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It’s a little odd that this blind item about this superstar’s ‘professional’ behavior is coming out. He has been like this for more than 30 years and yet, only now his close friends are starting to complain? Doesn’t add up! And on top of that, this is not just any friend, this is one of his closest friend that has been by his side through thick and thin. And by that we meant, through bucks and roadside murders.

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To have him suddenly complaining now seems a bit odd. How do you loyally support someone’s behavior for years and then suddenly, he’s too much for you? What is true, though…This superstar announced that their film together will be coming out next year without checking with this producer/director first. Well, that’s his style…And, also his ego! His friend/producer/director was quick to deny that statement. Wonder how he made that superstar understand, though?

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Let’s see how this plays out. All these years, they supported this superstar’s way of working and now they are tired of him. We will believe it when we see it! This looks more like an attempt to make him look like a loser! Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


The real reason why a top filmmaker refused to direct a super star and his best friend’s sequel

They have made many blockbusters together (including their last one) so it was natural that the super star would approach his BFF in his time of crisis. But instead of bailing him out, the filmmaker dumped him.

There have been speculations about the super star’s next release. He was keen to do an action drama (and a sequel of one of his other film’s) with one of his close filmmaker pals, but was turned away, saying that the script wasn’t ready. Apparently, that was not the real reason.

When the super star’s big release did not happen as planned, he approached many directors, for a script and one of them was his best friend of years. They have made many blockbusters together (including their last one) so it was natural that the super star would approach his BFF in his time of crisis.

But instead of bailing him out, the filmmaker dumped him. he told him he had no script ready when in reality it was far from the truth. While some people in the super star’s camp felt that it was the filmmaker’s close proximity to another star made him back out, that too wasn’t true.

The real reason why the filmmaker turned down the much-in-demand sequel was because he didn’t want to be at the super star’s beck and call. The filmmaker has been telling people around him that directing the super star would be a waste of his time and last time he had suffered enough.

Turns out that when a director is directing the super star, he expects him to cater to every demand. The filmmaker would be called by the super star – anywhere from Dubai or drive down to a random city, at odd hours of the night, at the drop of a hat, even if he was busy with something else or sleeping at home.

The super star would ask to hear the script and give his inputs or change it the way he felt best. The filmmaker has many films to do and doesn’t have the time to sit and party at the super star’s home whiling away their time till early morning as he has many releases lined up.

The filmmaker told his close friends that the super star doesn’t want a director but a ‘Yes man’ who will keep agreeing to whatever he says and that can have a damaging impact on the movie later. The filmmaker told people that while his sequel was ready, he didn’t want to start it now as its better he does three films with other actors than block one movie with the super star for a year.

Nobody can do any other project except the super star’s as he is very demanding and wants complete control of the director and script whereas other actors are much more professional and complete films on time.

Long ago, the filmmaker had approached one of the super star’s arch rivals. Though the project didn’t happen, it proved that the filmmaker wasn’t averse to working with other actors too.

It’s time the super star realized that times have changed and he can no longer function the way he earlier used to. BFF’s too can move on…


OSOP Guesses

Director: Sajid Nadiadwala

Superstar: Salman Khan


When asked about the status of Kick 2, Sajid in an interview said, “We are writing it. It is not coming on Eid. The news came (of the sequel releasing on Eid) because I had gone to his (Salman) place, he asked how much I am ready, I told him I have written one draft and I would need four to six months to rewrite the draft, dialogues. I would be ready with the script by Eid.”

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14 Responses

  1. Neep says:

    Well Salman doesn’t think his time is up. He says he has another 10 years left in him. God help the audience that wants to watch this 63 year old who won’t act his age. BTW Aalia will be too old for him.

  2. Shinyobject says:

    Youth icons. LoL. If Sallu was an icon of anything it would be of bloated ego and self-aggrandizement. Time to retire dude. Sabka time aata hai aur jaata bhi hai.

  3. Miss says:

    Salman deserves it for his huge ego but honestly all these so called friends are now ditching him because he is delivering flops. Till the time he was churning blockbusters on blockbusters no one cared about professionalism. Salman is giving another flop next Eid as well with the crap director Prabhudeva. How many more Eids for Salman to realize it’s not the release date that matters?

  4. Dips says:

    I don’t blame any actor (esp Salman) to be over interfering in their film/director. It’s because it will be released/distributed/and sold as a “salman khan” film. For me, i think salman is fine in his films, i just get so irritated with the nonsense actors he promotes. I think those people totalllly bring down his value!

  5. HateKjo says:

    Salman Khan’s time is over now. His last releases tanked badly. Bharat was average and didnt make even Rs 200 crores.

    His ego, arrogance and way too interference , making filmmakers to avoid him. They are cowards not to say no openly on his face this ending up making excuses.

    Salman is good at heart, helpful and supported many people but when people started worshipping him, making him some demi god he became arrogant . He even tried to harm people’s career like Vivek, Rk, Arijit , etc and promoted talent less actors.

    Well, he is mad with everyone these days ,thinking he is unbeatable and still bankable ( he is but not in a way he used to be. Means his films guarantee RS 300 crores till 2015 but not anymore) Ali,Kabir , SLB, now Sajid.

    He needs to change his behaviour asap.

  6. Shefu says:

    I feel Salman has become more eccentric with age and no one wants to put up with that. It’s that simple

  7. Kit says:

    I think there really is a secret plan in place to take down the Khans

    • Monalisa says:

      Khans are aging yet Salman wants to continue with his macho action avatar and Shah with his lover boy image. None of the Khans except Aamir has reinvented himself. Their downfall is they still want to contnue doing the same thing they were doing in their 20s 30s and 40s. They could get away with doing the same thing in their 40s because the young actors except Hrithik could not sustain. Now we have a diverse range of younger actors and stars who can compete with Shah and Salman in their lover boy and action genre image.
      Older actors like Ajay, Akshay even Hrithik have reinvented themselves and are doing diverse roles and movies. Salman and Shah should do the same thing. Aamir has always being a path breaker and reinvent himself from time to time since he does not have a set image like the other two Khans.

    • Universal says:

      With Bhai still dancing with heroines half his age and promoting his talentless minions, SRK still going arms open in all movies and Amir busy doing Dangal with young actress, who even needs a plan to bring them down? Lol

  8. Mahendra Agarwal says:

    Friendship was their till Sajid was producer but when he became director obviously he knew his real worth before ‘bhai’ , by the way heard this story that whereas Sajidhas gone thousands of times to Sallu house but Sallu has never been to his office

  9. Pooja says:

    Its about success.lallu’s time over in Bollywood. Bharat was flop.dabang looking another disaster.

  10. Gigi says:

    Straw, meet camel’s back.

  11. abcd says:

    This is an example of fair weather friend. Few non stop flops movies and friendship is gone down the drain. Sallu should think of becoming a thorough professional at work.

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