Discussion: The Actresses Roundtable 2018

Since a particular part of this roundtable was released and shared, this interview became much more in demand than it was when they were shooting for it. Yes, Rani was annoying in this one and trying to take over the conversation. We are just wondering if they shot this at Yash Raj studios because why else would Rani feel so entitled to take lead or take charge here? Even Tabu, a much more senior actress than Rani, is just sitting there quietly and absorbing everything. Tabu probably already understood the direction this discussion was going and already gave up trying to even chip in at the beginning.

The Actresses Roundtable 2018

The #MeToo discussion comes after 35-min in the video. Alia does start off with a good point. She adds that young girls go through this at home. Rani said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s why you have to take responsibility of your own self!”

Seriously? How would a little girl take responsibility for her own self in her own home if she is being attacked? Rani herself has a small girl, does she know where the child is now? Can she guarantee that the child is safe when she is at work? Did she teach her daughter at her young age to defend herself?

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Anushka also adds a good point, but Rani seems to think it’s about something else. Rani’s opinions on the #MeToo controversy is similar to Rakhi Sawant’s opinions. Basically, they were both strong enough to hit back and no one ever did anything inappropriate to them. In both Rani and Rakhi’s situations, it seems as if they have blocked it out and feel ashamed to admit it. We are just guessing, we don’t know for sure. But Rani was a young girl when she made her debut in an industry where the men ruled, so no points for guessing here. Her mother took her out of school and forced her to join films because her family needed to make money. There is no way she entered the industry as a strong-willed woman like she is trying to make others believe now. No way. If she did go through something, someone must have told her, “It’s your fault, you should have defended yourself” and that’s how her mindset is like this.

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In life, we cannot depend on how the other person will behave with us. We have to take responsibility for our own selves. – Rani Mukherji

The Actresses Roundtable 2018

I would like to take this platform to say something which I have lived with in this industry for so many years. I think, as a woman, you have to be powerful within yourself. You have to believe that you are so powerful that if you ever come into a situation like that, you have the courage to say ‘back off.

I think everything relates to what you want out of your lives.

If they [women] are ever in a situation like that, then they should make sure that the man suffers right there and then…kick him between his legs or give him a jhappar.

I think it is important for women to believe in themselves and say that if they don’t want it to happen, it will not happen. Those are the women we need to talk to and tell them, you guys need to change. – Rani Mukherji

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Her point of view might work in some cases, but not in Bollywood. If actors are harassing women, you think one kick from one woman will stop them from harassing other women? She fails to understand that in powerful industries, powerful men make use of their situation and harass women. If this is her defense, why then did she not go and defend her good friend Aishwarya when Salman was physically and mentally harassing her? Those days, Aish and Rani were tight.

You know, when Zeenat Aman went through hell with her husband (Not Sanjay Khan), Dimple Kapadia publicly supported her. You all know Dimple also went through hell with her husband and that made her stand up in support for her colleague. Actresses from Rani’s generation never did that, they all seem to mind their own business. It’s why Aishwarya was left all alone fighting her own battle. Just imagine, if your friend was beaten up and harassed by her ex, would you still be close friends with the ex? Both Preity and Rani are very close to Salman. What would Rani say to Aish now? She should have learned to defend herself?!

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Did Rani forget her brother was arrested on molestation charges? If not for her husband, her brother would have still been in jail!

Should we blame her mother for her brother’s behaviour?

The Actresses Roundtable 2018

Alia and Deepika’s expression when Rani is going on and on is priceless! Alia looks like she is ready to cry and Deepika looks like she is about to break that coffee handle. It is frustrating to have your senior colleague putting you down like this in front of the world with her regressive thoughts!

By the way, Rani seems to be psychic. Before the minute any of these actresses opened their mouth, she is agreeing with them and then cutting them off to speak her mind. She is really really restless. It’s like you are in a meeting and you are holding the urge to pee so you want to finish the conversation quickly.

Anushka was talking about her experience in Bollywood in regards to #MeToo, Rani was adding her 2 cents. Taapsee was talking about how she felt doing patriotic films and Rani was adding her 50 cents like if this was a conversation between Taapsee and Rani. Alia was talking about playing her character in ‘Raazi’, again Rani stepped in. Maybe she was mistakenly given an invite to this discussion as a host. She probably thought that she was the one interviewing them or they were there to listen to her wise words! Finally, she is living up to her name!

