Bollywood Blind Item – May 2020 – 33

These two worked together in a film that both flopped and disappointed its audience. The only good thing that came out of this film for them, at least, is their relationship. If you think about it, lots of couples did get together on the sets of a film that eventually went on to flop big time!

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Psst…You can see he is wearing butt pads in this shot!Β 

So for this couple, no one is really checking out for them. They are not really a big deal but since they have been together, they have not been shy in revealing their feelings for each other. This is strange considering the guy was in a super secret relationship with another young actress back then.

This is similar to the other actor who was also in a super secret relationship with a young actress. When they broke up, he quickly moved on to this foreign-born Indian singer and wasted no time in publicizing their relationship!

How times have changed! There were days once upon a time when actors would shy away from claiming their better half! Now everything is done out of the open, so much so that you might not know whether this is real or made-up!

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror. Just a question, do the common people know who they are? If they want to be in ads together, their value would mean nothing if people have no idea or couldn’t care less about them.

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Bollywood Blind Item


THERE’S something authentic about this off-screen pair featuring in a commercial that makes brands desperate to get them onboard. We hear this struggling actress and her boyfriend have been advised by their manager to position themselves as a lovey-dovey couple through calculated social media posts to build a meaty collective equity. Let’s just hope this relationship has a longer run than her last film.

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Pair: Kriti Khalbanda & Pulkit Samrat


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  1. nefarious says:

    Find them both insufferable.. and who wants them in brand anyway

    BTW, seems Shobhita and her designer BF arent Liking each others posts on Insta anymore …cooling off?

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