Bollywood Blind Item – September 2019 – 4

There’s just so much going in the blind item below. First off, it might be fake. Who knows?! Especially since the source of the blind item is this superstar’s friend.

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Secondly, do you think this superstar is at a position where he can refuse a big film? It would be interesting to see this famous director and top star come together because this actor has the habit of adapting the director’s script into something he think can become a hit. He will ask his close friends to act in it and others to make special appearance. If he works with this director, it would be super interesting to see this happen.

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Let’s just say this blind item is right, do you think this superstar will stay mad at this director for years? They have been spotted together since then and today, the superstar is not at a position where he can get mad for petty things, especially not when he arrogantly said years ago that he will drown the director’s film at the box office. Something like that! And that film was very important for the director since he was launching two of the biggest star kids!

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Anyways, that was the past and this is the future. Everyone is sitting and waiting to see what will this director do next. And this blind item is making it sound like all the top stars won’t work with him so he’s found himself lost at sea!

Like, for real?!

Some people are still pissed their small baby has a huge empty slot in her schedule!

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Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


AFTER this filmmaker’s major project with a big actor was shelved, there is buzz he will join hands with another superstar. However, a friend of the second actor says this is highly unlikely, as the actor is miffed over the filmmaker’s lack of courtesy to inform him that a film he was pursuing with the two superstars a couple of years ago was kind of canned. Apparently, the auteur got cold feet about directing the two actors together. Now he’s lost both the big birds in one go.


OSOP Guesses

Filmmaker: Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Big Actor: Salman Khan

Another Superstar: Shah Rukh Khan



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13 Responses

  1. Rami says:

    They say be careful,what you wish for,RK does not look like he is madly in love with Aloo, if she is this unaware, then she will be a sad case ,in real time! Plus,kjo aunty regressive film making is taking BW backward. Khans with their history are solid legends now,everything else is just gravey for them!

  2. Universal says:

    SLB should thank his stars. Firstly whimsical Bhai had some issues and stalled the movie, now another “imma still do the same arms open stuff” star is not working with him. God saved you Bhansali!

  3. leaps says:

    Considering slb doubt hes lost at sea. someone wants to make sure aloo’s dates arent wasted and slb gets her maybe raymond as replacement for salu. kjo putting the nails in the coffin that is srk’s stardom.

  4. nefarious says:

    can someone pls tell me what sunny deol’s son is doing on the silver screen?

    • bubba says:

      Yes Please!!! Those songs and that trailer is soooooooo cringey.

      • nefarious says:

        his smiley is creepy.. why do all star kids have to be actors? He isnt acting material at alll.. i cant see him play, hero, villian, hero’s side-kick, villians gangster…not even the heroines brother…

  5. abcd says:

    Shame on evil aloo and cruel kjo for showing bhansali and sallu in bad light. these jerks are trying to create an indirect rift between srk and sallu. why is that horrible aloo given so much importance? she is getting married to rk, gets the best of movie opportunities and still her greed has no limits, no wonder none of top B directors wish to work with her, except for the ones by kjo’s chamchas. They appear so pathetic that khans end up appearing better than them as of now. Disgusting Aloo could not be a good friend, now she is proving that she has no work ethics too…

    • Fairytales says:

      How is alia doing anything? This is a Genuine question .. think I am missing something

      • abcd says:

        Uglia uses kjo to release negative news against outsiders,khans, slb &kat.this is the same evil 😈 aloo who ensures that kat is out from rk ‘s life & bollywood. Horrible aloo’s insta stories are lull before the storm. Her marriage miseries are about to begin and last all her life. Time will teach and punish That shameless jerk aloo for all her bad deeds

  6. Dollars to nuts that SLB is thanking his lucky stars that he won’t have to put up with Salman or SRK’s shenanigans. He needs to do “Heera Mandi”. The more women, the better.

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