Rani said something about living in a small house and not having enough place to keep things from the sets in reference to Rajeev asking them if they have ever taken things from the sets. And we were like, what is she talking about? She lives in a freaking bungalow! She actually lives with Mr. India so you can imagine how much free space she has. She even mentioned how Shah Rukh can afford to keep things from the sets because he has a huge house. By probably the third time she was whining about her house not having space, Deepika lost it and asked her to “keep quiet, you live in a bungalow”. Notice how after she said “keep quiet”, her hand moved to Rani’s hand in case Rani had an impulse to slap her! Remember how we told Deepika’s mouth speaks first and then her brain realises what her mouth just blurted out and tries to make amends! Basically, she speaks her truth at first and then tries to cover it up because it might hurt others. When she said Keep Quiet, everyone, including Rani, was surprised!

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Alia just made us realise how her fake relationship with Ranbir is creepy! She named him as her childhood crush! She was 11 when she went to the sets of ‘Black’ and met him for the first time. This is really weird! No wonder she was so happy to be fake linked up with him!

Why is it they all had difficulty to understand Rajeev’s question about who they would kill to play onscreen? Is it that hard to understand because Anushka literally answered she does not want to kill anyone for roles! Is it the after-effect of the #MeToo round?

Just take Rani’s opinions with a pinch of salt. You cannot really look up to a woman, who has walked over other women and broken marriages. Not all women or actresses are like that, but Rani has become just like her husband: they both believe they have the authority to tell people what they should do. They are the Gods in their own world!

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By the way, why wasn’t Radhika Apte invited? She should have come and explained her secret of how she has worked in so many films and shows in 2018 and also, if she really owns a stake in Netflix India. No, just joking.

But yes, she should have been there as well as Neena Gupta. It would be nice if actresses, who have never been invited before, get invited.

Before we end, we just want to bring up what Rani said. Yes, it is good to learn martial arts, but remember everyone reacts differently to dangerous situations. More than 10 years ago, there was this woman somewhere in Asia, she was taken from a shopping mall by a man who just threatened her with a knife. She was kidnapped in her own car, raped and then burnt to death by this man. Her mother and husband couldn’t understand why she went with the man when she knew martial arts and could very well have defended herself. But it clearly looked like she froze in the CCTV when the man threatened her.

So, no. Rani is out of her mind! She was already cancelled, now we have upgraded it to Fully Cancelled with no Refund!

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40 Responses

  1. Ananya says:

    I was waiting for this post. But I’m late to comment.

    I really was looking forward to this bunch bz all deserving ladies were at the table. But it turned out to be a nightmare, I couldn’t even watch it a second time.

    By the way admin Neena Gupta did as Rajeev on Twitter why she didn’t get an invite and he responded saying he tried to reach her but she was on her vacation. Probably Radhika was also not available.

    • Ananya says:

      Actress Roundtable

      Tabu was a delight. I wanted to hear her more along with the bunch but hardly anyone gave a chance.
      Dp was in her usual silent or diplomatic stance until she broke her composure bz of Rani. I’m so proud she took it up bz even Anu who interrupt ppl on such comments was holding back until Dp started. Probably bz Rani is yrf malkin.
      I love how Dp & Anu joined force against Rani and in general they seemed in a better equation compared to last time.
      Anu has calmed down than last seasons but yes not fully. She’s more like there to have a conversation among themselves not for camera.
      Alia gave some really good points about Me Too to take on Rani. But her brushing under the carpet attitude of saying “it’s always been like that na”, that too twice, when two self made ladies were asserting their happiness at not getting flower pot roles anymore, made me so annoyed. Her farce is coming off very well since she’s with Rk.
      I saw mini Anu in Tapsee. But yet she didn’t come across annoying bz the restlessness of Anu to prove it to the world is absent in her.
      Rani, what do I say. Martial arts I get, being responsible for oneself I get it. But the blame of raising sons belong to mothers only? I wonder if it’s her upbringing the problem.I don’t think she herself is perhaps aware how wrong she is. Anyways don’t want to know off screen Rani anymore. Can’t equate this to the conscious polite Rani I saw on kwk with Kajol and Srk long back!!!
      Rajeev was not good mediator. Nor were his qtns good enough. Someone clearly pointed it out on Twitter the difference in the texture of qtns for both male and female actors.

