Bollywood Blind Item – September 2019 – 10

It’s a little strange that this blind item comes out today and that too, with false news. See, how confident they are of their piece of news, but if only it was true. Truth is, shooting was done a long time back and now the same film is in post-production. At least, they could have faked some news about that. But no, they went way behind on schedule.

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Funny thing is, they ignore all the praises that this female director has showered on this actress. She not only praises her, but even tags the actress’ team since the actress is not on social media.

If you remember, ever since she started shooting this film, dozens of blind items have come out blasting her left, right and center. But this one takes the cake! Not only are they turning her into some goon, they are hell-bent on trying to make her look like a crazy person! Sounds familiar?

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Just the day before, a blind item came out about a top star getting involved in every department of his film, his actions weren’t described the same way as they have so passionately described this actress.

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You would have think Raymond would be busy by now looking for a new hair plug making sherbet for the parties that the same newspaper claimed they would be holding. But no….The movie mafia gang is hell-bent on destroying this actress. They just don’t give up, do they? If they are this vile and hateful, no wonder her sister freely verbally attacks them on social media!

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror. By the way, KebabJo & co., must be really seething that this actress’ south-produced biopic is well-underway and going well when one of their own is currently on a forced hiatus!

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Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item

INFAMOUS for heckling her directors and driving her co-actors to the brink, this maiden of mayhem is said to pull some serious clout. But her latest outburst had her exploding at her director with the choicest of expletives, even questioning the maker’s cinematic potential.

The matter escalated quickly, and the acid-tongued diva attempted to boot the director out of the project. Fortunately, this time it was met with some opposition. The studio intervened, especially since the film was almost complete and re-shooting would have meant irredeemable resources. But more importantly, it was about time someone told her off.


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Actress: Kangana Ranaut

Film: Panga

Director: Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari


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6 Responses

  1. Matsya says:

    Kangana is an okay actress. Also, what is this constant noise about her being an outsider? Dilip kumar, shahrukh, dharmendra, mumtaz, reena roy and so many others were outsiders.and successful.

  2. Anon says:

    Who invests money in her films? Such a risk considering how they flop!

  3. HateKjo says:

    No idea of this blind is true or by KJO, but the way ADMIN sided with kangana as always ,once again proved that ADMIN is biased and her supporter.

    To add, why you need to drag a certain star here when it was not necessary? We all know you are against him. For you ,yesterday blind about himwas true. Wow. Infact you claimed that blind about him being insecure about his dad bod is also true. When they are not . So why cant this blind be true?

    Having said that, his involvement in every department was tagged as manipulations and mind games. He was projected as a negative person who is insecure and insane. You and team kangana not only believe that blind but called him names.

    Admin why are you anti Hrithik?

    Kangana is insane and a negative person who finds negativity in positive things. Example: varun /Tapsee promoting and supporting JHK. We all saw how she abuse them especially a WOMAN ,an outsider who is here and did a good job for herself. Her sister took digs at Tapsee, used foul words and try to malign her movie .
    Tapsee is brave enough to give these sisters a benefitting reply.

    And who can forget when Justin exposed her lies, live on her face. She do imagine things.
    30 mins turns into 3 hours ( no star give so much time to media), tea becomes lunch in her imagination.

    He continuously asked her to provide the screenshot of his private message if any but she acted in a disgusting way and start abusing.

    Her behaviour and language is not normal for sure. She even accused trade people for giving right box office collections and calling her flop a flop. Same people who supported her against justin and Hrithik.

  4. abcd says:

    Judgemental Hai Kya did not earn enough money, but it earned lot of praises. kangana supports planting of saplings for cauvery issue so srk and nawaz are now following the suit. kangana does hold some clout. this is making kjo and his minions jealous because uglia has still not earned this kind of clout in bollywood. Evil aloo’s current image is of a betrayer and user who needs to be avoided. She appears only around rk and kjo in most of btown events; and got back slb movie through hritik. Ayushman’s latest movie dream girl has been earning rave reviews. Kangana’s upcoming movies have been making right kind of noise.this increases kjo’s hatred and so out of jealousy they are releasing such blind items.

  5. NARS says:

    Thanks admin! You are the only one ☝🏼 who speaks the truth. Two weeks ago Ashwini and Kangana went out for a dinner date. If she was blasting her and trying to force her from her own film, would she ever? Smh!

    JHK Director also had so many kind things to say about Kangana and later they celebrated the positive reception of film, director, writer, producer & KR went out for a dinner.

    Takht is happening or not – no one knows but Jayalalithaa biopic is Well On it’s way. KJo & co. Can suck it.

    • Neep says:

      Jayalalithaa biopic is on hold. No one wants to finance it. Menon’s Web series with Ramya is also on hold but Ramya is a better bet. For starters she looks a little like Jayalalithaa. I don’t want Kangana to make a movie about this iconic, controversial actress politician because it won’t be about Jaya, it’ll be Kangana all the way. I was her fan. Now not.

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