Bollywood Blind Item – March 2020 – 24

Remember how we told you PR-people have to now think of different ways to keep their actors in the limelight and guess what? They are, for sure, capitalizing on this serious virus!

The blind item below is about how these actors are now practicing self-quarantine, which by the way, we all should be. One particular couple, a handsome actor who is now/still B-list despite delivering flop after flop and this actress who has been around for some time (like, 4 years+) are going to be separated and living apart during this testing time.

Instead of carrying out the self-quarantine in each other’s home, the actor wants the actress to come by and self-quarantine at his place instead. Why? Does he not understand the purpose of self-quarantine? On top of that, he just came back from London with his Kebab. Or does he want the girl to be his Kebab mein haddi?

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Anyways, the girl’s mother is right. Stay away and keep some distance. This is matter of life and death, not some opportunity to have your PR send out more stories about how you two have each other’s backs during this tumultuous time.

Actually, you know what’s funny? This virus can spread faster in Bollywood than anywhere else in Mumbai. This is why all the creeps leading men are making this big sacrifice by self-quarantining themselves. If they were to still carry out their normal activities, that thing is going to spread faster than a hair on fire!

Check out the blind time below from Rajeev Masand. And, please stay indoors. At least, try to. It’s for your own benefit and others too.

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Bollywood Blind Item


Social Distancing

An up-and-coming actress whose star is on the rise currently has reportedly been advised by her mother to stay home, instead of shacking up with the good looking young actor she’s been dating lately. Both actors have been grounded at their respective homes after their shoots were cancelled.

The handsome B-lister invited the actress to come over and hang out at his home for the next couple of days, but her mother thinks it’s a bad idea. She’s quashed any chances of them having a romantic β€˜staycation’, insisting that social distancing is a must.

OSOP Guesses

Actress: Kiara Advani

Good-Looking Young Actor: Sidharth Malhotra


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5 Responses

  1. Samantha says:

    whole world knows abt KJo n Sid

    Saala bika hua Masand! Kjo ke kahne pe 100 ladkiyo ke saath link kar chuka hai Sid ko

  2. Universal says:

    Never thought I’d say this but Kartik Aryan has come out with flying colours amongst all of bollywoodiya appeals.

  3. KA says:

    Karan and Sid came back from London (abroad) this year, have they got themselves tested ?

  4. Adira says:

    Hope you know the only reason Sid is still getting movies is BECAUSE of KJo. If he were another actor, he would have been let go by now

  5. abcd says:

    why is kjo so keen on getting sid down? sid has shown loads of maturity after all the nuisance heartless alia did to him. Sid cannot talk or even think such foolish stuff. This shows how shallow kjo and his minions are…Hope brahmastra fails. kiara appears to be an opportunist, mini version of evil alia…by agreeing to such nuisance

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