Bollywood Blind Item – May 2019 – 24

The movie that this blind item is talking about is still being shot. Some people know that it is still in the making while others think its stars went on holiday! Though it was reported that they were shooting for the film in Europe, for some reason later on, the media claimed that the lead actors were on a holiday in Europe.

So, either the media got it wrong or there was a misunderstanding somewhere.

The director of this film already announced last month that they will be postponing the film to next year. It was supposed to release this year, but he claimed that VFX is going to take longer. For the actor, it’s probably deja-vu! #BombayVelvet

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Now, whispers were going around how the bad performance or rather dissapointing box office results of this production’s house last mega project made the people in charge stand up and take notice.

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They realized that they cannot take things for granted, especially in terms of the VFX. You might not realize this, the blind item calls this movie a “mega film” and it truly is! All eyes are on this one and for the production house, it’s a make or break! Especially when they announced that this film was going to be a trilogy. So just imagine, if the first one doesn’t work out…You know the rest!

Are you excited for this one? We sure are! For the trailer…Then we will decide!

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So let’s just say that the main leads didn’t go on a holiday to Europe, they went to work on this film!

Check out the blind item from CineBlitz.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item in Bollywood

Bollywood mega film being re-shot in secret!

This Bollywood film seems to be in massive trouble

A mega Bollywood film with a stellar cast was all set to have a massive release. However, it looks like the film has run into massive trouble! It is currently being re-shot in secret. The problem started last year, when another sure-shot blockbuster tanked at the Box Office.

The actor in the mega film immediately asked for the rushes of the film and was unhappy with it when he saw them. He asked for a lot of portions to be re-shot. Another biggie’s fall this year, meant the makers went into overdrive to sort out the film.

While the mega Bollywood movie has been postponed already, we hear it is not for technical reasons, but because it is being re-shot secretly. A few foreign schedules as well as few portions in India will be shot out of sight and without media attention, that they were looking at earlier. Hopefully, the product will be salvaged and it will release on the delayed date!


OSOP Guesses

Mega Film: Brahmastra

Actor: Ranbir Kapoor


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11 Responses

  1. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Ah , explains the uncharacteristic ‘togetherness’ of RK & AB. Admin , you forgot RK’s other disaster which also took years to make – Jagaa Jasoos.

  2. Shinyobject says:

    Duds made by Buds.

  3. Rami says:

    Reshoot,a well planned film,the directer ayan had worked on for 6 yrs,not a good sign! Plus, the long link up campaign, fake lake como vacation ,really was for reshoot,is becoming very desperate ,PR!

  4. Tina says:

    So, it was perfectly fine for Ranbir to ask for a major part of an expensive movie to be reshot, but not for Kangana on a smaller budget (with her Producer’s agreement)?

  5. leaps says:

    rofl they really thought kalank was a “sure shot blockbuster”. Also a major problem with this movie would be its inevitable comparison to avengers endgame. marvel movies are high well planned vfx . kjo needs to be careful to not end up with a ra one

  6. Two cents says:

    All these re-shoots and delays are going to make the production value sky rocket and they will not be able to make a substantial profit unless it turns out to be fabulous. But if they are re-shooting it, they don’t have much faith in it either. Besides, people are so bored of RK/Alia scene. Too bad we have to wait till 2020 to see what happens!

  7. P says:

    Kho is hackneyed and his style of movies with weepy and over emotional sagas with over the top grandeur and longest of long dramas are no longer a draw m just because he lends his name to movies , he thinks he can ghost direct and make a fool of the audience with poorer VFX and compromising on story and screenplay with razzmatazz. High time they understand ; gimmicks don’t work and marketing doesn’t either . Storyline ,content and strong direction does .

    Hope it flops to get all three – rk,aalo and kjo down to earth .

  8. kiran101 says:

    Ever since Ranbir started dating (or fake dating) Alia I started to feel a lil bad for him.

  9. abcd says:

    Star kids have that kind of liberty to ask for re-shot of a movie. If outsiders had asked for re-shot, it would be called interference and unprofessional. Re-shot is very expensive. This means even after 2 duds at the box-office, they can still afford to splurge.I personally hope the movie fails because of their bad deeds. But with the kind of involvement shown now, the movie might work. No matter how bad humans kjo and rk are, both of them are street-smart. Success of Bharat/mental hai kya would increase their jealousy by leaps and bounds. Hope Bharat and Mental Hai kya work wonders so that rk/kjo/aloo understand what does it mean to demean others and how much it goes against them.

  10. yuri says:

    bombay velvet, jagga jasoos and now this film.. i don’t know why bollywood invests so much in this guy..he’s good but there are others that have more appeal. i hope this bombs too, bollywood is getting lazy and needs to step up and go for quality not big budget messes with over long marketing campaigns. shit is shit, there’s no way to dress it up

  11. NARS says:

    Karma for all the gossip on Kangana

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