Bollywood Blind Item – May 2020 – 19

No matter how much they show off the money their movies made or how much money they have, stars are still insecure. For actors in Bollywood, especially the big stars, a perfect release date is very important. They will move the earth for it!

Imagine how much they show off that they are big stars with their huge opening numbers at the box office, but the minute another star decides to release their film on the same date, they get scared.

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The same story goes with these two stars below. One of them was going to have his film released on the same day as this superstar. The star already resorted to playing politics by having theater owners give him more screens for his release and upcoming release than the ones they will provide to the superstar.

Things were actually going hot and heavy between these two with the theater owners calling out the injustice being done to them with all this arm-twisting and whatnot.

As faith would have it, things went out of hand when Bollywood found itself in this uncontrolled situation. The star’s producers opted to sell their film to an OTT platform hence ending this box office fight between this star and the superstar. At least, that’s what you would have thought!

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Turns out, these two have other releases that will be pitted against each other. But the star is being smart this time, he doesn’t want to the superstar to be mad at him. Instead, he wants them to fake being friends and just promote each other’s projects.

Seriously? How silly is this? They are supposed to be big stars on their own and yet they want other stars to promote their films? If this is what this star wants, it means he believes that this superstar’s fandom is much bigger and can help contribute to his film’s earnings.

Doubt the superstar will agree, though. They have been at this war for far too long and the star’s manager is responsible for this as well. It’s a clash of egos between the superstar and this star’s manager.

Check out the blind item from Etimes.

Bollywood Blind Item


This A list actor has extended an olive branch to his rival superstar who was to clash with him at the box office next year. Now that his film might stream on a digital platform the actor who is famous for his smart business moves has sent feelers to this superstar asking him to let bygones be bygones ad promote each other’s films.

Despite this generate gesture the rival who has his own release marked for a big ticket date in 2021 is yet to get back to his former friend on his offer. Will he or won’t he take the bait?

OSOP Guesses

A List Actor: Akshay Kumar

Rival Superstar: Salman Khan


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5 Responses

  1. selig says:

    Admin, speaking of south, did you hear the news of Rana’s engagement? Was there something between him and Shreya Sharan and also with Trisha…its again funny how these ladies had to bear the brunt of the past

    • Admin says:

      Yes, Rana was living-in with Trisha. His family never approved. It’s funny since his brother is a well-known creep. The timing of his new relationship seems fishy since Rana has been battling a disease some time back which made him thin. It looks like the family got him to settle down once and for all.

  2. selig says:

    omg,,,is Urvashi that easy? I feel bad for her..but then again, no one is forcing her to do it.

    Is the maverick Imtiyaaz or Motwane?

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