Bollywood Blind Item – November 2019 – 4

Time did tell, indeed. Now we know who this blind item is about. This producer is weirdly and closely attached to a lot of her female actors. Think of her as the female KebabJO but in a different. Coincidentally, these two are also good friends.

Alright, this actress is not someone we know really. Just that she was dating this action actor sometime back when he made his debut and was, at the same time, involved in a controversy.

Good for her, if she’s getting married. Congratulations! But yeah, why is the producer worried? Like, for real?

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror. Thanks to those who shared the news. πŸ™‚


Bollywood Blind Item


THIS well-known TV and film actor is soon going to announce her wedding this December. The beauty will be marrying a South Indian gent, her secret paramour for over a year.

All seems to be sunshine and roses, except for the actor’s producer, who is a rather possessive lady and is known to be more than friends with the actor. The actor has told her nothing will change in their relationship, but the producer has dropped the β€˜unfaithful’. Now, for the public falling-out.

OSOP Guesses

Producer: Ekta Kapoor

Actor: Mona Singh

Recently also the actress garnered a lot of appreciation for her web series Mission On Mars and now the gossip vines are claiming that the actress is all set to tie the knot in December. According to a report on Pinkvilla, the actress would be walking the aisle soon and when they got in touch with her to confirm the rumors, Mona said, β€œI have nothing to share right now.” Well, that is not acceptance but it looks like she is not denying the rumors either.

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16 Responses

  1. Sia says:

    Ekta is an egoist, cheat, shellfish, cunning & notorious lady, why is she so upset about Mona getting married or Mona two timing her, when she has slept with all her actress was she ever faithful to anyone. Neelam, Anita, Prachi, Krystal, Ankita, Mona, Karishma & Harleen are few I have heard about. At the moment Harleen is her new obsession. It is just that her ego is hurt and that is why she is trying to ruin Mona’s image.

  2. selig says:

    also I personally think ( could be wrong) that Mona’s mms clip being released around Commando’s release was no coincidence. Certainly cant imagine Vidyut being a creep, but is showbiz that ruthless?

  3. selig says:

    btw, Admin akka, do you think the current bad press on Mona being infidel (pinkvilla) is courtesy Ekta

  4. Naloofie says:

    Haha, it is legal in India for LGBT to be together then what is the issue?

  5. nefarious says:

    ek an mona were more than friends… wonder if ekta was surprised mona was two timing her,..

    its pretty sad for ppl like Kjo and Ek, their clout can get them the man or woman of their choice, but they get played instead…

    I remembr Kjo wanted to marry Sid… and Ek wanted to marry prachi..

  6. Yogita says:

    Is Ekta Kapoor getting married to Mouni?

    • Admin says:

      Wow, Ek amma really does have her hand in everything!

      • selig says:

        like literally?

        • Admin says:

          EK wasn’t always like that, same way Kebabjo wasn’t always like this. Power, money and fame made them think they can control those around them. If you give in, you are stuck. It’s like making a deal with the devil.

          • selig says:

            I feel the Tv landscape was much better before the EK era. there were good stuff like Dekh bhai dekh or a star best sellers..i think her arrogance has gotta do with the fact that she could be so successful inspite of such crappy content.
            I wonder how fiesty women like Tanwar or Anita put up with her tantrums….btw, MS isnt the only one whom Ek is possessive abt right? we have had a list of Prachis Divyankas and Anitas

          • nefarious says:

            all of whom married and got out of her clutches.why shoulnt Mona? its a mutual relationship, they want work and Ek wants what she wants…. but being gay for pay aint the same thing as being actually homo… i think Ek should genuninley look for a partner in her own community

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