      So if I want something to improve for next time, it’s Rajeev with better qtns, Anu & Rani after a cleansing. Hopefully Tabu can join next year to speak more.

      Also if rumours are to be believed, Tabu is a victim of Me Too. How humiliating and rude it was of Rani to say all that crap before her.

      Tapsee spoke about Sanju film right, which she gave up bz role didn’t impress her. Wow she spoke about it sitting next to Anu lol.

      My fav actress roundtable still remains Vidya Kangana, Deepika combo. It was so much fun, all were so free spirited, even the diplomatic Dp or spicy Kangana I saw in a very different positive spirit that day. Vidya was the center stage tho.

      Hoping next year the table will have Kangana, Deepika, Priyanka, Alia, Sonam, Rani and some surprise performers too. If I could I’d have just the first three. That’d be an interesting roundtable, if Dp is also free like 2013 or spirited like she was with Rani here.

  2. Cindy says:

    Admin, I am super confused with your information. First you said nick and Priyanka are fake and now they are actually Married! Then you said Ranbir and Alia are fake, then why would she be on a proper trip with his whole family in nyc for so along, while his dad is in critical condition?! And why would neetu post pictures with Alia and sick Rishi? Like that is extreme, because that looks real. Please Explain.

    • Admin says:

      It is quite logical, actually. They all know we don’t believe them so they are going the extra mile. Know that both of these relationships have been created for their own advantages, their career’s to be exact. RK’s parents and family will do anything to make his career keep rolling again. As far as RK is concerned, this decision was made before Sanju was released and they desperately needed to make him interesting again.

    • Ana says:

      who are “we” here? a lot of people believe them except readers and writers of this portal, there also many dont believe.

      • LondonThumakda says:

        I don’t know if you agree, but in general I get the sense that the more PDA a couple shows online the less secure they are in real life thats how i feel about the couples i know (and these are normal people)…with celebs there’s the added angle that some couples make money off their “togetherness” – endorsements, magazine covers, free holidays in swanky resorts etc. etc.

        PRICK seem really invested in their relationship there’s lots of pics and videos showing them in intimate poses, gazing into each other’s eyes, kissing etc. i feel like the frequency of these kind of pics ramped up a lot after that “scam artist” article went viral…they also had to contend with multiple blinds about the relationship being PR orchestrated…

        ranbir-alia i dunno… they look so awkward, all the pics are in the company of parents, aunts, cousins, friends they barely look at each other, never hold hands…its a real head scratcher, maybe they’ll turn up the pda coming closer to the release of the film? its weird that there is zero inside gossip about them. a friend of a friend of mine who worked on gully boy claimed ranbir and alia were hooking up but that he was getting annoyed with how childish she was..i have no idea whether to believe him i mean who knows… i tend to believe admin because it “makes sense” to me based on what i’ve seen of them in pics etc.. she had a crush, KJO needed PR, RK had no choice (pre sanju success). only time will tell i guess.

        • Lucy says:

          Gully boy and Ranbir? You mean to say ranveer Singh and Alia were hooking up or the person who worked on gully boy saw ranbir Kapoor and Alia hooking up?

      • Admin says:

        Hum media walon. You have to be around long enough to differentiate between the scams and reality. You see how PC and Nick are releasing one pic from their wedding every week to remind people of them? That’s how it works. Anything to keep them in the news. KJo has invested a lot of money in Brah and he is someone who doesn’t like to fall flat on his face and have everyone laugh at him. He is doing everything he can to ensure that Brah is set off to a good start.

        • Ananya says:

          I know this is what it is. My friend who has a journo friend told they get update from their teams about articles on relationship. It’s all being planted, and media is well aware but playing along.

          But what I find confusing is why would Kjo want to push this narrative to make films work? Back in time perhaps it worked but today it doesn’t. If brahmastra is a good film it will work, if not it won’t. If it’s a bad film and aloobir is a loved couple will it work? No. Last year it’s been clear it’s all about content.

