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  1. sweettooth01 says:

    hate the title..dream of every straight man..?? wtf is that line..?? looking at random women’s private parts is every straight man’s dream..??
    so just wondering im a woman and peeking at other men’s private parts is not my dream and i think the same logic applies for men too..
    u have to be more responsible about the things you write!!
    what just happened is a sexual offence and u cannot write in sucha lenient tone about it..
    p.s. im only referring to tht one line in ur article

    • Admin says:

      Calm down, the title is not what you think it is. At least, not in a perverted way but that man in the article did was something a pervert would do. Or maybe that was a bet he had with his friends, who knows!
      One of us works in the medical industry and a lot of male gynecologists claim that their male friends think that their job is fun. Know why? Because of the very same reason we mentioned. Even some male gynecologists say that it is the very same reason they became gynecologists, but their views changed after they started their job and realised the many duties they have to perform as gynecologists. In a study from the female patients’ point of view, they say that they prefer a male gynecologist because he tends to be more sympathetic and understanding while female gynecologists are not that sympathetic towards what the pain that a woman goes through, especially during childbirth.

      For the record, comparing what a woman thinks to what a man thinks is not fair because generally, women do not have the type of mindset that a man has. Women don’t have dirty thoughts in their minds all the time while the same can’t be said for some men. Who do you think watches blue films more? Men or women?

      • sweettooth01 says:

        last time i checked watching blue films is not an offence..recent study claims a rise in the number of women watchng porn and women friendly porn..i know a lot of men and women who watch it (its a normal thing to do as long as it doesnt turn into an obsession)
        its sad to see how ur justifying what u just said..watchng porn is not a perverted thing..also to generalise saying “all men” is simply insane..i know men who r more innocent in these things and also men who r not perverts..yes they its time instd of justifying its good to introspect about the title that generalises all men as perverts.

        coming to gynecologists..u happen to know a lot of doctors im glad..i am a u dont have to tell me how perverted some gynec male doctors in india especially in teaching hospitals can be..but having said that i found some genuine men in that branch too..u have a lot of doctors who r men in other important branches like medicine surgery etc and most of them are not perverts they could ve chosen gynec but sadly r not perverted enough and its not their dream job..ive seen some men who deal with deliveries the same way women deal with the point is decent men exist and u cannot generalise ur statements based on “some” gynec male doctors which is not even the leading branch for men in our country..
        irresp of the study u have qouted, in India most of the women prefer going to a female gynec bcos they feel comfrtble although the case is diffrnt abroad..what has to be included here abt the research study is if the subjects of the study were urban or rural population,generalisability/external validity of this study to our community , bias etc..

        a sexual offence done for fun/as a bet because his friends challenged him is still an offence and the guy will be branded as pervert because he had a choice to say “no” and use his sense and is old enough to do he is a pervert as he cudnt see the offence he was doing and he has a history of offences to support it..

        lastly if some men are perverts, dont generalise saying “all” men dream come true..i hope u dont justify this any more as its making me lose the respect i had for this site..

        • Admin says:

          Never referred watching blue films as being something perverted. It was said in reference to how men’s minds are different to women’s minds hence they enjoy watching this form of movies more than women. To say it clearer, it’s what they see. Just like the example of the male gyn docs saying how their friends think their job is fun just because they think that a gyn doc’s job is all about dealing with female patients’ intimately. That’s how these men (their friends) perceive the job, they don’t see the responsibilities that come with taking this job, they see it from an outside POV. In no way, does this type of thinking make them perverts. It’s why we said they are men and their way of thinking is different from women. Again, not referring to male gynecologists but how their male friends see what they do: they don’t see the truth of the job, they see the illusion so they think it’s a fun/cool job. It’s for that reason that this idiot wanted to pretend to be a gyn doc because this is what he thinks this type of doctor does, he doesn’t see or think beyond that. Hope you understand what we are trying to put across. In no way, this was meant to be a generalisation of how men are perverts. That first line was written as a joke and nothing else but a joke.

          • Admin says:

            That said, it’s not nice to have readers upset so we apologise to anyone if this content has offended any of them and we mean it.

  2. Amanda says:

    Which hospital can be so foolish… None of the staff recognized this.. Why?

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