Bollywood Blind Item – October 2019 – 22

So this blind item was released a while back and since there are no new blind items today, let’s go with this one.

Released last month, this blind item is about a beauty awards show that gives out awards to everyone, who attends. They have these amazing titles, just to make their guests feel better about themselves. It’s quite creative, if you think about it.

What to do? Stars are like children deep inside, who enjoy getting awards that make them feel important.

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So yes, apparently this actress was unavailable to make it to this event and she let the organizers know at the last minute. She had a legit reason, she got disco eyes or something. So the organizers had to scout faster and get someone else to replace this actress. And they did!

You all know who this is since this award show happened last month. Check out the blind item below from BollywoodLife.


Bollywood Blind Item

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A-list actress loses out on top honour to her contemporary due to her absence from awards ceremony

One A-list actress, who is close to the organiser of this world-famous lifestyle magazine‘s award ceremony was supposed to bag the top honour.

This practice has been followed at various award ceremonies for years now. It’s not something that you hear about very often but the ‘practice’, as we mentioned, is common and popularly followed by the organisers of award shows. Case in point – an actor/actress chosen to win the top honour has to be the one who attends the event, failing which the title goes to another who marks their attendance.

From what we hear from a birdie, this is exactly what happened at a recently concluded awards night. One A-list actress, who is close to the organiser of this world-famous lifestyle magazine‘s award ceremony was supposed to bag the top honour. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it to the event, leaving the organisers in state of surprise. The reason for this sudden opt out is best known to the actress.

Now, since she wasn’t present at the do, the organisers, had to anyway honour someone with this prestigious title. And so they did! The award was eventually given to another contemporary, who shares a good rapport with the former.

Both the actresses were supposed to be a part of the ceremony, however, destiny had some other plans. Result: one actress loss is another’s gain. As fate had it, tables were turned at the end moment.

OSOP Guesses

A-List Actress: Deepika Padukone

Another Contemporary: Alia Bhatt

Awards: Vogue Awards 2019


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2 Responses

  1. Ria says:

    I don’t which audience still believes in these awards anymore except one who attends. Everyone knows how biased it is

  2. yuri says:

    vogue beauty what irrelavant awards? they need to stop already and donate that money for a good cause

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