Bollywood Blind Item – October 2017 10

We knew blind items about this actress will be coming out as soon as she was spotted going everywhere alone without her actor boyfriend by her side. We don’t know what’s going on and it might just what their director has asked them to do since their film will be out soon. Who knows?

Anyways, as usual, they always link her up to the ex-boyfriend like if there’s no other guy for her to hang around with. The blind item below sounds a little unbelievable, but who really knows? It is Bollywood, after all. But still, it might just be the ex showing how this actress is still madly in love with him. From SpotBoye, check out the blind item below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – October 2017 10


Actress Under The Influence Of Alcohol Gets TOO CLOSE With EX-BOYFRIEND

Here comes another hush-hush scoop from Bollywood corridors. This one’s about a leading actress who got a bit too drunk at one of the recently concluded Diwali parties…

She walked into this Diwali bash and quickly gulped down a few pegs. Nothing wrong in doing that but when she turned around- the alcohol started talking.

Her ex-boyfriend, for whom she still holds a torch, was standing right behind her!

Within a few minutes, the two got a little cosy and a bit too close for comfort.

Whispers became louder as the music increased and one of those loud ones reached our ears too.

The beautiful lady’s current flame was thankfully absent from the party.

Woh kehte hai na- when the cat is away the mice will play!


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Deepika Padukone

Ex-Boyfriend: Ranbir Kapoor

Bollywood Blind Item – October 2017 10

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36 Responses

  1. Priya says:

    Hi, Admin,

    I always read about TOIFA, i think it happened 1/2 years back involving anushka and ranbir. can you please enlighten us, about what exactly happened.? Just a case of FOMO.

  2. Ramzil says:

    Sometimes in life we just cant let go off of some things/people no matter what and we have no control over it. In Deepika’s case it RK

    • Shivanisd says:

      No way. DP isn’t an idiot airhead like kareena and preity. Shes intelligent.

      • Rashmi says:

        how did you come to the conclusion that Deepika is smart? I read her interview and watch the video, I do not think she’s absolutely intelligent. but she’s cute

        • Shivanisd says:

          If dp is not an intelligent actress, who is??

          • Kalika says:

            If any of them would have been intelligent, they wouldn’t join film industry for sure.. Where everyday you have to go through tons of insecurity, never ending politics and whole lot of shitty stuff.. and for what? Name,fame , money and then fade away in oblivion one day.. All of them are frustrated, conniving people who are bimbos. Right from their interviews, to what they will wear and who will they talk to is decided by other people.. I surely don’t think this is a sign of intelligence.

          • Shivanisd says:

            Are u kidding me? Can you really not tell the difference in intelligence between kareena and deepika? do you have any idea how much these actresses earn. U want them to be phd university lecturers at jnu hahaha who earn 5 lakhs a year. Amisha patel was a gold medallist in economics worked at goldman sachs she decided to join Bollywood instead. Deepika is no, bimbo from any angle. She has made her family proud.

        • kiran101 says:

          she is not very articulate…but she is a smart woman…the smartest actress is Aishwarya next is DP …I want to see how DP will make her moves regarding marriage and post marriage career. she seems like a smart woman.

  3. Rtm says:

    So whts the truth admin..did deepika actually did somthng like this…can u tell us why deepika is stitll obssed wid ranbir..or is it just pr stuff?

    • Admin says:

      It sounds like KJo uncle spreading rumours. But still, no one knows for sure what’s on Deepika’s mind. If she did really go through depression and come out of it, she should be able to see what’s Ranbir’s game and not make the mistake of falling for him again.

      • kiran101 says:

        Man KJO is trying hard to sell Ranbir as superstar material…but not happening. I am sure he tried with Abhishek and in future he will for Aryan khan.

      • kiran101 says:

        can you please share blind about Anushka ranbir hook up in toronto ?

  4. Nimi says:

    Is Ranveer really with her? We all know she is still hung up on Ranbir. The whole I wish I call Ranbr interview with Komal Nahta was cringy. She also said that the piano gesture was the most romantic gift ever and supposedly was gifted by Ranbir. Admin are RS-DP really together or just a PR sham?

    • Admin says:

      Yes, the piano was sent to her house within 30 minutes of her conversation with Ranbir..They were just starting to get to know each other then…The things you can do when you have money..!

      • kiran101 says:

        wonder why she talks about Ranbir fondly than Ranveer.

        • Shivanisd says:

          Maybe its bcuz then she can get more movies with him. She knows they are a hit pair ( if u ignore tamasha) DP is nothing if not career focussed!

