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Based on the current situation right now, it’s normal that actors don’t want to resume shooting. But this actor did an ad advising people to go out and start to work without any fear and by taking the right precautions, so it’s a bit strange that he himself doesn’t want to go out to work.

In some ways, it’s kind of like he was asked to do this commercial and couldn’t say no as you know why. But to be fair, the situation is bad right now. Sure, people do need to make money but cases are still rising and many who are sick cannot get a bed at the hospital so is it worth the risk?

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On top of that, the people who really need to work because they make money on a daily basis, they might not have the proper gear to go out and work. They should be provided the proper safety gear so they can go out and work without having their loved ones worry about their safe-being.

Anyways, you can go out but just be safe. If you wear gloves, try not to touch your face while you have the gloves on. If you don’t gloves, you can easily sanitize your hands right after coming in contact with something outside.

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Check out the blind item from PinkVilla. By the way, this actor has a lot of projects lining up. Some big budgets with big production houses, so he will have to start working sooner than expected when filming finally resumes.


Bollywood Blind Item


Bollywood is full of surprises and while everyone is waiting with bated breath for the shoots to resume, we were slightly surprised, if not completely, to hear a newsy bit about this superstar. We all know that artists, crew members, directors have expressed their apprehensions on resuming shoot. As ironic as it may sound, this superstar, who advocated to step out and begin work with caution, is also the one to have postponed all his shoots because of COVID 19 scare.

A source revealed, “The superstar actor shot for an ad with 20 people crew only because he had to keep up with his image of a social worker/activist. Personally, though, he is pretty scared to step out and has postponed all his film commitments for August, till things are better. The filmmakers are in a dilemma owing to the schedules.”

However, another source revealed that the actor is eager to shoot but is waiting for proper approvals to come in.

The superstar has a number of films in the pipeline and has big releases as well. We are sure you have already guessed the person in question.

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Actor: Akshay Kumar


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    Haha, funny. It’s so typical for actors to do any ads just for paisa.

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