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For a long time now, it has been reported that this actor is a big fan of this popular actress. So much so that he can’t help but flirt with the actress every time he sees her. It’s nothing new if you know who this blind item is talking about since most young actors have publicly said they are big fans of hers.

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So this blind item does not really make sense, unless the actress’ husband really got mad that this young actor has been showering praises on both his wife and daughter. We still think that the whole dating thing between this actor’s daughter and the young actor was made up to promote the film they were doing together. Though, at one point, he did appear to have missed her company after they were done shooting but that’s another story.

It is sad that in today’s day and age, these people feel the need to promote their dating relationship just so that people would go out there to watch their film. It seems someone put it in their head that it is OK to fake-date just to market your film!

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On top of that, they even have paid fan clubs to show up just to hype their pairing. It’s too much!

Anyways, they like ratting out this young actor so much. Don’t know why he hasn’t taken the hint yet that he should not get too close or they will bite! He should be careful, he’s in their circle as long as he keeps delivering hits. But even that, they are still making fun of him!

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Bollywood Blind Item

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This senior actor pulled up a Gen Y star at a filmy party for flirting with his superstar wife

In Bollywood, a lot can happen over a cup of wine, or even a steaming cup of coffee. While the industry is in a state of lockdown, our little birdie tells us about this incident that happened a few months ago at this popular filmmaker’s party. The filmmaker had called a few of his friends for a cosy gathering at his house. His invitee list included his best friend – a top A-list heroine, her husband who’s also a senior actor and a Gen-Y star who is starring in one of his next productions.

Everything was fine, until the senior actor downed a few pegs. Although he was completely fine and far from being intoxicated, he started chatting up with this young star, who was also in news for his roaring affair with the actor’s daughter. While both of them spoke about several other things, the star decided to pull the actor up for his overtly ‘press friendly’ nature.

In front of all the guests, he asked if he was really doing all this to grab eyeballs, given that he was starring in a film with his beti at that point of time, or he’s actually in love with her. The actor, known for being unapologetic about everything, left the young turk red in the face.

He didn’t know how to answer that question and when the filmmaker and the star wife intervened to make sure the situation doesn’t get more embarrassing for our boy-next-door, the older hero also rebuked him for flirting with his wife every time they met. “I don’t think I have as many pictures with my wife as you must have clicked with her,” he burst out laughing and stumped the actor one more time.

It’s a no-brainer that nobody in that family was okay with the actor’s daughter getting close to her co-actor but they believed in live and let live, till our pretty heroine realised that the boy was far away from the man of her dreams. Currently, in the entire khandaan, nobody really holds this successful star in high regard. In fact, the filmmaker also told his best friend how he’s tolerating the actor’s tacky behaviour just because he’s signed up for his next production. Ouch!

OSOP Guesses

Popular Filmmaker: Karan Johar

Senior Actor: Saif Ali Khan

Top A-List Heroine: Kareena Kapoor

Gen-Y Star: Kartik Aaryan

Actor’s Daughter: Sara Ali Khan



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6 Responses

  1. MotherOfDragons says:

    Well Kartik
    You do not need them!
    I cant even fault Saif for what he did if its true, a father has got to ask… so that aside. How did it leak? Stay away. Protect your pride. Protect your mental health

    Look how far you have come by your own merit, and you will continue to do well even if u keep ur distance. Its God who gives fame and takes it away, whats destined to be yours will never leave even if the whole bollywood gang are against you. Protect your heart, and art. Protect your mental health

    They will keep inviting you, so that you let your guard down and they can find your weak spots and keep killing your self esteem with these kind of blinds, stay AWAY. Protect your peace. Protect your mental health

    And do not go into a relationship for the sake of publicity, its not gonna help. Not with us as an audience. Stay away. Protect your integrity. Protect your mental health

    Vicky Kaushal this is for you too

  2. mad says:

    wow this karan ass is at it again. He killed ssr now he is on Kartik. We as audience need to teach these “big boys” a lesson. This makes me so mad.

  3. Ria says:

    Kartik dont let star kids bully you, you dont need to socialize with them we have seen SSR its no use even trying. We all support you and your talent, just do your work and enjoy life with outside friends. Lots of love to Kartik

  4. abcd says:

    If karthik was a rich star kid, would they say and think like that? Karthik must be far from kjo and his gang.

  5. Hmm says:

    Karthik, please learn a lesson from SSR and back off. I beg you! Even SRK is minding his business. Please!

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