Bollywood Blind Item – Retro 12

The blind item below is an old one from moifightclub. It’s about this director and a film of his that came and went. Honestly, based on the trailer alone, we made up our mind then not to see it. It’s a huge miscast and mistake. Like it is with some new directors, as soon as they become successful with just one film, they think they are invincible. Little do they know that the ladder will be pulled off while they are still on it.

For this film, the actor asked the director’s wife to be the actress, as in his co-star in it. Why, you asked? Because the lead actor thought that since the director’s wife knows so much about this film and the characters, she’s the best person to play the lead actress. If this is not the most stupidest idea ever, we don’t know what is!

As for this lead actor, he’s just a pretty face and one-dimensional actor. In a way, Kareena Kapoor was right about him because we have seen a lot of his films and his expressions are pretty much the same. It’s hilarious though to see how he thinks he’s an amazing actor. Like we have mentioned before about him, he likes to address himself in third person in interviews, which is both funny and freaky! We won’t say more, just check out the old blind item below from MFC. Drop us a line below if you have seen this movie.


Bollywood Old Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – Retro 12

No, we dont shy away from naming names. But the man whom we trust told us to look at the scene with little acid and more sanity! We argued for the sake of cheap thrills and tried to find a middle path. Plus we HATED the director’s last film, which the world seems to love! So, here we are, back with our old game – Aao Guess Karein!

His (Z) last film was a big hit. And then, the man never remained same again. In one of the scriptwriting workshops he proudly declared that his film is the best structured hindi film in the last ten years! Our jaws dropped and since then we have not been able to pick it up.

Whats more, in his over-confidence he even gave an interview and pulled down one of the best films of last year, written by one of the best screenwriters we have in the current lot. Our jaws were buried!

Then came the announcement for his next film. He was offered never heard before amount for only scripting it. Plus there was direction fees too. And then the non-stop brag sessions started. For his next film, he would keep on bragging about the β€œnumber of drafts” he is writing. First, we heard about 17th draft, last we heard 25th and then there were few more. And its complete home production.

Its no surprise that he got a BIG budget for his new film. Even the amount spent on recce had our eyes wide open. The film was shot outside India and got completed last year. But still no release date has been announced. Wondering why ?

Well, here is the dope. It seems that his tyres have been busted this time. Problem – Main actor is dude but the actress is no match for him. The lead actor is more of dude and less of actor anyway! And the lead actress is IRREPLACEABLE! Because his tyres run her car too. And her mom’s car too.

So, after spending quite a bomb on the film, the producers got a big shock when they saw the film. It wasn’t what they were expecting! The director has been told to re-shoot major romantic portions of the film to get that β€œjai ho” factor between the lead pair, much like his earlier film, as this one also is romcom! The director and everyone else have spread the news out that they are back to (pakhi pakhi) pardesh to shoot just a song. But thats not true! He is trying hard to get the punctured tyres re-paired now.

Bhagwan bhala kare – tu hame jaane ya na jaane, hum tere chahnewale they kabhi…before you made that silly stupid film! The desi high school musical….aha, that cribfest deserves a new post. Now guess Mr Z and the film! Its damn easy and is all here.


OSOP Guesses

Director: Abbas Tyrewala

Last Hit: Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na

Actor: John Abraham

Bollywood Blind Item – Retro 12

Bollywood Blind Item – Retro 12

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2 Responses

  1. Shivanisd says:

    The girl was quite pretty though…like proper actress pretty. dont know if she could act. I thought she was the producers wife not directors. John gives me the creeps. Has he separated from his wife or not? Jaane tu ya jaane na whole story structure was copied from a hollywood movie (forget paris) what is abbas bragging about?

  2. Amanda says:

    New heard of abbas much after Jane tu ya jaane na.. I never heard of this movie and anything that came after that…

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