          Now updates about Karthik Ananya dating. And first guess everyone has is Dharma is having a movie with these two. It’s so obvious for people. So why would he beat his own feet? He’s become a joke daily and making Alia and Rk one too.

        • Self-Love says:

          Admin, who else in Bollywood are fake couples? Can you name them? Also I follow a blog whose admin also works in press and she in her blog said that she has inside info that both Ranbir and Alia are together and pretty serious about each other too. The blogger always has correct info. So it’s confusing when you say something and other websites report something else. Also why would someone like Mahesh Bhatt join the PR drama if it really is one. I don’t see him or Rishi Kapoor entertaining such things if it’s fake.

          • Admin says:

            Mahesh and Rish are the most dramatic people. But they are all in it for the sake of their kids’ career. At this point, Alia is at a better position than Ranbir. This film they are working on is very important for both of them. So everything that has been done and planned in this relationship is to benefit everyone involved. If you think about it, Alia and Ranbir are the breadwinners of their respective families.

      • Lucy says:

        The thing is for whatever reason Alia agreed to kjos plan of linking herself to Ranbir kapoor.maybe she thought she will get the publicity and desirability associated with Deepika and Katrina ex.there was an article where a friend of Ranbir Kapoor said that Ranbir will hurt Alia,and he couldn’t understand why she would agree to the Tamasha when Katrina was such a good friend.so Ranbir did have his apprehension about the fake linkup.also remember that he was at his lowest,and there was negative vibes about Sanju movie.he agreed to do the tamasha because I guess he really thought kjos fake linkups bring blockbuster.sanju was a hit because of hirani,and probably ranbir realised he didn’t need the linkups in the first place.but they have to act and keep up the charade until brahmastra.

        Neetu and riddhima probably were just going with the flow,also to show the world that they didn’t have every gf of ranbir.as of now I feel due to rishi kapoors sudden illness and also the urge to see Ranbir married they are going for an arranged marriage.like Aishwarya abhishek.remember it was Karan johar who set those two up.

    • LondonThumakda says:

      @Lucy, Ranbir Kapoor. so this guy who worked on gully boy told my friend last May that RK-Alia really were dating (im not sure how he knew whether he saw them together at a party or something or was just repeating gossip), then around October he met my friend again and said the latest gossip in their circle was that ranbir wasnt feeling it cos he found her too childish …ALL DISCLAIMERS apply i have no idea if any of this is really true!

      • Lucy says:

        Hehe,it’s ovious he will find her childish.she is and will always be.i don’t remember who made that comment but Alia will straightaway go from looking like a teenager to grandma.i don’t think she will look womanly , certainly never womanly enough for Ranbir.The only thing left to be seen is whether the bhatts manage to trap Ranbir or not.i have a feeling unless someone like Sara wants to commit career suicide hewillbe stuck with Alia.alia is very shrewd,don’t think she will settle for anyone less than a superstar or billionaire.they tried for kavin mittal,Ranbir is her next best option.and I have a feeling as soon as rishi Kapoor’s a little better Alia is gonna become Mrs.kapoor.

  3. Cool says:

    Why anushka is always boasting?” I’m ambitious I’m modelling from the age of 14 it should tell you how ambitious i am ” and abt NH10 too. So far i have heard abt this ambitious bit twice . And in her india today interview she was saying she never had any ambitions in life n didn’t want to become actor. Why is she contradicting herself? Or does she think if she keeps on boasting herself loud that others will consider her a great person?

  4. Madhuri says:

    I want to ask Rani when my friend was 8 years old she was molested by a uncle…he was an adult..how could a little 8 year old girl defend herself? Stupid idiot she is…why is she even there? Get lost hag. If you aren’t with us you are against us…

  5. Ana says:

    why are these people looked up to in India is beyond me?.. As someone called them uncouth, uneducated, low intelligence and i would add overgreedy to that. They are far from role models and most of the time bollywood presents them as soft porn stars. Why would anyone in the right mind value what they say?

  6. Bolly says:

    First time poster but I HAD to put my two cents in.
    1) Rani: callous, uneducated, and misogynistic. She really is taking advantage of being the “face” of the Chopra family since her husband is a recluse. Also the whole “my voice and how I am” is obviously a joke she’s made before but this was not a joking matter and saying women should fight was absolutely disgusting. I feel for Adira.

