Bollywood Blind Item – November 2019 – 4

The blind item below is definitely about this producer, but whether or not it is about this actress, only time will tell!

Seriously! By the end of this year, if this blind item is right, we will definitely find out.

So today’s blind item is about this actress and her plans of tying the knot at the end of this year. OK, so it’s a bit hard to know who exactly she is since this female producer is close to a lot of her heroines. A lot! And quite a few of them are not just TV actresses but film actresses as well.

This might be the one they are talking about because she has been the latest actress, who has been rumored to be close with this producer. Plus, she has also been the same actress that this particular source has written a lot of blind items on ever since she joined Bollywood.

This might just be her. On top of that, she has also been rumored to have a special friendship with someone in Dubai. He might be the person they are talking about in this blind item.

But like we said earlier, only time will tell. It is strange, though, that she wants to tie the knot at this time of her career. If this is true, then her partner must be loaded or something. Or else, to be this ambitious and then just get married doesn’t make much sense. Not in today’s time and age, that is.

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Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


THIS well-known TV and film actor is soon going to announce her wedding this December. The beauty will be marrying a South Indian gent, her secret paramour for over a year.

All seems to be sunshine and roses, except for the actor’s producer, who is a rather possessive lady and is known to be more than friends with the actor. The actor has told her nothing will change in their relationship, but the producer has dropped the β€˜unfaithful’. Now, for the public falling-out.

OSOP Guesses

Producer: Ekta Kapoor

Actor: Mouni Roy



Of late, there have been reports stating that Mouni Roy is dating a Dubai-based banker Suraj Nambiar. The rumours sparked after a friend of the actress posted a picture of her with Suraj and later deleted it. Talking about the same, Mouni quashed the social media activity and told an entertainment portal that she is single and wants to concentrate on her work.

When asked if she was dating Suraj, she dismissed the reports as rumours. “Not true. We are all a bunch of friends and we went together to celebrate my birthday. I am very much single and concentrating only on my work. I am sick of rumours and speculations,” Bollywood Life quoted Mouni as saying.

Earlier it was also rumoured that she was dating her former co-star Mohit Raina. However, the two have never really proclaimed their love for each other in public. The reports of them dating each other made rounds ever since the two were seen together in Devon Ke Dev Mahadev. Mohit played Lord Shiva on the show, while Mouni was seen in the role of Sati.

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