Bollywood Blind Item – September 2019 – 22

The young actor in the blind item below has finally reached a place he has been dreaming about for years. With this new spot comes responsibilities, including things he has never done before like getting invited to rich people’s parties!

Obviously, getting invited to this big-wig’s daughter’s overseas wedding was no small feat. It was a big deal that included lots of money. Together with another famous actress, he was invited as the special guests of the wedding and was supposed to performed with her.

It’s one thing if he cancelled his performance the last minute and another when he shared what he was actually doing, as opposed to being sick like he claimed he was! It’s really stupid and funnily enough, the actress he was paired with at this event also did something similar years ago when she was dating this star.

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Stars do that all the time! But this guy should have pretended he was in a really bad shape and couldn’t come over. Maybe he got food poisoning by eating too many samosas. To then have his PR team leak out news on how he spent his supposed girlfriend’s birthday with her is just plain stupid!

Anyways, his time won’t come again so he gotta be careful if he had rather play KebabJo’s Tinder match than focus on his professional commitments.

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Check out the blind item from PinkVilla. By the way, it’s not a made-up blind item since this actually did happen.


Bollywood Blind Item


THIS young actor ditched an event organiser last minute to be with his ladylove

A little birdie has told us that this young star who suddenly shot to fame after a couple of movies may be risking big opportunities for the love of his life.

Let down’s are a big part of the Bollywood industry. Right from producers to actors to directors, things have gone south for scores of celebrities in the show business. However, this latest piece of news involves a famous and young actor not living up to his promises and in turn letting down one of the biggest names in the business world. A little birdie has told us that this young star who suddenly shot to fame after a couple of not-so-hit movies may be risking big opportunities for the love of his life.

Turns out, the male actor was recently paid a handsome amount for an event in Indonesia which was also graced by fellow actors and actresses from the industry. While the rest of the Bollywood squad managed to show up for the high-profile event, the actor in question kept stalling and eventually did not show up for the event despite being paid in advance.

An insider revealed that he was busy shooting in North India and took money from the event organisers prior to the main day,  promising them to turn up for his performance. However, he kept making excuses and also said he was on his way to the island nation.

Instead, the actor chose to meet his girlfriend who was shooting closer to the city where he was supposed to perform. He ditched the organiser saying his ill health was the reason for not making it in time but those in the know revealed to us that the actor stayed with his girlfriend for 10 days.

The agents of the actor also apologised to the organiser and even offered to return the money but the organiser who is a high profile person in South East Asia is said to be fuming with the turn of events. He has sworn not to forgive the actor for all the humiliation he faced in front of his guests.

OSOP Guess

Young Actor: Karthik Aaryan



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