    2) Aalia: Aalia chiming in about how her father has supported women, had be seething in frustration at her guts. I’m actually glad Rani cut her off. This was not Aalia Johar-Kapoor’s topic to comment on. In fact Alia came across as very proud and the withering glances she sent Taapsee and her dismissive attitude towards Taapsee were gross.
    There is very little to like about Alia and if her relationship is really PR made then perhaps her PR should work a different angle. Maybe give her a personality? She comes across as sly and disingenuous.

    3) Tabu, great actress, very elegant but she’s got a few skeletons in her closet and I would have loved to hear her thoughts. I blame Rajeev Masand for not being a better moderator.

    4) Taapsee: talked a lot for someone who is unsure/insecure if the audience will tolerate her. Still, she wasn’t cringey and I liked her enthusiasm even if she was boring.

    5) Anushka: what is wrong with her? I can’t listen to anything she says because she’s so loud and over reading. Every time I’ve seen her in one of these things she acts like she’s in a marathon of words. SHES SO LOUD. I can’t with her.

    6) Deepika: I love DP. I got back into Bollywood because of her. But I know she’s not very eloquent. that is not the same as saying she’s not intelligent. She is. She’s sharp BUT she does not express herself well. I liked that she kept talking despite Anushka cutting her off/speaking over her. I like that she checked Rani. I just wish she would listen more.

    And the whole “who would you kill” debacle happened because Rajeev Masand was literally reading the questions without any emphasis. Such unnatural, blah way of holding a conversation.

  7. Venus says:

    I think the main reason someone like Rani is behaving this way is because she has reached where she has by using the casting couch,if she speaks up now fingers will be pointed at her.Bollywood really is a murky place,with all big banners being run by uneducated uncouth uncultured people like Rani and Aditya Chopra,who just look polished from the outside

    • Lucy says:

      It will sound scandalous,but apparently yash Chopra and Yash johar also were involved in casting couch.shakti Kapoor had spilled those beans in that sting operation and the whole Bollywood pounced on him so he has to take his words back.this is one of the ressonr why Pam chpra was our t oher wits when aditya wanted to marry rani.father son both with the same woman.also the salman tapes really blew the cover off her and priety zinta.so you really have to admits the guts of this woman to say those things in front of the camera while the whole world already knows the truth.wish someone would actually say it to her face.

      And about defending ash,why would she.salman said shit about her which was telecasted on TV,but still she and priety are friends with him.she didn’t value her own self respect whu would she value and defend aishwarya’s respect

  8. Drina says:

    Who ever had written this is right. At one point when R Mukherjee was talking I had to fast forward the clip to save my precious time.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Rani was an eye and ear sore. Man the woman is so out of touch with reality. And her complaint about the size of her house. Jeez woman!! She clearly hasn’t been given a chance to talk recently hence the incessant gnawing of the microphone during the round table. And Anushka needs a lesson in comprehension.

  10. Neep says:

    Rani hit the ground running with her domineering, patronising I know best attitude. Coming a close second was YRF chamchi Anushka. Is this what happens when your husband is powerful? You bask in reflected glory. I so wanted to hear Tabu speak. She’s a reticent person not given to talking about the edgy roles she plays with such finesse. No chance of that with Rani blaring away and Anushka coming a close second.

    • nefarious says:

      I swear, Rani and Anushka were so down right annoying. Rani trying to assert herself and Anu as alway trying to prove how lucky and different she is .. Oh how can i forget” detached”. So effing detached from her work that she underwent lip surgery, so detached that till two years agao she was being nasty to Ranveer. Both of them, make my stomach churn!

  11. Gin n tonic says:

    Rani is an ignorant arrogant fool. Watching this video was painful, unlucky for the audience no editing allowed here I’m guessing?
    She made no relevant points and went on like an absolute empty vessel.
    The woman with the longest career among the actresses, Tabu, who has done a variety of roles chose to maintain her dignity and bite her tongue.
    I Guess Rani needs to realise she is only relevant because of her husband.
    I pity the man though, conversations with her must get one nowhere!

    • nefarious says:

      I so so wanted Tabu to speak. But i think shes been around long enough to know the pointlessness of it all. She still gets my vote if i had to pick the best one from this lot at the roundtable.

