Bollywood Blind Item – November 2017 3

We are sure no one will be surprised by the blind item below. From Mid Day, we have a feeling that the blind item was purposed written with mixed clues to not really point us in the right direction. Either way, if you think this is someone different, do let us know. As of now, these two are the only ones to fit the clues, barring the where-it-happened clue.

Read on below to see for yourself.



Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – November 2017 3


The Punjab out of the boy

She is one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed and attractive actresses, and has frequently appeared in published lists of the sexiest women in the world. He is a much married Bollywood actor, and quite a dishy one at that.

So when the two met in Paris many moons ago as part of a brand endorsement, no one was surprised that sparks flew. What was not expected, however, was how the hunky actor, celebrated back home for his suave charm, rapidly degenerated into Punjabi crudo under the heat of her gaze when they were introduced.

“Maybe the jet lag and that bubbly he was quaffing added to his state,” laughs the young middle management executive who’d been assigned the task of accompanying our hero on the assignment. “But in a few minutes after meeting her, he appeared to be overwhelmed by his inner Punjabi, and began telling me how he was going to @#$% her, come what may,” says the gent who admits that though he can laugh about it today, at that time he feared the actor’s behaviour would result in him losing his own job. “I was mortified that she would overhear!” he confided after a few glasses of wine about the memory.

Er, did the wine-soaked boy get his wish? “I cannot say for sure, but it did seem strange that the actress suggested we all drive to a romantic vineyard, for a late-night post-dinner drink after the event,” he says, “After which, I passed out!”


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Salma Hayek

Actor: Akshay Kumar

Bollywood Blind Item – November 2017 3

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10 Responses

  1. nefarious says:

    @Admin: Are the rumours of Anushka and Virat marrying next month true?

  2. WellMeaningFan says:

    Dear Admin,
    Do you think the blind items about Salman being pissed at Reshma could be a rival’s doing? Rival celebrity management firm, that is.

    Because as far as I remember, both R and K Hoe have been on pretty thick terms with Alvira and Arpita for years now.

    Don’t think there’s anything more to Salman’s disassociation from R than him deciding to save the alleged 20% of his annual income.

    I mean, dude’s getting old and do not see him lasting till the next decade!

    • Admin says:

      Reshma has really done a lot for Salman, but Sallu takes care of family and that has always been important to him. Whether it’s him signing his brothers’ films or letting them handle his money, it’s what makes him happy. The minute he let her go, Sohail had him dance for money in Asia and UK. Reshma would have never let him do that cheap a$$ show. It’s his lost, to be honest. She did a lot for him, no one remembers anymore he ran his car over people or abused Aish and Kat. It’s all about being human and that’s thanks to Reshma.

      • Rashmi says:

        . It’s all about being human and that’s thanks to Reshma. – when I say the same thing, the fans of Salman eat me alive and prove that being a human was much before Reshma. why did Salman and Reshma quarrel? I do not remember already. and what did Salman do to Katrina? you always said that he was her only reliable defense and did a lot for her

        • Admin says:

          She blocked the projects that his brothers had for him. He didn’t know at first, they told him and he got mad. Don’t think it’s the same situation as Hrithik, who also sacked his manager because she was taking money from him.

        • WellMeaningFan says:

          Thank you for the response; I would disagree about the general public forgetting his crimes.
          Forgiving, may be, but that’s a separate discussion for some other day πŸ™‚

          Had his siblings been a little more ‘capable’ and not so blatantly leech-y and had his father gotten his drinking and deep rooted personality issues medically treated during his early years, then, I believe Salman could’ve/would’ve had a completely different life.But, alas, he’s completely rotten now.

          Anyways, thanks again πŸ™‚

  3. Champak Bhoomia says:

    “Behenji, button khula hai aapka” in the streets. “Babessss, button kholo, sab kuch kholo” in the sheets. Admin, I’m not sure who’s a bigger sleaze, this chap or the Vimal Pan Masala peddler. Both chaps make my skin crawl.

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