooth01 says:

      i think his life is an example choose your life partner correctly..for better or worse..

  9. Zara says:

    Honestly, i find arjun’s character very confusing. He did something to khan family what he himself always despised. I just hope his friendliness towards sredevi’s daughter is not only for footage.

    • Venus says:

      Ya i just dont get him. Very confusing character. he was indifferent and even spiteful towards sridevi and her daughters all these years. Suddenly he has become very loving. Its really sad that sridevi had to die for them to become a family. Honestly i am dreading his future interviews where he will talk about his newfound sisters and how sridevis death brought them closer. As a sri fan i just want to cry at all the things happening, and how she seems to be forgetten so soon

  10. Amanda says:

    Arjun should get his act right…. His father can’t keep protecting him all the time .. Why did he do all this putting his career at stake, breaking someone’s family …..

    BTW i never found Malaika attractive .. Her artificial curvy butt is a big turn off .. Face is neither attractive nor pleasant .. In terms of achievement, she has only a few songs to her credit courtesy salman khan….

  11. Samantha says:

    Best part of the article ‘It was when Rajeev Masand used to write some real good blind items”… n now! sigh! KJo’s motormouth he has bcm with one bland n irrelevant blind after another!

  12. Rahul says:

    What Arjun did was plain disgusting. I think they are still together. When Sridevi died, Arjun rushed to Bomaby, with Malaika in tow. They did not even bother to time their exits seperately from the Airport.
    Why did Salman and Arbaz come to blows?

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