  12. Anita says:

    The case you mention where the woman was abducted was in Malaysia ! The killer was hanged recently .. but yes no one could Figure out why she went with him when she could have run away on multiple occasions ( if you read the entire case). She seems to have just frozen in fear!

  13. Anon says:

    Sleeping with some other woman’s powerful husband and snagging him is not real power or credit Rani.. .pls don’t count that as an achievement…sitting there like u r the most accomplished of the lot and hence deserve to bombard every one with Ur selfish patriarchal views…

  14. Alcie says:

    A) Rani should not be invited to these conversations. She neither has manners nor logic. The way she kept going on and on was annoying. It is like she doesn’t have much to say in her real life so when she gets a platform – she literally vomits…
    B ) Rani’s take away from the metoo movement was so freaking out of touch. The fact that women should learn self defense is the sad part. Why aren’t men learning self defense?! oh! that’s right, they are not raped or harassed incessantly by women. The issue around safety cannot be resolved by “learning self defense” – it is much wider societal issue. Maybe regressive dinosaurs like her are part of the problem.
    C) Rani’s ridiculous Kim jong il glasses! That has to be on the top 10 fashion faux pas of 2019 (the year has just begun)!

  15. sharuna says:

    hahaha rani commenting, this is a woman who couldn’t keep her hubby away from Vani.

  16. peanutchutney says:

    Hitting back is no solution. Recently, news came out about a young woman in Chandni Chowk who slapped a man who molested her. He slapped her back so hard it damaged her cornea! So, no, hitting back is NOT the solution, and can be even more dangerous. How many times have we heard about acid attacks by vengeful men who feel scorned? And ‘corrective’ rapes? What about the Malayalam film industry actress who was abducted and molested by that actor?

  17. Sara says:

    On point! You mentioned every single thing i noticed in the roundtable. Rani was so annoying that at some points she was even moderating the discussion like ok tabu your turn deepika your turn. Bad opinion, bad attitude and bad glasses of rani.
    Anushka’s “i wouldnt want to kill anybody” was comedy gold. Rajeev must be thinking, kill me now!

  18. Deep says:

    Couldn’t sit through it…..so looked forward to it..and yes admin, even I think that this happened at the YARD studios…just like our Respectable Filmfare, where most awards are won by YRF studio movies in an extremely impartial manner….and honestly disliked Rani to the core..she was just being Preachy and Patronising…wish it was just Tabs,Taps and Dips.. along with Radhika and Neena G.
    The problems with people like Rani is that they are industry children..so they feel they are entitled to everything..e.g. Arjun Kapoor…talent toh nakhun jitna BHI Nahi but his interviews are all Pearls of Wisdom….Rani is very talented..but now I am put off!!!!

  19. Rami says:

    Rani is not very educated, do not know her education level. Nevertheless , her answer to me too movement , makes one wonder? There are rumors about her husband, if you google the reactions,of Suzanne khan, twinkle , Kajol, they are very similar, where is a proof, women should learn karate, it is on the women, men can just go on doing whatever , I think they are only talking about themselves, they just loved their life styles! Who ever thought these rani types of women will ever stand up for any other woman!,however, the younger lot, like Alia,Jhanvi,Sara, , etc, have not been asked their stand on me too movement !

  20. Mia says:

    FFS! Rani shut up! What an unlikeable personality she is. Why is she even there? Her WTF statements literally left me dumbfounded.

  21. LondonThumakda says:

    This was really awkward to watch …you’re right admin what a difference it would have made if they had dropped rani and asked radhika instead… rani reminds me of those white American women who defend brett kavanaugh and trump’s behaviour saying “boys will be boys”… what she said is actually hilarious. i wish someone had pursued her line of thought. so rani tell us, should the government distribute nunchucks to all female babies at birth? should we make it so that every girl has the right to maim, punch, karate chop any man who messes with her? vigilante justice for all. lets do away with courts completely …but then to make it realistic, given most men are physically bigger stronger than women, maybe we should be talking about distributing assault rifles to all girls …hold target practice in school PE classes… whatsay 🙂 ?

  22. Samantha says:

    Awwww Tabu!!! I just LOVE LOVE her…was DYING to just hear her banalities… but this bossy Rani! Ewwwwww

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