Bollywood Blind Item – March 2019 – 7

The blind item below is not anything surprising. It was bound to happen. When you are Bollywood‘s Ultimate Godfather, you expect people to listen to you. Otherwise, you better stay off the streets.

From Rajeev Masand, this blind item is about this very famous celebrity manager who once managed Bollywood‘s biggest superstar. Her claim to fame till date is how she turned this bad boy’s career around.

But actually, her claim to fame should have been how she turned this foreign actress into an innocent Indian girl image, the ex of this superstar. The ex was the one, who introduced her superstar boyfriend to this manager when he was unhappy with how his brother was handling his finances. While these were together, she had that image intact.

Until, she cheated on him with another actress’ actor boyfriend, that’s when all hell broke loose. Images came cracking down!

That was quite something!

So now that this superstar is not working with this manager anymore. He doesn’t want anyone close to him associated with her. That’s how it works. A bully always being a bully even though he’s old enough to be someone’s grandpa.

Now, let’s see if this actress will listen to the superstar and dump her manager. We doubt it, though. She knows too much about her, about where she came from and how desperate she was to earn money working in Bollywood. The manager helped her a lot and we don’t see how this actress will drop her just because Godfather says so!

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Check out the blind item below to see who we are talking about.

By the way, these two newbies that Rajeev mentions are no great actors either that this manager has to cry over losing them. The reputation of this guy has already been tainted while the girl, she ain’t good at acting, she can try modelling, though. Maybe see if Drake is looking for someone to be in his video!

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Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – March 2019 – 7


Friend Gone, Fortune Gone

So it appears that her fallout with a leading superstar is hurting the business of one of Bollywood’s most popular talent managers.

The lady in question is responsible for giving one of Hindi cinema’s favorite bad boys an image makeover. She’s correctly been attributed for his reinvention and for top brands warming up to him despite his tempestuous reputation. The association with the former enfant terrible led to her expanding her modest shingle into one of the top talent management agencies in town. Soon she was representing the superstar’s actress girlfriend, a clutch of newcomers he was responsible for launching and other stars who signed up hoping she could do for them what she did for the superstar.

The honeymoon ended abruptly a few years ago though when the star’s family decided to handle his business affairs. There was much finger-pointing and ugliness, which ended with the lady and the superstar parting ways professionally.

Now it appears she may be paying the price for falling out of favour with him. Not long ago a young male actor she was representing, courtesy the superstar’s blessing, relieved himself of her services on the grounds that she wasn’t getting him any work. Truth is that the actor is embroiled in a legal case that has scared off producers who don’t want to risk their films being held to ransom in case the actor is convicted.

More recently there has been news that a star child, the daughter of a popular 90s action hero who was also being represented by the lady’s agency, has decided to move on. No loss, some might say, given that star child’s acting career never quite took off in the first place. But the fact that the young actress is moving to a new agency floated by the superstar is indicative of the real forces at work.

Rumour has it there is immense pressure on the superstar’s former girlfriend and prominent female star (who remains close to the superstar) to ditch the agency, but she has insisted she is too close to the lady to even dream of going elsewhere. Some believe it’s only a matter of time, given the actress gets some of her best roles starring opposite the superstar.


OSOP Guesses

Superstar: Salman Khan

Manager: Reshma Shetty

Actress: Katrina Kaif

Newbies: Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty

Bollywood Blind Item – March 2019 – 7

Bollywood Blind Item – March 2019 – 7

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21 Responses

  1. PeppaP says:

    What Kat does to survive in bw is her prerogative. Lallu is a bully. You can be as blind a fan of him as u want but he is what he is. If she is sticking by her manager (for whatever reasons ) good for her.

  2. Miss says:

    So Reshma is the one who turned a Ms. Turquotte to Ms. Kaif. Obviosuly she knows all her past dark secrets which we all know anyway but not the general public. It will be Katrina’s loss if she leaves Reshma but anyways only Salman gives her movies and he will continue to do so.

  3. Shinyobject says:

    LOL. The above commenters are commenting like they are sitting across each other arguing..the fandom force is strong in these young padawans.

    oh the wonders of anonymous commenting on the Interwebs!!

  4. Peachy says:

    No one is asking you to feel bad for Kat. Not even her. Unlike Deepika who cried foul, gained sympathy and went right back to Ranbir. Even after her marriage, her PR is still fawning over the DP- RK pairing.

