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This blind item looks like something that happened last year when this actor was in talks to act in this fake biography of this famous educator. The same routine followed: he liked it, his dad didn’t so his dad had them rework on the script, he asked for a lot of money, they reworked on the script and show him and yet he was still unhappy and lastly, daddy asked him to to take on this project!

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So, it seems all these lunches that this filmmaker did to entice this star to sign her film didn’t work. At the end of the day, he still had to go to his dad and let him hear the story.

This is the same cycle that happened, but last year he did ended up signing up this film. As for this remake, this blind item is saying that he didn’t want to do it and yes, they are putting the blame on his daddy. Is he not able to decide on his own whether he wants to do a film or does he feel better letting daddy let these people down?

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It was already rumored earlier this week that he would not be doing the film and that the filmmaker is resorting to catching some other star to do it. Her fave superstar apparently said no and her other superstar childhood friend also said declined.

Last we all heard, they were shelving this project. Well, why not?!

No one was interested anyway. All the hype was what they themselves created by changing the casting every other week.

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item in Bollywood

A much-awaited remake by a lauded filmmaker has been talk of the town since summer. The buzz mostly surrounded who would star in this delightful, β€˜sure to be a blockbuster’ family film since the OG was so beloved.

After much speculation, a well-known star was finally said to reprise the role. But your diarist hears that the star has walked out of the project, as he hated the script. Now it seems the filmmaker is looking for someone to blame.


While the fate of the remake of Satte Pe Satta hangs in balance, Hrithik Roshan’s father Rakesh Roshan had a narration of the film last week. β€œGudduji (Rakesh) heard the narration and his question was β€˜Where is Babu?’ Now, Babu was the impersonator of Ravi Anand in the film β€” both played by Amitabh Bachchan,” says our source.

β€œWhen Rakeshji realised that the Farah Khan film was not a remake of Satte Pe Satta and of another film, he flipped. He pointed out that the script did not make any sense without the double role. Hrithik has only done double roles in his father’s films β€” Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai and the Krrish series. And Rakesh liked the idea of a double role which was missing,” says our source.

So, we are now told that the makers have gone in for re-scripting. β€œFirst they had a draft three-four weeks ago which went in for a rework after Hrithik heard it. Now when Gudduji heard it, he asked for some more drama in the script. Hrithik is scheduled to have a narration this Saturday and the makers are hopeful of getting a positive reply after reworking it,” says our source.

Meanwhile, the rest of the cast of the film too remains up in the air. While Hrithik Roshan has still not signed on Farah’s remake of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, everyone else has been pitching in for the other characters in the film. Kriti Sanon is among the frontrunner for the lead heroine in the film, alongside Ananya Panday. The newcomer actress put up a cryptic photo with Farah and her Pati Patni Aur Woh co-stars Kartik Aaryan and Bhumi Pednekar. The post read – β€œWith my next director!”

However, her hopping on board has not been made official. β€œAnanya has been wanting to be a part of some big multi-star film,” a source reveals. Additionally, many talent agencies that manage these stars are constantly in touch with Farah Khan and Rohit Shetty regarding the casting of the film. With Ananya posting this picture with the note out, it does seem that she has a foot in the door,” says a source.



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10 Responses

    • Flubber says:

      Yikes! Sounds like Ameesha Patel and Asha Patel (who also had a small role in ameesha’s debut movie).

  1. Yogita says:

    Good it’s shelved ! Remakes always are brainless and for morons. Eg Himmatwala remake

  2. HateKjo says:

    Good. Idea of making a remake of old films is a bad idea. Even Hrithik’s fans don’t want him to do this film at first place. See What they are saying Twitter.

    He is right to reject this film and should choose his movies carefully now after back to back superhits. Its nothing wrong to take your father’s advice who is also a sensible and a successful filmmaker. We too seek suggestions/advice from our parents even today.

    Why blame his dad? Farah is a bad filmmaker and no one is interested in her film. SRK has opted out of this film too so does Deepika and Katrina.

    ADMIN , sad to see you are calling that EDCUATOR “FAKE”. His story is true and inspiring. People like you cant do appreciate anyone’s good work and efforts. Fake ! do you have any solid proof of it? Because facts and his achievements say otherwise.

    • Admin says:

      Just do some research and you will see. We know people from his area and they confirmed it’s not true. Some of it is, the rest aren’t. Like he did not sell pappad on the road. Only 1 or 2 students got good grades. The man liked the publicity that’s why he never fully showed what he was doing.

      • Raj says:

        A good moderator/admin is the one who keeps his/her personal biases/dislikes to oneself. Admin, you are doing a good job but please dont write the intros mingled with your personal opinions.

        • Admin says:

          First, thanks for the kind words 😊 Second, here’s the difference between OSOP and other sites. The intro is based on what we know, heard or researched about. We are clear with our info and never pretend things to be otherwise. Just because we are online and faceless doesn’t mean we are allowed to present facts that are not true. We put things out there with all transparency.🀫

      • HateKjo says:

        Still we shouldn’t question his truth or call it fake because we weren’t there during his tough times so we don’t know what he has been through. He might made up some stuff. But ,he has contributed to education and helped people despite limited resources and no help and was attacked several times. Who does that?
        But then why not call other biopics fake or raise questions on them? Like Dhoni, Mary Kom , Dangal,Mika Singh etc.? I m sure they too have made up things.

  3. abcd says:

    If they had taken honest audition to cast a struggling outsider and spend lot of money on marketing the movie, it would have been much better. No wonder stars throw tantrums, as they know that lot of adjustments can be done for them.

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