Bollywood Blind Item – September 2019 – 26

Just yesterday, there was a blind item about this top star and the big-budget film he is producing and acting in. The blind item below was released before yesterday’s blind item but it tells a lot about the real situation.

Firstly, let’s just say how blatant and daring this blind item is by straightaway calling this actress the top star’s ex! There were some blind items released when they shot their last film together, but people brushed it aside as rumors since this actress already had a steady boyfriend.

It’s like every outsider who wants to make it in Bollywood have to continue networking with these senior actors. Wonder how long more until these senior actors retire? Also, have to wonder whether the younger heroes will continue the same tradition?

Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item in Bollywood

The Super Star Couple is having BIG FIGHTS over his EX GIRLFRIEND and her movie casting

Everything was going smoothly till someone told the superstar actor’s fiery actress wife that his friend was back in his life (and one of his movies again) again. She put her foot down and told him firmly that the GF couldn’t work in the movie. No way!
Both are top stars in their own right and rake in the green bucks at the box-office with their own star power. Married to each other, their love story has been one of the best in Bollywood but off late, fights are happening much more than usual. The reason being one of the actor’s young and beautiful actress friends.
Their friendship started with the first film and apparently, they became the closest during their third movie together. But the actor’s wife came to know and forbade them for meeting again. The actor moved on with his other movies, including one with his own charismatic wife, till the young and beautiful actress came into his life again after months.

The young and beautiful actress wasn’t married to anybody from Bollywood but their romance was splayed all over social media for years. While they never flaunted it, the young and beautiful actress was proud to bask in her husband’s love. But the romance didn’t last long.

After two years, apparently, he came to hear about her fling with the male star and as she couldn’t deny it, he told her they should take a break. Now neither has a picture of them together on their social media as both have removed them. After the quiet break, she ran back to her former actor BF to ask for help. She hasn’t done too many films and is still making a career. Earlier the male star had recommended the young and beautiful actress for a couple of comic flicks with a multi-starrer cast and helmed by some of his closest friends.

After breaking up with her husband when this time she met the actor again, he had a leading lady’s role for her. He was involved in putting together a serious drama and required a talented actress. The young and beautiful actress certainly didn’t have to prove her acting chops, so she was on board the project opposite another young actor. The superstar just wanted to help her till she was back on her feet again where her career was concerned.

Everything was going smoothly till someone told the superstar actor’s fiery actress wife that his friend was back in his life (and one of his movies again) again. She put her foot down and told him firmly that the GF couldn’t work in the movie. No way!

The star told her that it just worked this time as he felt bad for her. He had committed the young and beautiful actress a role in his project and couldn’t throw her out without reason. He and his wife had many fights over it – finally culminating in a huge one (and a compromise). His wife told him if he worked with the young and beautiful actress again, he would be breaking his promise and she would walk out of the house.

The last that we have heard is that the young and beautiful actress hasn’t been finalised for the project as yet and hunt for another young actress is on. They are working on a much smaller role for the girl and not the main lead. The fuming wife is keeping quiet now as she doesn’t want to create a scene and got what she wanted but her friends are are upset about the whole thing.

This is not all. Apparently, one of his movies created a gaping hole in his finances, so the buzz is that his wife had been shelling out some of her own money to help him get his other movies rolling. She calls the shot in those productions and is even said to be acting in of them. One wonders what happened to this once beautiful marriage where they fell in love, got married and settled down to happily ever after, domestic bliss?


OSOP Guesses

Superstar Couple: Kajol & Ajay Devgan


Image result for ajay ileana


After relationship for over 5 years and retaining their relationship a hush-hush affair, Ileana D’Cruz and beau Andrew Kneebone parted methods not too long ago. Not solely did Ileana and Andrew unfollowed each-other, however, Ileana additionally deleted all of the images from her Instagram web page with Andrew.

There have been stories of Ileana having turned in direction of portray to beat her therapeutic coronary heart. And, the newest we hear is that Ileana’s Raid co-star, Ajay Devgn has prolonged his shoulder to the woman to cry on. A Spotboye report reveals that Ileana has spoken up about her breakup with Ajay Devgn who not solely listened to her but in addition suggested her on easy methods to transfer on. Ajay and Ileana shared a heat relationship through the shoot of Raid.

