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Things got a little heated up last week over the announcement of a remake.

The remake of this 90s big hit has been talked about so many times, especially by the film’s director who more or less wanted to keep himself in the news. Now that it is finally happening with another director, everyone who worked on this team got furious!

The director and writer got into a battle of words between them but the surprise silence from the main actor was astonishing. He did something smart, though, he allowed his daughter to express her anger publicly. No idea whether he had anything to do with it, he must have and the reason why this happened through her is because it’s a sensitive situation.

See, this movie was a family affair for the lead star. Back then, he worked a lot with his brother. He helped his brother grow his production company. There were bad films he did to help finance his brother’s movies with him. A lot of that, sacrifices for the family and such. So obviously, he will be upset when the remake of this film was announced and he was not consulted or even paid for the rights.

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Sure, his name does not officially feature as one of the producers but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t contribute to his brother’s success. So his complaints, albeit it came through his daughter, was very much valid and in reason.

Now it seems all of these complaints have paid off since they received a big fat paycheck by the producers of the remake. Everyone, except the director! To be fair, all he did was direct the project and that was it. He didn’t put in any money hence they didn’t think of recompensing him or even get the rights from him. Nothing belonged to him!

That’s where it ends. Honestly, remaking this film or making a sequel is so passe now. How different can it be? Now probably they are going to use lots of VFX but what else can they offer? The film had magic and touched hearts back then due to its cast. Sadly, the leading lady is not here anymore but you can bet your heart on it that they were will be lots of comparisons to whoever will be filling her spot.

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Bollywood Blind Item

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A superstar and makers of blockbuster sequel strike lucrative deals leaving the director upset

It seems all is well between the superstar and makers of a sequel but the director is left sulking.

This yesteryear superhero flick has become a much talked about controversy even before its sequel has begun. While initially the producer was left out in the cold and then later his kin, now we have heard that a deal has been struck between them.ย A sequel was being planned but when the announcement came all hell broke less โ€“ with everybody from the director to the actors ranting and trying to prevent it from happening. Since the original film was made years ago, the director and actor have become international entities in their own right.

It was a movie that rewrote box-office history when it was made. One of the first superhero movies that were made in Bollywood, the writers created a fictional masterpiece about a savior whose entity rocked the lives of those who he saved and brought fame to everybody connected to the movie โ€“ from the actors and director to the writers, producers and music director.

But years later when a top director announced a sequel of the same with another big studio (leaving out the name of the producer), while the movie goers were delighted, everybody connected to the movie were shocked. The international director made his displeasure clear on social media but it was obvious there wasnโ€™t much he could do. The writers in question kept quiet โ€“ and so did the producer. Little did anybody know that apparently, Mr Producer too, was cutting his own deals with the people concerned and has refused to speak to the media since the announcement came.

While the lead actor kept a dignified silence (though some claimed that he was extremely disturbed and shocked when the remake announcement came), people in Bollywood lashed out, wherever they could, on his behalf as a mark of respect for the senior actor, whom they felt had been given a raw deal by Mr Producer too. But suddenly even they turned quiet. Insiders say that the actor too has cut his own (extremely lucrative) deal with Mr Producer and the studio and hence the reason for his sudden silence.

And the only person left out into the cold is the world-famous filmmaker who has come to know about it โ€“ but again there isnโ€™t much he can do… While the famous characters in the yesteryear movie had been created by the famous writers, the director feels that he had written certain iconic scenes into the script which made the movie a blockbuster, so he deserves his creative due. He is keen to do a remake too but who is listening?

In Bollywood, itโ€™s all the right connections at the right places for the deals to perfectly fall in place. Very soon an announcement on the sequel will be made and while most of the people associated with the remake are now happy, the director has been left out into the cold. We hear now that he is not on speaking terms with the actor and Mr Producer. Sometimes, allโ€™s well that ends well doesnโ€™t apply for everybody, we guessโ€ฆ

OSOP Guesses

Yesteryear Superhero Flick: Mr. India

Producer and Kin: Boney and Anil Kapoor

Director: Shekhar Kapur

Writers: Javed Akhtar



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2 Responses

  1. GA says:

    Admin, what is wrongโ€ฆMr India released in 1987, I think in May that yearโ€ฆ.surely you were not old enough to remember seeing it in theatreโ€ฆby the way, if Sridevi was around it was differentโ€ฆnow it seems wholly a bad idea to remake this movie..

    • Admin says:

      We saw it in the 90s. Back then, there weren’t that many theatres so had to wait until it came out on VHS and go to that one neighbour’s house on the road that had a VHS player and all of us would sit and watch. Sridevi was always a big deal, people loved her and Mogambo in the film!

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