Bollywood Blind Item – September 2020 – 2

There were rumors that this TV channel is not interested anymore to have this superstar part of their reality show. The superstar is getting more expensive with every season but his popularity has taken a tumble after delivering a few disappointing films.

True enough, he did increase his fee for this season but the channel has yet to announce whether they are looking for a new host or not. Most likely, he brings them the TRPs that they so the question of finding someone else is going to come back and haunt them if the TRPs don’t match the high price they paid him.

The actor has already shot his promo for this show and now that he is back in Mumbai, he is all set to start working on this show. Since he increased his fee this much, maybe his people are also aware that the channel is looking to ditch him soon.

Make money while you can, right?! Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


NEVER mind the economy, some things are truly recession-proof. Like this acting giant’s fees, we tell you. The star, who was previously paid Rs 15 crore per day for his stint on a reality show, has obviously upped his rates to Rs 20 crore a day.

The channel has agreed of course. Not only is the country still glued to the telly during the lockdown, however partial it may be, the actor’s luck with blockbuster offerings is best described as, erm, β€œan act of god”.

OSOP Guesses

Star: Salman Khan

Show: Bigg Boss

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3 Responses

  1. Nilima says:

    Hi @Admin

    Anushka Sharma is pregnant. Good for her. However, I am wondering if is she as nice as Virat Kohli paints her out to be. The way their insta posts are , the way they behave. Is that more of a projection? There was an article on : and Kareena Kapoor Khan commenting on her insta pic: β€œBravest of all” .Is she really the bravest of all when tons of woman do not have the luxury to go away to Dubai and relax during their pregnancy.Instead work their asses of till the due date. I feel it is more of an image thing .Do you know how they behave in real life?


    • Anvi says:

      Dear what to do expect ur husband to say abt u. Everyone showers love on their wives, esp. if ur a star. She never had any clout before, but after marrying virat, everyone wants to talk abt her. If u marry someone famous n rich , ppl say nice things abt u, esp. the elites. To stay in ur good books, but she is knws everyone how they treated her . Noone forgets that

    • nefarious says:

      Kareena’s comment was so ambiguous.. I dont even know what it even means. I reckon she wants to tell the world she started the whole trend of announcing pregnancy..and anushka followed suit …but she isnt as brave as KKK, she is just braver than her contemporaries :D.

      Anushka is double faced.. she claims to be discreet and hate the limelight but she is the only posting pregnancy pics. I feel more than Virat , Anushka tries to project this image.. Her post suggests that her pregnancy wasnt planned, but we know better, the lockdown and subsequent impact on the industry, she knows that she has to be in the news somehow..

      Virat has a couple of more years of cricket left, her journey to fame isnt gonna be infinte…she has to keep working to sustain it somehow…IMO, between the two of them, Virat seems to be the better human being.

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