          • kiran101 says:

            so are Ranveer and Deepika…Randeep have 100% track record unlike Ranbir-deepika . sometimes i wonder if she does it on purpose. No one can be that non self respecting otherwise.

      • kiran101 says:

        so this was just before their relationship and not after the break up ?

        • Admin says:

          It was before they officially started to date. Here’s what she wrote:

          “Last night, this friend sms’ed me, must have been around 10 or 10.30 at night. I thought he was being cute. Cute and smart. The sms message asked, with a smiley, if I nursed any secret desires. Typical of him to use such a word. Desire! Without thinking, I messaged back, ‘Yes. Desire to learn to play a musical instrument.’ Within a few hours, must have been a little past midnight, a grand old master piano was delivered to my doorstep.”


          Tell us about the first gifts that you exchanged.

          Deepika: He bought me a piano. I haven’t started taking lessons yet, as I want to make sure that I have some free time and I also get a nice tutor. I’m really fond of music. During one of our conversations, I had generally mentioned that I would love to learn playing the piano and the guitar. The next thing I know is that a brand new piano is sitting there in my new house.

          Ranbir: She bought me a MacBook Air. She buys me clothes and she got me an ultra-cool pair of golden shoes [from Bangkok], which she feels looks cool on me. But I’m a little shy to wear them when she is not around.

          • Shivanisd says:

            Golden shoes… Ugh! Why do Bollywood ppl have such tacky taste? Some days back saw suhana khan in ugly white shoes… Costing 60k. Money can’t buy good taste.

          • Nimi says:

            And she said this was the most romantic gift ever (no names taken) in an interview with Komal Nahta’s Starry nights. I mean I don’t understand, has RS never gifted her anything romantic that she can say in the 5 years they are together? It seems like she truly loves RK and can’t let go. Then just get back with him.

          • Shivanisd says:

            No way. No self respecting woman will ever get back with a man who publicly humiliated her and broke her heart into pieces. I believe RK was one of the main reasons for her depression. DP will NEVER get back with RK. Besides she earns crores and is a global star now. Instead of grand gestures like gifting a piano he should have been faithful to her. That counts, more than money!!

          • ghjk says:

            Lol you really love her. If love counted for more than money she wouldn’t have dumped her boyfriend. Everybody is on a climb upwards, love shuv tey chicken khurana stop mattering.

          • Shivanisd says:

            Oh cmon. Maybe she didn’t really love nihar.. Who knows. But the whole world knows for sure she was madly in love with ranbir. And he broke her heart. What’s the effing point of grand romantic gestures like piano if u can’t even be faithful?? I don’t know if i love dp or not.. But as a woman who has been in the same situation i kniw she wud never go back to ranbir in a million years.

          • kiran101 says:

            wow pinkvilla published this as recent thing that DP told…also alleged that DP got the Piano after the break up from Ranbir.

  5. Pav says:

    I don’t really understand DP-RS relationship. Either they are super understanding and has a trust beyond what we’ve seen or heard ever. Or this relationship is 100% fake. Of all the B town celebrities RS has earned my respect , since I have heard less drama from his end except this relationship thing

    • Manisha says:

      I agree…I don’t understand their relationship(?) Ranveer always seems to go gaga over her meanwhile she acts as if she doesn’t know him at times. But yet will comment on his instagram or pose in magazines. Very weird passive aggressive relationship vibes from her. And Bollywood or not, why constantly suck up to your cheating ex…strange.

      • Pav says:

        Yeah, the whole RK thing, surely he’s not her first boyfriend .besides his surname,what’s so special about him.I think it’s created to keep them in news. Perhaps here and there they must be having fun like most of the celebrities do. KJo is trying to create something similar with his students but nobody buys it yet. Admin any thoughts on that.

        • Admin says:

          He cheated on her with another star, so obviously the media went crazy..But these days, it looks like his PR trying to make him look desirable. Let’s not forget that KJo and him supply these gossip sites with inside info.

        • Shivanisd says:

          Deepikas first bf was model nihar pandya she was living with him.

      • Shivanisd says:

        Deepika is a true capricorn. You can’t expect her to go all gaga over rs and wear her emotions on her sleeve. That’s just not her personality. But she, really does love him and cares for him in her own way. Not everyone has to be emotionally expressive. Shes cautious after the ranbir disaster.

        • kiran101 says:

          actually Bhansali says the same about DP …she wont express beyond a point.But her public persona differs . She is more guarded with ranveer than she was with Ranbir. I seriously hope Ranveer -Deepika make it till the end. she cant be a fool to like Ranbir still…right ? who knows…Ranbir is bad news for any woman out there.

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