Bollywood Blind Item – October 2014

This week’s blind item is by Rajeev Masand from Open Magazine. To figure out who this blind item is about is a bit hard, but we did try. If you think it’s someone else, let us know. Read on below to find out who is this actress that Rajeev is referring to.

The Terrifying Evil Twin

Bollywood Blind Item - October 2014

Filmmakers swear by her professionalism and the hard work she puts into her films, but when it comes to advertising shoots, it’s as if her evil twin shows up… This top actress has a reputation for being cranky and difficult when filming advertising campaigns for the many brands she endorses. There have been instances when she’s simply upped and left a shoot incomplete because she had somewhere urgent to go. Other times she has struck lines off the script, refusing to say what she’s not convinced about. In both cases, the agency and filmmakers involved have had to salvage what they could from the portions that she did complete.

Because clients tend to invariably hold the agency responsible for any snafus on set, the mood is usually tense when this particular actress is on the job. Before an ad shoot with Lil Ms Difficult recently, one agency representative who’d had a bad experience working with the actress on an earlier occasion dashed off an email to the client as a forewarning about the actress’ tantrums and her general bad behaviour. The client, in turn, reportedly forwarded that email to the actress’ manager and on the day of the shoot, only minutes after she’d checked into her make-up van, a printout of the email was produced, the author of the note was summoned and ordered thrown off the set if the director wanted the actress to film the campaign.

OSOP Guess
Top Actress: Katrina Kaif OR Priyanka Chopra



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  1. asmapervez says:

    katrina kaif for sure coz now success has gone into her head n a kapoor bahu thing too

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