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It’s been a long time since we have heard about this actor. You know who? Everyone’s favorite! Not as an actor, but as a (what would you call that – no idea)?

Anyways, it’s ironic because we were just thinking the other day, “Whatever happened to Bhavesh Joshi?” It’s been a long time since any announcements have been made about him. Even news, especially the link-up news that he likes to send out when he is in his-wannabe-Raymond phase.

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This blind item is about him, no points for guessing. Like seriously?! Who else can be called “too opinionated” or “difficult” or ‘think too much of himself’. It’s funny because before his first film released, he was always on this high horse that he was better than most actors and will be making better film choices.

His dad once poked fun at this beefcake actor in an interview. He said that he understood the importance of doing commercial films when his art/serious film choices were getting him nowhere. The difference between him and his son is that the senior actor has always been talented from the beginning and you see his talent in his craft.

As far as this actor/his son goes, his first film was super boring and too long. Since he promoted his first film on BBC, we thought it was going to be a classic but…

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His second film was good, he was alright in it but we thought the other actor, a supporting character, overshadowed him. He has signed his third film already alongside his dad, who stepped in so his son’s career doesn’t end prematurely.

So now, apparently, he has signed his fourth film. Must be nice, right? To be a star kid and get access to producers and directors like no outsider ever would! This is how he manages to grab films without having a secure position at the box office. This is why this outsider actress also made the same remark. But then, other star kids also have been in the same position before, he’s not the only one.

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The blind item below is how the actor got upset at this actress when she decided to walk out of the film they were supposed to do together. According to this BI, she decided to leave when she heard there was a change in the lead actor. This movie has changed lead actors for like 3 times. The bar keeps getting lower and lower, so if she left she must have her own reason.

But this actor couldn’t take it and decided to blast her off like if she left some biggie that could have changed her career. Frankly at this point, her career looks better than his! By the way, this actress was also at the same roundtable interview that this actor was at after his first film released. He kind of starred at her a lot, a lot…Like if he’s a big fan or something.

Anyways, enough said. Read the blind item below from Rajeev Masand to find out more. You know what else is funny about this actor? His dad tried to have Bollywood‘s Bhai talk some sense into him and…It didn’t work!

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Bollywood Blind Item

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Presumptuous Star

A star child who fast acquired the reputation of being ‘too opinionated’ and ‘difficult’ is reportedly feeling stung after a promising young actress walked out of a project he’s doing. The actor, who belongs to a top film family in Bollywood, has made interesting choices so far but sadly they didn’t pay off.

For his next move, he’s signed an interesting dark project that earlier had another actor attached. At the time, the actress in question—who broke out this year with a starring role in a very popular show—happily signed on to play a key central role, but when the leading man changed she expressed her reluctance to stay involved.

This did not go down well with the star kid, who’s believed to have sent her terse messages to the effect that she’s giving up a big opportunity “to be a part of something special”. She was especially affronted by his tone and condescending demeanour.

She also explained that her problem wasn’t with the star kid, per se, but the fact that she thought he didn’t suit the part; that she felt he was too young for the role. But now she’s taken aback by his entitled behaviour and is convinced she doesn’t even want to consider the project.

OSOP Guesses

Star Child: Harshvardhan Kapoor

Actress: Sobhita Dhulipala

Film: Farzi

Other Actor: Arjun Kapoor

Previous Actor: Shahid Kapoor



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    there was news sometime back that he was caught dining with Shobhita… i am sure he has a thing for her, hence double bruise to his ego.

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