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Technology helps in creating new devices that people can use as an easy way out. Well, not everyone. Some people do really need it, medically-speaking. But seriously? Now they have this thing:

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Looks like something they have at the dentist!

The blind item below is about this actress, who has been getting some help in making her body look toned with the right muscle showing. Well, at least, she didn’t take out a rib!

It’s funny how she takes really good care of herself by exercising and eating right, but then she thinks she also needs to undergo something like that to make her look even better.

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Life of the rich and famous!

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Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror. This explains why she has been showing off her legs these days with her really short dresses and shorts. She wore that short dress in front of Bhai. Last time at the same event, he asked her to cover her upper chest area because of how her dress was.

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Only Bhai can reveal, yo!

Bollywood Blind Item


YOUR diarist has long been a fan of this tall and leggy heroine’s perfectly sculpted body. While we have often wondered if social media and its body-shaping apps have anything to do with it, our friends tell us this actor is as fab in person.

But just when we were becoming fans of her unforgiving fitness routine, we heard she goes in for this new technique called electronic body sculpting that, painfully, gives you a desired shape. The actor recently showed up at an event in a denim mini, where the scalds from the sculpting were only too visible. Well, we may as well just eat that piece of chocolate now.


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Heroine: Katrina Kaif



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9 Responses

  1. Ria says:

    this seems like marketing for coolsculpting, she would have got money from them for posting this blind. Stars will never reveal their toned body secrets no one is that stupid

  2. Jack says:

    Kat is no longer a sought after actress. She can only do flower pot roles in superstars films. She tried to act in Bharat with a meaty role but failed miserably. Her dialogue delivery was cringe worthy with a horrible voice. Bharat tanked coz she tried to act. To stay relevant only thing left is to show her legs. Nora is a far better dancer than Kat. Salman can only help her in her career. He has Iulia with him in galaxy apartments. Kat can get films only with skin shows. Not for acting.

  3. Universal says:

    If you put that Madhuri, Sallu, Kat pic in sun for 1 hour, you’ll get 2 kgs of plastic coming out of it.

  4. Shinyobject says:

    Sorry for my ignorance but tell me what talent does Katrina have that makes her an “actress”? If dancing was the only skill needed, there are much better dancers you can see in the beautiful girls dancing behind her in Bang Bang and Dhoom. The dancers’ only negative being they look Indian. Forcing her down people’s throats is what this so-called Bhai has done and KJo is doing with Alia. It doesnt even matter that their films tank over and over. With all the stuff she has done to look “beautiful”, she looks plastic and not even the bendable plastic. And now her sister will enter Bollywood. Gimme a break!!

    • kiran101 says:

      she has her own audience, many men/women like her. She has a very good screen presence . She performs somewhat well in NRI roles. These factors are good to be a heroine in BW.

      Its not like she is being offered or doing challenging roles.She gets relevant roles , there may be many beautiful and better dancers but she has better presence on the screen and has her fan base.

      I think the question should be how and why really talented artists are ill treated in BW. Its the Bollywood biggies and prime movers who are at fault , poor katrina is just trying to survive with the skills she has. The last time katrina tried to sell herself as an actress was in 2015 for fitoor.She stopped doing things beyond her reach.

  5. Anon. says:

    Jealous people,I must say!
    Last I checked, Katrina has(still) got the best legs in town
    Just go and watch her In β€˜Ishw Shava’ and β€˜Kamli’ and these retards would know.
    Her body has always been attractive.

  6. Hate Kjo says:

    Its her body so her choice. Everyone has done in be it male or female. Nothing unusual for these rich people. She has Salman to take care of her bills.

    First people start praising her mediocre dancing skills where she expose her body, so she work hard on her dancing skills and now known as one of the best dancer in the industry.

    When people were in aww of her looks , she went under knife and done surgeries to look beautiful but too much of it backfired.

    Now We all praise her well tone body , abs and curves thus she is working hard on it.

    She is aging and left all alone among her contemporaries with Salman dating Iulia and Rk is in no mood to take her back. She is way too ambitious to give up.

    Let her do what she wants to.

  7. abcd says:

    Frustration of forced marriage with that uglia is taking toll on that womaniser. Does he have the spine to leak such a blind item on that disgusting
    aloo for all the nusiance she did on her skin and face? Shame on rk & kjo for such hypocrisy.

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