Do you think this is the right format to teach students?

This caught our attention today:


Do you think this is the right format to teach

Honestly, this is some ratchet stuff! Like what the hell? Is this how we have progressed? Should an 11th grader be taught these things? Like this situation is a game? It was a little funny when we saw this news on Newsweek, but it doesn’t make sense. Bear in mind that this wasn’t a sex education class.

A student’s dad was the one who brought this up. His daughter couldn’t figure it out and asked for his help. Naturally, the dad thought that it was a joke because who would have thought that such type of questions is being asked to 11th graders.

Do you think this is the right format to teach

Surely there must be a better way to teach students these things. If this is the way they are going now, we wonder how it will be five years from now.

Do you think this is the right format to teach


What do you think? Do you think the father is overreacting?

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6 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    Overreacting much yeah, this is baby talk compare to what those children talk about in school nowadays. Parents are putting a wool over their eyes because they are too scared to realized just how much their young seemingly innocent children know or how much they have already done. This question was phrased to get the children’s attention, teachers are now trying to talk like them to engage them in education. I think this is a science question about blood groups and put in a way to engross their attention. We may not like it but sex is all kids nowadays wants to talk about, talk about anything else and their minds starts to wander. You think I am wrong? You know how much people will flock to see Veer di wedding just because of those swear words. If we could allow that movie to be played across in our cinemas and not censor it and allow it, I mean oh gosh there was riots for a fictitious character yet no groups are coming out to shout out to bann that movie with all that cussing? And dont tell me that is how girls talk, that is pure crap. Maybe peabrained over stupid girls like those four does speak so, I live in the Caribbean and we are really open about certain things but let a cuss word make a mistake and come out of my mouth within hearing of my parents, is one hard sounding slap i will get, and I over 30! lol Here we are pulling out our hair because of how a question was phrased and yet we allow that shitty full of obscenities movie to hit our screen and fill our kids life with all kind of nastiness. Good going Kareena, when your little boy grows up and says let me look at the movie my mummy came out with after she had me that little boy will need rehab.

  2. Pav says:

    Admin, on a different note what does masala movie mean? I’m not from India and since I have seen that term used frequently on BW , I was under the impression it’s fun movies like a typical BW movie.
    With that thought in my head, when I was chatting with friends I used the term masala and they laughed at me and asked me to Google. The result was all erotic movies (like Tamil, telgu, Japanese etc). Now I’m totally confused

    • Admin says:

      Masala is commercial and yes, it is also used as an erotic term just like in the movie Aiyyaa where Rani wants to see Midnite Masala. In Bollywood when masala is used, it’s more or less about a movie that has everything that makes Hindi movies: song, dance, comedy, tragedy and romance.

  3. Tina says:

    Nope. Not overreacting at all. I would be creeped out if one of my child’s teachers wrote/selected something like this for them. There are boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed in workplaces, schools etc and this one is unacceptable.

  4. sefora says:


  5. Helen says:

    The answer is o type

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