Bollywood Blind Item – September 2019 – 14

Things have been quiet about these two for a while now. It must mean that whatever was going on ended, right?

Well, according to this blind item, things are still happening between these two. It’s a bit strange considering how there has been nothing about it so far. All the news out there know about the affair between her and the brother of this superstar. It’s why there have been dozens of news items saying how the brother and his wife avoided her and there was also news how the superstar also pretended not to see her at some event he attended.

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The reason she is coming out so openly about the new relationship could be to show that she has moved on and is not about to come back and snatch someone’s husband. Similar to what PC did, it’s a move to show she is not a threat anymore.

This actress could have been blacklisted and whether this new relationship is true or not, who really cares?! She did get a fancy apartment and a car gifted by the superstar’s brother, so…

Next time, stay away from other people’s husband. Get your own!

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Check out the blind item from Open Magazine by Rajeev Masand. The married man is not separated yet, in fact he got back with his wife and they are back living together.


Bollywood Blind Item


Carping about Love

A clutch of catty, cynical Bollywoodwalas can’t even summon up enthusiasm for those that seem to have found love. Earlier this week, two young filmis made their relationship public through a social media exchange, and while many expressed their wishes to the couple, a camp comprising insiders exchanged WhatsApp messages insisting the actress is merely using this relationship as a foil to distract attention from the married man (now separated) whom she’s been reportedly carrying on with for some timeβ€”and, they insist, she’s still very much with him.

Oh, to be one of those who can’t find it within them to believe in love. Sad.


OSOP Guesses

Two Young Filmis:Β Huma Qureshi & Mudassar Aziz

Married Man: Sohail Khan


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8 Responses

  1. Vicky says:

    Amar Singh replied during a question in an interview that Jaya and Amitabh were already living in diff houses before he entered their life so he should not b blamed for that.

  2. Kit says:

    The camp exchanging WhatsApp messages, Kareena Kapoor and gang

  3. Ron says:

    Speaking of failed marriages what is the deal with Sheetla Bachchan? Can you do a detailed post on her?


    • Crazy Diamond says:

      This. We want to know if she’s dating HR still or did they break up already ?

      • Admin says:

        She is separated and has been that way for years. Dated HR for almost a while before the whole KR drama got loose. She was the one who advised him to scare KR with that quiet notice.

        • Sue says:

          It’s disgusting and plain silly of Amitabh to keep calling her in-laws sides samdhi and sandhan and son in law after almost eight years of separation.
          Also can’t she get a place of her own, living with parents and brothers family for so long. I can actually see Aish has changed as a person since she moved in. She was always so happy and smiling and shared such a great rapport with her parents in law before that.

        • Ron Faulkner says:

          I agree with Sue. AB Sr. acts as if he is very much sync with today’s times but is an orthodox person.Why did she seperate?

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