Bollywood Blind Item – Retro 17

It is the day for blind items that are filled with sugar. Not the sweet type of sugar, but the sugar daddy type of sugar. The first blind item today was of something similar and today, we have a retro blind item for you about this actress that everyone wonders about. Everyone wonders how in the world does she end up at the Cannes Film Festival every year without having anything to promote. Due to the recent trouble she had, all of her sugary stories came back in mind so we just decided to dig further to settle this once and for all.

Her story is quite something. She wanted to become an actress so hard that she divorced her husband and changed her name. She came to Bollywood, struggled for a bit until she was signed on in two films that went on to change the way Hindi cinema was. She was bold and freely spoke about the number of kisses she had done in her films. Then something she didn’t see happened occurred: the kind of roles that was her niche went on to be essayed by almost everyone else in Bollywood. It was said that her attitude was such that directors and producers opted not to work with her anymore.

She still got films, but was never able to generate any hype on her own as an actress. That was probably when she decided to take the easy road. Since then, she has been freely living life the way she wants to. She still does films, but not as often as she had like. She has a house in LA, gets to travel in private jets or first class on commercial airlines and gets to attend the Cannes Film Festival every year.

Basically, the old sugar daddy saw her in those kissing films and decided that he was going to keep her for himself. We heard that she changed sugar daddy, but since her business is overseas, it’s hard to find someone to drop the gossip here in India. The ones that found out are the results of the blind items below. Take a look for yourself. Blind items are courtesy of PinkVilla, Rajeev Masand and FashionScandal.


Bollywood Old Blind Items

Bollywood Blind Item – Retro 17


Blind Item 1


Under the Radar

She has been a Cannes regular for some years now, but what exactly brings this actress to the Croisette each year is a well-kept secret. The head of a rival international film festival, who was dining with the elite set from Bollywood last week, claimed she had finally gotten to the bottom of the story. The festival boss said that she had learnt from reliable sources that the B-lister has long been in a ‘discreet relationship’ with the owner of one of the finest hotels on the Croisette, where she has a permanent suite.

Her ‘contact’, according to this source, lands her invitations to all the big-ticket festival premieres, makes sure she has a fancy car at her disposal and has given her access to an unlimited shopping allowance.


Blind Item 2


 A Cannes regular and her sugar daddy

As Bollywood based media and buffs splash pictures of our actors preening and posing at Cannes, one starlet stands out for her repeat acts at the French Riviera.

Pouting in an outrageous fashion, and this time around, cutting down on the drama (thank god), she makes an annual trip to the film festival each time. Nevertheless, this time she did shock us with choosing some very decent and graceful outfits. Baffled us many a times over, as to who is footing the bill here, especially since she has been out of work for years now. Neither does she have any brands to endorse.

Well, it turns out, a Mr. Money bags bio medical tycoon foots the bill, and her upkeep at Cannes, on a consistent basis. While the give and take in their relationship is quite obvious, the ageing magnate has tons of inherited wealth, and a proud family name to keep. So the relationship is very hush hush. He has been footing her bill ever since she went to ‘Hollywood’ and ‘helped her’ through her stay in LA too.

It seems the gentleman in question buys the amfAR gala table so that his lover girl can get entry to the ultra-posh event, and also ensures she get entry to super fancy yacht parties etc. For the starlet, there couldn’t have been a better retirement plan than this!


OSOP Guess

Medical Tycoon: Cyrus Poonawalla

Bollywood Blind Item – Retro 17


Blind Item 3

Well ruling the Desi Sugar Daddies are two NRI tycoons. One is there in the list of UK’s Richest and lately has made his son-in-law’s family the stakeholders in soon-to-be launched budget airline – Air Asia. Our man still fancies one the trashiest Bollywood actress and pampers her with the world. Lot of who wonder how this C-Grade actress always manage to land up at the Cannes Film Festival should know that it is courtesy her Sugar Daddy’s global influence.

News/Blind Item

The most infamous tycoon and his trophy gal involves none other than Mallika Sherawat. She lives in Los Angeles for the better part of the year. Mallika Sherawat has a penthouse apartment at one of the swankiest locations in Beverly Hills The Palazzo. Mallika’s two-story penthouse has a city view, arched windows, city views, controlled elevator access (only she can use it to get to her penthouse), large private terraces and a personal swimming pool (5500 sq feet in area) with two levels a drawing, dining and kitchen below with two bedrooms above. And Roman soaking tubs. It even has an original Picasso painting. Now does Mallika earn enough to sustain such a lifestyle? The answer is a ‘NO’. The penthouse rent is paid by a NRI Tycoon based out of London and he is the richest NRI. Not only a penthouse, Mallika’s tycoon lover pays for her publicist, stylist and shopping and also allows the Haryanvi Sex Bomb the luxury of his private jet. In return Mallika has to make herself available to her billionaire lover at his beck and call, which fortunately is not very often as the tycoon needs to be very discreet.


