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It’s funny the blind item below came on a day when this young politician offered his support to this actress who is currently in a political mess or simply, a mess. It’s also funny that this guy once dreamed of being the next superstar of Bollywood. In fact, his own politician father said that his son was going to be a superstar. That was in 2010 when this young man decided to try his hand in Bollywood and in his debut film, he choose this young established actress to be his heroine.

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We have to say, since we have seen this film, this movie forms part of this actress’ filmography that she wishes to forget about. It’s one of her worst performances but it’s fine since she was still learning the ropes of acting at that time.

You know why we remember this guy? Because he wore contact lenses before, throughout and even after the film released. If we are not mistaken, it was piercing blue contact lenses. Maybe it was due to Hrithik Roshan‘s eye color being the craze back then because even Uday Chopra wore colored contact lenses in the masterpiece, ‘Neal N Nikki’. So this guy kept on wearing the colored lenses and he still sometimes wear them today except when he forgets at times.

This blind item is about this young politician who has seized the death of a star to reach out to his people. See, the deceased star comes from the same state as this politician so this was a good opportunity for him to show that he cares.

As you can see now, this whole thing has become a mess and a circus that no one asked for, except maybe Arnab Goswami!

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Jokes apart, check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item in Bollywood

BIHAR watchers are wondering about the role of this young political scion who has jumped into the political fray and has grabbed the Sushant Singh Rajput case by its coattails. The said scion, who once dallied with Bollywood, was publicly outed by his co-star when she rubbished the possibility of a romantic alliance. Though, given her litany of untruths, we don’t quite know what to believe. But politics makes strange bedfellows. The two seem to be now acting in cahoots.

OSOP Guesses

Young Political Scion: Chirag Paswan

Co-Star: Kangana Ranaut




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2 Responses

  1. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Who is this bloke ? Never heard of him!!!

  2. Anvi says:

    Yes , no offence.. but where was bollywood when women raised voices for metoo. All the accused r free doing movies now. They have no empathy for rhea.. they r trying to save themselves now as it has turned to a big scandal.. i do agree that kangana sometimes keep dragging matter too much.. but Bollywood too is full of hypocrites.. may be rhea dint kill him.. but she admitted to procuring drugs for him.. if u luv someone dearly u try to keep them away from such things .. instead on enjoying the money n comfort they provide. She might not be the gold digger n watever explicits ppl r using for her. But she is no saint. .. ppl shud learn from this tragedy that they need to work hard rather den relying on someones money. Secondly when u urself had put out blinds that sushant has put a clause to have rhea in his movies. So, it clearly indicates she was using him to further her career. .. look at bhagyashree when she told producers to cast her husband in movie. I really dont believe sushant would do such a stupidity.. n stop labelly someone as an addict n bipolar without knowing them..

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