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The blind item below is about a top star, who is mostly misunderstood by the people he work with. Since he behaves this particular way with only women, they are the one who are misunderstanding his friendly actions.

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As you know, this actor is not local so naturally his manners and mannerisms will be foreign to the Indian ladies he work with. So what if he likes to get touchy-feely with his co-stars, that’s just the way he behaves. It’s so bad that they misunderstand a great man like him, who is not Indian but is hell-bent on using pure Indian issues to make money!

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With the blind item that was released by the same source yesterday, we told you how the ex-manager of this superstar could be the one leaking all these personal details about his not-so-perfect-professionalism and also how his close friends are dumping him!

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Now with the blind item released today by the same source, let’s go ahead and call yesterday’s one a fake blind since the one below is super ridiculous! Seriously?! They are making up excuses for this creep. Maybe his good friend Sajid Khan was also misunderstood.

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When this picture of this actress and him was released, it looked awkward! First, you just met this young actress and do not know her that well and yet in the picture, he was taking his chance. He’s as old as her dad!

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Either he has come too close to this actress forcefully, which is why they released this blind item to refute any upcoming accusations. Or this actress has been commenting to people in her new circle about his creepiness and word reached his manager hence this blind item.

Because why else would this blind say he’s “misunderstood”? With people like them, no one is safe working in the entertainment.

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Check out the blind item below from PinkVilla. By the way, is this why he paid off the other actress to keep quiet? Because she “misunderstood” him?


Bollywood Blind Item


This newbie actress is scared of her male co star’s roaming hands and impromptu hugs

An upcoming newbie actress is terrified of her male co-star’s physical overtures. Call it being over enthusiastic or too involved in his movie, this actor, who is also known to be a family man needs to get his act together.

This is not a Me Too story right now but one that an upcoming actress feels apprehensive can develop into one soon – given the reputation of her over-friendly and over-exuberant co-star. It’s such that she feels scared to be alone with him. An upcoming newbie actress, acting in a remake, is terrified of her male co-star’s physical overtures.

The male star is very physical in his affections, loves hugging and kissing his heroines and patting them on their backs, shoulders and other parts of the body, off and on the sets. He is not just good-looking but quite the ladies man and sometimes gets carried away in his over enthusiasm and boundless energy. Now this often tends to be misunderstood by some of his heroines.

The actor gets involved in all his projects – right from the creatives to the casting and marketing and in his enthusiasm often calls his leading ladies alone to his vanity van to discuss scenes with them and sometimes even to a posh hotel room.

He loves discussing scripts and scenes and gets to choose his heroines. The male star is so professional in his approach that once when he recommended a heroine for her acting skills for one of his movies, an actress who was replaced, got miffed.

Now, this young and beautiful newbie actress is working with the actor for the first time and has been told (perhaps some exaggerated) stories about her male co-star and his generous hugs and pats. She is very scared that one day he may call her to his vanity van alone and give her one of his famous touchy-feely hugs and pat her on her back. The actress has informed her team from before about not going alone.

The actress has told her staff that if he does that, one of them will accompany her to van or she will not go. Her staff and management team too are apprehensive as they don’t want to upset the male star and their apple cart. A movie with him is known to become a gold mine, so they are wondering how to handle this delicate situation.

Call it being over enthusiastic or being just too involved in his movie, this actor, who is also known to be a family man needs to get his act together before he is misunderstood once again and the Me Too tag gets attached to his pristine name. Playing with fire is always risky.


OSOP Guesses

Film: Laxmmi Bomb

Top Star: Akshay Kumar

Actress: Kiara Advani



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12 Responses

  1. Amie says:

    Where is blind number 13?????

  2. Nefarious says:

    I think after bringing down the khans, its now Ak and Shahid wjo are on kjos hit list. He must bring them down for his nepo kids to thrive and take over.

  3. Neep says:

    Akshay is a creep. Why then was Tapsee all over him during the MM promos?

  4. leaps says:

    well if hes bullying them hes harassing them is well established while his prefect doormat wife will like to tell the world how hes the gentleman to the ladies

  5. Nefarious says:

    Isnt kiara with him in good news or whatever that movie is called, where kareena wanted kiaras scenes chopped?
    I feel kiara aint no saint… She could have released this blind at kjos behest

    • Monalisa says:

      Good News is a Dharma movie. Akshay will never dare to misbehave with her on Kjo’s movie as Kiara and Kjo are close… Akshay was the one who recommended Kiara’s name for Laxmi Bomb. Knowing Akshay there must be an ulterior motive why he got her the movie. Maybe Kiara thought since he did not do anything on Good News sets he has no such interest in her.

  6. KA says:

    good news for you.. people have been trending on twitter, someone mentioned they read this blind about akshay-kiara

    KRK tweeted this ” I really can’t understand, why are people trending β€œHAWAS KA DEVTA AKSHAY”? If people want to say that he is Canada national then it’s OK. Because he is. But people should not trend such dirty words.”

  7. Smita says:

    ‘not Indian’ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜

  8. Monalisa says:

    Typical Akshay… Is Kiara dating Shahid? She was readily having a fling with Shahid on Kabir Singh sets but is rejecting Akshay’s advances. I don’t blame her tbh, he is an old man in his 50s while Shahid is in his 30s. I feel Kjo blabbed to Reshma that Kiara confided in him,this her way of trying to make it look like Kiara mistook Akshay’s acts for something else.

  9. abcd says:

    akhsay ‘s casanova image is an open secret. kiara still chose to work with him. Was she not aware? why is she acting naive? she still has the option to refund money and walk out from movie. but will not do so, , but why is she letting ak harm her? what about being very touchy with married shahid kapoor for arjun reddy remake movie promotions??? after all, she is part of kjo camp;may be idea of this blind came from kjo, will she ever say such stuff about rk? certainly no, not blaming anyone, but kiara must know where does she get herself into for the sake of getting work. Everyone deserves to be safe.

  10. HateKjo says:

    I wont comment if its true or not. I don’t know the truth. Akshay has is known for such things. But only he or the person knows. May be its ME Too as well. I don’t follow him much.

    But ADMIN you are so biased, for you any blind against Kangana is fake and cooked up but every blind about Hrithik or any other star is true. Why it is so? is she a devi or some God who cant be wrong? You even denied and called that video proof of her threatening her EX Aditya . She is not saint.


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