OSOP Guess

NRI Tycoon: Lakshmi Mittal

Bollywood Blind Item – Retro 17

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14 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    And everytime for Cannes when we the posters brings up the issue of why is she there, the answer is always that she is in some fancy humane group or something…jeez please resurrect this blind during Cannes period please.

  2. Deepu says:

    For God sake dear ladies stop hating on other women! We don’t know their situation to be so judgmental. And what about the creepy men? Why don’t they stay faithful to their better halves and keep it in their pants?!

  3. Rekha Rai says:

    She is a genuinely interesting person, very sexy but smart, has a sense of humor and passion and conviction as well. I’ve been a fan ever since her impassioned speech about abortions and female foeticide. Look, she is hot yes but honestly she’s quite an interesting person as well… it’s not always about looks and youth I’m sure her “sugar daddy” appreciates her as a person. No one would upkeep that kind of lifestyle for a mere fling, even Priyanka Chopra could not manage this lol. Good for Mallika I say, hopefully she’s being smart about it and saving on the side or something as well.

    • Hmmm says:

      Agree with you. Unlike many Bollywood actresses she has been outspoken about female-centric issues and gotten flak. One brave lady.

  4. Hmmm says:

    I’m confused all the sugar daddies in the blinds are different men! Are they all her sugar papas?! Its her life if she chooses to live it this way and does not feel exploited then no point judging her. She is pretty brave posting pics of private jets etc online this is probably what got people talking in the first place. It’s a lucrative job and she wasn’t doing it some other lady would be.

  5. Amanda says:

    oh man…. Getting hold of a sugar daddy is a skill in itself…. Why these guys have to spend so much money for a trashy,old,non so happening C lister…. They better hire a call girl who can provide s**ual service whenever they want and just pay her for that…. These sugar daddies certainly need to have a grip over their lives………….. FLings with a trash can never be discreet…..

    • kiran101 says:

      Maybe she is his type…also being such a rich sugar daddy, i am sure there is some contractual/ confidential setting involved. I guess she is reserved for this guy and there are std’s to be worried about with call girls. We may never know what all is involved.

      • Amanda says:

        I don’t know what they expect of these women like mallika… Seriously… Had I been a millionare, I wouldn’t spent a dime on her….

        I think call girls take precautions and are regularly tested for stds.. Especially the high profile ones… And they are bound by agreement of non disclosure… Media never chases after these girls but mallika is somewhat known person and expecting secrecy is naivety… Paying for mallika 365*24*7 for all expenses is way too much as compared to paying for a call girl for only the time spent.. I am thinking here business wise… Anyways these guys are filthy rich and this spending may be a small amount to them…

        * the above is just a rant. No offense to anyone πŸ™‚

        • kiran101 says:

          what you said about being a millionaire jogged my memory about something i read
          ” wealth is prerequisite for transcending it! I guess it’s an irony that only the wealthy really understand how to appreciate what lies beyond – there’s no proxy for it.”

          What i mean is once you start driving an audi and living in a great home and can afford almost everything…the first few days are awesome but then it becomes a routine… nothing below what u already have excites you anymore… These super wealthy are probably looking for next level pleasure every-time . Not to sound too philosophical here… getting back to topic.

          Mallika probably knows what he wants …maybe he indulges in call girl thing every now and then. Maybe its easy for him to go with mallika than breaking ice with new girl everytime …i know call girls can be expert at these things. who knows…i agree with you I cannot even fathom why waste a dime on anyone. But then there is no way for us to imagine what this man seeks.

          more info on next level pleasure not just sex and drugs : Bill gates brought Leonardo da vinci notes for freaking 150 mil $ , some silicon valley VC brought a Russian space suit (sputnik I think) for 10’s of mil $.

        • Alok says:

          Maybe he loves her. Naive of me to say, but stranger things have happened.

    • Onlylurking says:

      I thought we were not supposed to be slut shaming? I personally don’t wanna make such comments about someone I know zilch about.

      • Amanda says:

        Sorry, I don’t see it as slut shaming… If anyone deserves award for telling maximum number of lies in bollywood, that award goes to Ms sherawat…

    • prvilla says:

      Gurrrrrl @Amanda that’s a bit too much,even for me…Even sex workers have their dignity!C’mon yaar..

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