Bollywood Blind Item – November 2019 – 6

There are two options for the blind item below. Based on the description, it might be this superstar who actually has a girlfriend with hair of the same color origin, as described below.

But this description might just be a figure of speech, it really might! So funny thing is, even though this blind item is referring to this actor’s ex-girlfriend or special friend, his ex-wife has hair of the same color.

Anyways, since that lunch picture came out and these two were in the same frame, we knew something might be cooking. And, so it seems. But at the same time, she has started making an appearance at her husband’s family events again. She even joined that special fasting day meant for married women. Now we don’t know whether she was there before, but her presence sure raised a lot of eyebrows because they all know her and her husband’s situation.

As per the blind item, it seems she and the actor are back together. But for how long? Until the next controversy hits!

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Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


Just when we thought their illicit love story was done and dusted, this naughty couple has managed this shocker. This handsome actor and his blonde paramour are back to their old romping ways.

Even as they pretend to have put the long-standing rumours of a marriage to rest and run back into the arms of their estranged spouses, well, little has changed. Will there be more or was this a week-long escapade, we’ll tell you as soon as we know.

OSOP Guesses

Actor: Hrithik Roshan

Paramour: Shweta Bachchan


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