Bollywood Blind Item – March 2020 – 2

There is nothing new about the blind item below!

Unlike actors, who can work continuously for ages, things are not the same for the leading ladies of Bollywood. One day you are on top and the favorite of all the leading stars and the next, you are on your own watching the same leading male stars working with the next PYT.

It has been the same cycle for ages. We are lucky, though, as an audience, we have seen some great actresses as lead actresses. Actresses, who know how to act, and not just look pretty and dance.

Sadly, these past few years we have been witnessed to more actresses who are more into looking pretty and being fashionable. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, it’s just that this kind of actresses are easily replaceable.

The blind item below speaks of one such actress, who was famous and still is but she isn’t numero uno as she once was. She may not be the perfect 10 on 10 actress, she has her own X-factor that has kept her name alive among the audience. Item songs are her forte!

No other actresses, at the moment, can carry on item songs the way this actress can.

Check out the blind item below from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


This top heroine is insecure of this newcomer actress who’s slowly becoming a threat to her

Insecurity is possibly our actors’ biggest vice. Talk about any actor and regardless of them agreeing or not, you’ll hear several instances which will prove what we just said. Ditto for these two actresses, who despite belonging to two completely different generations, are having a silent war brewing between the two.

One of the actresses – the older one – happens to be a top star who’s still doing big films and has recently got an appreciation for her performance in her last few projects. Despite a few career lows, she’s managed to survive the wrath of flops in the industry, courtesy a superstar who doubles up as both mentor and a great friend. Our leggy lass is known to be quite picky and insecure about other contemporaries. But now, it seems her insecurities have crept up deeper.

The actress feels that an up and coming heroine is totally giving her the run for her money. Why? Because she falls exactly in a similar space as hers. The youngster is a social media phenomenon, is always talked about for her fitness and physique and is delivering one hit after the other.

Although our Gen-Y actress has not really played a prominent part in most of her movies, she has signed up a few of the plumpest projects. She was recently in the news after her last film got her a lot of applause and commercial acclaim.

Now, she’s been signed on for another big actioner, that happens to be the second installment to a superhit film. This news has left the older heroine infuriated. Well, after all, the makers had first approached her for the same role and the youngster was supposed to play the second lead to her, but when she decided to opt out because of ‘personal’ reasons, the director who’s recently worked with the younger actress in a hit film offered her the lead role.

While there’s almost a 10-year age gap between the two pretty ladies, one person’s loss has turned out to be the other’s gain and this has clearly not gone down too well with the senior! Ouch… only if insecurities could land you a film!

OSOP Guesses

Top Heroine: Katrina Kaif

Newcomer Actress: Disha Patani



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  1. Universal says:

    Everyone is insecure of Ms Patani. So she is the female Ranbir now. Lol

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