    Kat has never played the victim card and has always remained very tight lipped about everything and everyone. She isn’t asking you to feel bad for her after people have taken a dig at her, including Salman, on numerous occasions. She hasn’t GONE BACK to him. She did films with Salman when they were together, after they were together (and she was with RK) and post RK breakup. He’s always been in her life and she’s always stayed loyal to him. She definitely isn’t “user Kat” because if her cheating on Salman was the main cause of their breakup, Salman would make sure to end her. He’s just that kind of asshole. He cheated on her too. He is known to cheat on people. He even was with Jacqueline during his current relationship with Lulia.

    So, you don’t have to feel bad for her but don’t act like Salman is the victim.

    And about that SRK casting rumour – bullshit. Srk does interfere in casting etc and that was not the reason why they fought.

    • LondonThumakda says:

      So basically when you righteously call for an end to the “hatred of women” in the comment below (which I totally support btw), you don’t mean deepika…
      Can’t we respect both ladies without judgment …wouldn’t that be nice…well since it was woman’s day (and it’s a slow Sunday) I’m gonna tell you what I like about both women:

      Kat – I like her personality I like slightly aloof, socially awkward people cos I’m like that. She minds her own business and works her ass off and I respect the fact she came out of nowhere to a strange country and now raste raste pe log jaante hai uska naam..and she’s terrifically athletic I was in awe at her fight sequences in TZH. I’m a few years younger than her and sometimes just an hour of yoga makes me ache the whole day :/

      DP – more than anything I love watching her at the movies – the adorable Meenamma, feisty Leela, icy Mastani, nerd-turned-siren Naina, cranky and stressed out Piku. I think she lights up the screen in a way very few can. I love the sheer confidence with which she makes every public appearance …and the way she carries off a sabyasachi saree…

      Happy Women’s Day peeps.

    • Peachy says:

      I don’t really care about Deepika’s sympathy gaining tactics. Kudos to her for calling RK out in early stages of her career. But if she gets no hate, so shouldn’t Katrina. This is not about Kat vs DP at all.

      It’s about how Kat is always at the end of sexist misogynistic comments from the Salman fandom. She’s never recognized for her hard work, her growth – even PC/DP can’t make it into Hollywood because of their linguistic inabilities (tho PC has still managed) and yet we want them to accept our Indian girls and feel proud. No hate to anyone breaking into any industry but the standards are always double with Indian public.

      I take issue with Deepika’s PR tactics of taking a stand and then going back on it to please both fandoms. It’s very obvious because she did the same with Vin Diesel and people called her out for it. But if she’s forgiven RK and moved on then idk man who cares it’s fine. They make a good on screen pair so it’s good for cinema. But don’t shove it down our throats by making wtf statements.

      Honestly, I’m so done with Bollywood PR in general – it’s scummy and deceptive. Sara Ali Khan obviously made a big fuss about Kartik Aaryan because they were at least in talks for LAK2. And now the film set leaks. The game is too obvious to some of us.

  5. Sheena says:

    @ Goldengirl and @ Pooja: your relentless hatred for Kat is bizarre. Heal yourself girls. Can’t understand how you can defend Sallu the criminal. Hope good sense prevails

    • Golden girl says:

      There is a difference between hate and facts. What I state is a fact. Where I defend Salman?
      It’s Katrina who is defending him by bearing his abusive behaviour and remain tight lip about it. Just for her career. Where is her self respect?

      Katrina is not the only one who came to alien land with language issues . Many people do it . It’s nothing unusual. I didn’t said anything about her past or family. Countless people support their families. It’s normal.

      She is here because of Salman. Katrina too knows that no Salman no films.

      Support woman . Sure. I do and will always do. But woman should have some self respect and dignity too.
      How can we support a woman who loves to be abused and torture for the sake of her career?
      Stop defending Katrina.

    • Peachy says:

      Exactly man. Fuck off, guys, it’s 2019 and we’re not going to tolerate the slut shaming and hatred of women (even if they are the best people on Earth).

  6. Golden girl says:

    I feel this blind is untrue. Salman is not that kind of person who ask his friends or family to cut all the ties with the people he has issues with. We all witness, how his family was cordial with SRK when both of them were at war.

    For Katrina, yes it’s a matter of time. It’s a proven fact that she is nothing without Salman’s help. The reason she stuck to him for 7 years was to get work. Who knows her before him? As soon as she ditched him, all of her stardom went down with no work and hits at all. The moment she went back to him, she got big movies and brands. So she cant dare to upset him again. Katrina even broke ties with Kabir , because salman is mad with him.

