Bollywood Blind Item – October 2019 – 28

This is nothing new, so why are they acting like it is? Most films, especially the super big ones, fake their box office collections. They used to do it then and are still doing now when there’s a lot more to lose.

See, now they sell their films to particular networks and online platforms. Last we heard, the latest rule was that the rights to these big films will only be decided after they have been released so these network heads can see how well the film has performed in case they paid too much for it.

So, if a big film is showing fake collections, which are way higher than what the film actually made, it means they are trying to put up a front. But to be fair, it has not been seen yet whether these networks really did apply that rule. Some superstars and producers are too stubborn with their big egos to agree to this. Plus, some of them know their films are not that good.

Anyways, no one who has saw this recently released film thinks it’s an outstanding film. So why would people not wonder if the high collections are fake? It’s logic, right? Heard even the producer’s wife got upset that people were doubting her husband’s released collection!

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Check out the blind item from PinkVilla. By the way, which one of you went to see this film?


Bollywood Blind Item


Two big names from Bollywood troll another film before its release

It can be easily said that each Friday the film industry is waiting to not celebrate but demolish a big film that is releasing on a Friday and it happened to a big-ticket film that hit the screens recently. If sources are to be believed that two big names are involved in trolling of the film even before it hit the screens.

One happened to be someone who was kicked out and the other one has been arch-rival of the leading hero of the film and has a back story that continues to run despite the facade of all is well.

Now, this is what they did to the film, but now we hear that there was a lot of hullabaloo about the numbers with some leading lights are asking for authentic numbers to be displayed by trade pundits. We hear a big superstar did call the pundits who have refused to pay attention to him or get pressurized by him.

Wonder why that was needed the film is doing pretty well for itself and will do a business of Rs 200 crore any which way. Why become the fall guy?

OSOP Guesses

Big-Ticket Film: Housefull 4

Someone Kicked Out: Sajid Khan

Big Superstar: Salman Khan


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