Bollywood Blind Item – Retro 10

This series of retro blind items has been presented differently. We have put the news clippings of these blind items below. The ones that don’t have news clippings, we have put a picture and you can guess which one is most likely who the blind item is talking about. These were all released about 8 years ago, so some of you might not know about. Do check it out below to see who these blind items are about.


Bollywood Old Blind Items

Bollywood Blind Item – Retro 10


Which actress, who is a former miss world, and is a popular actress in bollywood right now, and to top it off she is very savvy, but has a father who is a child molestor.

Bollywood Blind Item – Retro 10

Bollywood Old Blind Item

Two stars who have been dating for a while, everybody loves to see them together at events. Although news of their engagement appears every few months, they are in fact together for a matter of convenience and (cash in) to get the ‘sexy couple tag’. If you look closely in a recent film of theirs they can’t even kiss properly, you would have thought they would practise more to get it right in front of the media and fans!

Bollywood Blind Item – Retro 10


Bollywood Old Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – Retro 10

Guess who got a silicone job...

So this up and coming young actor ,who’s been talking about his hot new bod,may have something in common with his female colleagues after all. Yes,we are talking about that magic element silicone,which has been making and breaking fortunes for many ever since Sushmita Sen. But this actor,who belongs to a film family and had weighty issues in the past, insists he has been working as hard on his six packs as he has been on his acting skills. Unfortunately for him,his male peers do not seem too impressed. Especially after word got around that he may have made a quick trip to the US to dress up his unremarkable abs with a bit of silicon. Tsk,tsk.

Bollywood Blind Item – Retro 10

Bollywood Old Blind Item

In Bollywood it is very difficult to stay alone and if you do, there’s something that is being hidden in the closet. Today, we talk about a reclusive actress who at the same time is considered one of the most powerful heroines here. Well, this actress has almost given up on films and has just one or two projects in her hand in which she is barely has any role. In one of the films, where she was supposed to play the lead has now been shelved because apparently she hasn’t been able to dance at all. Yes, she cannot dance because in most of her films she hasn’t exactly danced but just moved to the beats.

This woman is now known to be under severe depression. Why? The man she used to love has now declined to divorce his lovely wife and come to her. Unfortunately, her putting constant pressure on this man to divorce his wife seems to be taking a toll on their relationship. The visits from the man have started to become less frequent. Before, the man would fly down from to stay with her and the two would spend the weekend in her Mumbai apartment twice every month. But now, the visits have become less frequent and this man has apparently not visited her for the past two months.

She tried to goad this man to come to her but now she seems on a failing wicket. It looks like the actress has finally decided to shake off her tag and come out and party. But unfortunately, she seems to be batting alone with nobody at the non-striker’s end and the biological scoreboard ticking away rapidly

Bollywood Blind Item – Retro 10

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11 Responses

  1. ghjk says:

    Priety had become so sexy? Goddamn, look at her. Where was this hidden in the IPL? Oh that’s right, I don’t watch the IPL.

  2. Bollyfangurl says:

    Which married actor was PC dating?

    • shivani says:

      akash arora- he wasnt an actor, he was a bizman (bcuz bollywood actresses only want rich men)

  3. Bollyfangurl says:

    PC dated which married man?

  4. bucketbot says:

    Bipasha Basu And John Abraham – both pretty faces with a good body. Modelling suited them but acting? Nope. Thank goodness at least one of them stopped getting film acting offers. Now she is just ridiculous with that husband of hers. Always thirsty for attention with their antics. Almost as if they’re peddling for a reality show of their own, Kartrashian style. In that respect I like the fact that JA doesn’t have an in your face PR. It’s good that I’m not reminded everyday that he cannot act much or else I’d dislike him with a passion too.

    PZ and Ness looked good together. Good thing she’s settled though. I’m happy for her.

    • shivani says:

      lol do u think a woman is incomplete unless shes “settled”? grow up.

      • bucketbot says:

        Oh no honey, I just remember watching some interview somewhere very long ago where she said she wanted to get married. To get settled down meaning to get married was what I was going for. I’m happy she got what she wanted with someone she’s happy with.
        You read a little too much into it.

  5. TRS says:

    who is the married man that used to visit preity?

  6. lailayaila says:

    Awesome blinds! I only heard pc’s dad news recently. They mustve hid that story well at the time. I never heard that theory about Bips and John, but it makes total sense. Especially with all the john bats for the other team rumors! At first I thought the recluse actress was about Tabu and Nagarjuna. Happy Preity found someone to settle down with. Silicone abs though :o!

  7. Who cares says:

    The woman who accused Chopra’s dad is Shivani Saxena, now arrested in the Augsta Westland chopper scam. ran a story on her. She’s been of dubious character for a while and is apparently wel known for blackmail – hence the hit job on Chopra’s dad

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