    She bears all the insults and abuse, he inflicted on her. I am sure she is doing it now for the sake of her career.

    Her PR never miss a chance to link her with him and spread marriage news while her fans and PR abuse his girlfriends Lulia and beg everyone to ask salman to marry Katrina.

    Katrina should trust herself and let him go.

    • Harsh says:

      On the contrary, Salman is exactly that kind of a person. Look at his treatment of Arijit Singh. Now add Remo D’souza to that list. Salman’s image is absolutely false. He’s sexist, abusive and petty. And Karma will catch up with him.

    • Sheena says:

      On the occasion of women’s day: have some shame guys! Stop slut shaming Kat about her ‘past’ or whatever. She didnt choose her family or the way the kids were brought up. At a young age she tried her best to earn money to settle her siblings and mum. Salute her for her courage. To come to India and become successful without the language or cultural context. And to all those who say it is coz of Sallu-the-Ullu for God’s sake if he could make anyone successful he would his nikamma brothers no? Support women, women!

  7. Monalisa says:

    Salman is so petty, I tell you. Why should Katrina leave Reshma just because he had a fallout with her. They are not even dating fgs. Reshma got all of Kjo’s minions so I don’t think she is going to cry just because she lost Atiya and Sooraj.

    Also admin bhai is announcing film after film but SRK and Aamir is yet to announce any. Bhai is doing Bharat, Dabangg 3, SLB’s next and another Korean remake. What is going on? Last years duds seemed to have affected SRK and Aamir badly. SRK left Saare Jahaan Se Acha and Aamir is yet to annouce his next since Gulshan Kumar biopic got shelved.

  8. Peachy says:

    Honestly, how is it that the narrative is spun against Katrina in the breakup with Salman? He cheated on her, slapped her in public, been abusive generally and p much ruined her birthday party with his anger issues. How is it that what we remember is that she moved onto someone else, by cheating on him? I expect that from the general public but OSOP should know better than to feed that narrative. Disappointed. No matter what, a woman is always at fault.

    You can’t possibly fault someone for being ambitious. Priyanka, Deepika, Alia are just as scummy and ambitious as Katrina – she’s infact better than them in some respects, chiller PR etc. Works hard, misses and still keeps going despite so much hate.

    • LondonThumakda says:

      what happened at her birthday party?

      • Mahendra Agarwal says:

        SRK’s big ego clashed with anger of Salman

        • mada says:

          That’s not exactly what happened. They fabricated the facts for Kat’s sake. Salman asked srk to cast Kat opposite him as her birthday gift. srk refused claiming that’s he doesn’t interfere in the casting of his leading ladies which pissed Salman of and tried to attack srk physically but Gauri come to his rescue. And that’s why Salman patched up with srk only when he did the flop JTHJ even though he was cheated on by Kat his ego wasn’t satisfied until srk followed his order.

          • Mahendra Agarwal says:

            So that was not the only reason , their was lot of differences with other issues also like Salman wanted Srk to do cameo in Mein air Mrs Khanna but the real reason was the failure of panchvi pass against Dus ka dum , to tease Salman Srk brought the issue of Aish and Salman being extemly emotional with the feelings for Aish lost his cool and clashed with arrogant Srk

    • Golden girl says:

      First, its Katrina who cheated on Salman. Its a known fact. She is not a saint. Yes, I do read about his abusive behavior. But, question is : why she choose to remain with him for 7 years and bear all this torture? Reason: she knows only he can get her work with her limited talent. So its kind of a deal. No one has forced her to stay in this abusive relationship . Lastly , she got rid of him finally, so why she went back to him , when he insulted her publicly on many occasion? This time , she was a establish and well known face ,with some great connections in the industry? Reason : again she is nothing without him.

      No self respected woman will go back to that man who cheated her and abused her. First time its a mistake but second time its a choice.

      There is nothing wrong In being ambitious but self respect comes first. please Katrina PR is same as DP or PC. She does it nicely and behind the doors.

  9. Pooja says:

    Its bcz user Katrina get lots of multiple low grade endorsement beside being flop in last five years.which help her to stay in competition with bebo.

    • Peachy says:

      Oh shutup! You think salman is some 5 yo who can be “used”? If he helped her and continues to do so (and she’s proven successful at taking that help unlike many others – even Sonakshi Sinha who is irrelevant despite being from a filmy family and rising to fame with dabbang) it’s probably because she’s shown loyalty and performs the emotional labour of putting up with his shit.

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