Dhruv Vikram’s Arjun Reddy Teaser – The Tamil Remake

Out of the two remakes of the Telugu blockbuster ‘Arjun Reddy’, the Tamil version will probably be the most memorable one. We are not saying better, but most memorable only because of the troubles it ran through.

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Writing this now, we are remembering how someone mentioned whether we are obsessed with Dhruv. Yeah, it was funny but no we are not! ARK is still the one!

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Anyways, so Dhruv went through so much with his debut so we can only assume the second time he got to do the same thing, he must have did it a gazillion times better. It’s nice that the producers have this much money that they can afford to go for a redo. That’s quite something when big production houses in Mumbai can’t seem to know what to do with the movies they are not happy with.

From Varma, they changed the title to something closer to the original and Hindi version of the film: Adithya Varma!

The teaser was released earlier this week and they changed everything from the first teaser and made this one look like a scene-by-scene copy of the original and Hindi version. They also changed the leading lady, who went from Megha Chowdhury to Banitha Sandhu.

Check out the teaser of Adithya Varma:

The one problem from the first version of this film was that Dhruv was too young to be playing this role. Now with the new teaser, he looks older and much more mature so it suits him well.

For him, it was like the first film was a workshop and the second one is the real deal. He’s lucky because he got two chances to play his character well.

And, no this is not an obsession but is more of a curiosity to see if this boy can match up to his talented father. It is going to be very interesting, indeed. Oh and speaking of the talented and handsome daddy, Vikram dropped his own movies just to see that this one goes through without any glitches or faults. Wonder if he was there every day on the sets watching?!

The Hindi version of Arjun Reddy, Kabir Singh, released yesterday and while most critics blasted the film, Taran Adarsh loved it! Haha!

Here’s something that is different. While critics hated it for obvious reasons, the fans of the original film attacked them from all corners. This must be something new to the Hindi film critics because even Bhai’s fans won’t go this far. Female critics have gotten threaten and so much more than you can imagine.

Maybe we will see the Tamil version in bits and pieces, but not the Hindi one. Seeing the original was enough and we saw it because some of you were raving about how it’s a cult film for the youth. When we saw it, we were like:

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THIS is what the youth likes?

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We can go on and on about the film, but hey you can get the same thing from most Bollywood critics since yesterday. The one thing we would say is, at the end of the film when he gets back the girl (spoiler alert, oops), all we thought was:

Girl, you got back with a guy who has severe anger issues, are you sure you want to bring up a child with him? But then it’s OK since his lungs and other organs might already be damaged from all the drinking and smoking and many drugs he was doing. So, he won’t live long! Good thing his family is rich, so you’re set!

Yeah, this is what we thought!

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On second thoughts, this premise might work with the Tamil audience. But, not in Bollywood! It’s bad enough that we have to deal with nepotism and clueless star kids, we don’t want to spend money to watch spoil brats ruin their lives on the big screen!

Psst…Do you think he got paid again to work on the second one or was one payment enough?

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4 Responses

  1. Sheena says:

    Oh so I was late to this party! Sorry @ admin don’t read south films articles
    As I don’t know the actors and the languages ouch! But boy I did miss something. So this $&@ film will have 3 remakes! Omg what’s going on? The country has become a lala-land. Folks please don’t support this kind of cinema – masculine abusive behavior being totally glorified. Ps: your thoughts about his health being damaged and hopefully he would die soon made me laugh! Much needed

  2. GeekyGal says:

    We really didn’t need that shit movie to be remade into so many languages, hence reaching wider audience!

  3. Hi admin

    Can you please post the latest blind by mumbai mirror ? Published on friday 21st.


  4. Melvin says:

    I watched Kabir Singh in the theatre with my friends and we ( all of us ladies) were appalled. If this was a copy of Arjun Reddy then how did the original become such a big hit? The ‘hero’ is such a horrible person who does all sorts of vile things and is never ever called to account for them… And whenever I tell this to any of the men I know, they are like ‘it’s only a film yaar, don’t take it so seriously’ but I can’t help it. I hate it so much. Shahid Kapoor does too good a job of acting and Kiara is a brainwashed zombie…I watched sucharita’s not a movie review and she says it so much better. And the comments… How did feminism become such a deregatory term in India? And all the guys are like feminazis won’t like this film, obviously, it’s just a movie…. No guys, it’s not just a movie. It’s justifying a man’s bad behavior because they didn’t just show the guy doing this stuff and leaving us to judge. They showed him doing bad stuff and nothing happens to him. He is irredeemable even at the end and I was like why why why such an ending! Sorry for the rant, but if i was younger, I would be very uncomfortable watching this movie. Or if I had a daughter I would be totally horrified that people like this film. And the fact that Arjun Reddy has so many remakes shows that it has resonated with some people. When I remember that I need to go and look at cute kitten pics because my brain can’t cope.

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