Bollywood Blind Item ā€“ March 2020 ā€“ 23

This actor has so much on his plate this year. He’s the actor everyone is going to with their rejects from other stars! Well, there’s nothing bad about that as every superstar at some point of their career went through the same thing so this actor is no different.

What is different about him, though, is how he is willing to work with this famous director again despite delivering a silly and flop film. That movie was a disaster and if this actor is willing to work with this director again, it must mean the director has impressed him!

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As you know, most young actors today are shying away with working the same director if their last film was a flop. Today, every release date is truly important. We would have said every Friday but movies no longer release on Friday alone these days.

If this actor wants to work with this filmmaker again, it would have to be at the end of the year or next year. According to those close to him, the director is not working with him but the same producer as the flop him has signed him and he wants the director to take a break again before diving into another story.

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It also seems KebabJo wants to tie him down to do more films for his production house hence the release of this blind item is to make this young actor realize how stupid his decision of working with that filmmaker is.

Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


This GenY star wants to reunite with this director after their last flop but his team is against it

Success and failures define friendships in Bollywood and more often than not, a flop film usually scars relationships. But not for these two men, who bonded famously well on the sets of their last film, a rom com that released sometime ago. The actor, who’s a big name in the young circuit today, signed the film – a sequel of sorts – only because he wanted to work with the filmmaker, who is famous for having a different language to love.

But the film released and like many might have expected, it bombed at the box office. This was also shocking for the actor and his team since this was his first flop from the time he was on the rise. He delivered three consecutive hits but his star power couldn’t save this ship from sinking.

Many who watched the film felt that it was the director’s vision that went completely haywire through the making of the film, leaving it to be a huge mess. But the director has approached the Gen-Y star for another directorial, that he wants to begin very soon.

While that is a biopic and the actor had verbally agreed to do it anyway, his team is completely against the idea. The management team that handles him is trying to knock some sense in him and doesn’t want him to sign any other movie with the director.

But we hear that the actor is adamant on his decision to do the film and is constantly having arguments with his team members who want him to do otherwise. Also, the director wants to kickstart the film as soon as possible but our hero’s dates are completely booked till the end of the year as he’s also turned out to be another filmmaker’s new blue-eyed boy. Now, it needs to be seen who the actor would listen to – his heart or his manager?

OSOP Guesses

GenY Star: Kartik Aaryan

Filmmaker: Imtiaz Ali

Last Film: Love Aaj Kal 2020

Other Filmmaker: Karan Johar



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  1. abcd says:

    Kjo is hanikaarak for outsiders. What he did with ssr & srk proves it. Kartik knows it, so he’s trying to bond with imitiaz, who can make Good movies, example socha na thaa.. He is trying to make hit jodi actor-director with him. Kartik can’t afford to make enemies with kjo so he agreed to work with him.

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