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9 Responses

  1. Neep says:

    Oh come on, is this Ajay D’s first affair? And it won’t be his last. So Kajol like many wives turned a blind eye to the infidelity. These are marriages in name only, where love has gone. But this time her money is at stake and she’s royally pissed off.

  2. Rekha Rai says:

    Ileana D’Cruz is an idiot, that Andrew guy really loved her! What a waste, to cheat on a good man like that, he’s not even from the industry, he’s just a regular guy. Probably broke his heart bechara.

  3. Hmm says:

    Remember that blind about Saif been broke because Kareena refuses to spend her money? This blind shows why Kareena’s actions is actually smart. If Kajol had left Ajay to bear their financial burdens alone, he wouldn’t have the time or money to sustain an extramarital affair. Some men just don’t deserve supportive wives.

    I hope Kajol has other investments apart from these films. I don’t see this ending well. She could lose her marriage AND her money too.

  4. KA says:

    Even KRK announced it on twitter, I think the younger lot is too humble and sensitive to do such things.

  5. dsang says:

    i feel bad for Kajol 🙁

    • Kit says:

      I loathe adultery. I don’t even watch films or series that glorify it as a love story because it isn’t. It destroys families. Trust is broken. The innocent may never heal. Women who put their families ahead of their careers are left hanging financially. They and their children suffer while the man moves on happily with the new (often younger) woman. It doesn’t matter if they remain with the cheating husband or the marriage ends. Society will still shun them, mock them, blame them for a crime they didn’t commit.

      I feel really bad for Kajol too. She’s no longer the self-assured woman i once knew. Her husband has so eroded her self confidence which is evidenced from her changing her skin tone and general personality. She seems like she’s trying too hard to look happy. Who watched the way he spoke of her during the Koffee with Karan episode? Referred to current actors as suitable to play “her son”, didn’t remember their wedding anniversary, called her “old”, it was so obvious he has little or no respect for her. She was obviously so embarrassed that she was using laughter and jokes to cover it up. It was painful to watch. To think she has to face the world that know her husband is cheating on her. It must be exhausting to put up a happy face. I can’t imagine the trauma she goes through inwardly or tears she cries at night.

      She has been loyal to her husband even to the detriment of her career and relationship with friends. I have never heard a single rumour about her cheating on him before or after marriage. Ignored family and friends’ advice against marrying him. Was loyal even during his low phase.

      To think the man is even using her money for the film and cheating on her in return. The blind if true shows that she’s not just some sit at home wife. Her money is involved too. I suspect it has almost always been the case yet she has NEVER been credited as a producer in his films.

      I feel like i’m watching an accident about to happen. She’s no longer the star she used to be. The outcome of her last film wasn’t good at all. He will probably divorce her as it would not affect his stardom or he just doesn’t care. He is powerful in Bollywood and even among politicians.

      A divorce if it happens may not be favourable to her either financially or public-wise. I don’t think she has friends who would help. Karan is a snake who only associates with box office favourites. SRK is rethinking his career and has fallen out with a lot of people in the industry. The Chopras are a no go area. The few endorsements she has are based on her being a wife and mother. If a divorce happens, her endorsements may disappear too. And inspite of the brave, confident face she puts on, she probably might not get over it emotionally.

      On the other hand, a divorce might probably will be the best thing that would happen to her. If only she has the inner strength to start all over. I sincerely wish her well.

      • Adira says:

        I’ve actually gone online and looked up old magazines hoping to find a salacious blind on Kajol but so far nothing. She seems to be the only popular 90s actress who didn’t have an affair with a married super star/producer/director neither did she have strings of affairs or hook ups. Ajay and the boyfriend she dated before Ajay seem to be the only men she has been with. It seems she has been with Ajay for more than half her life considering she started dating him when she was 19/20 years old. I think that says a lot about what kind of person she is. Not even a blind of her and SRK. I am shocked.

        I agree. She’s not as tough as she appears. Her biggest battle would be getting over it emotionally. I pray she’s able to. The 90s kid in me still have a soft spot for her.

      • Samantha says:

        dont think they ll divorce! purely for the sake of their kids n their image! at best, they ll live separately like Amitabh Jaya or Rishi Neetu; n not declare being separated!

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