Bollywood Blind Item – June 2020 – 13

It’s been a while since we heard what happened to this film. Since last year, they have changed the release date more than twice and based on this blind item, it seems the suspense is over as the film will be releasing online soon.

It will be better this way as both the director and actor have ruined this project with their alleged misbehavior. If you remember, the projected was halted when the director was accused during the MeToo movement and during that time as well, there were very strong rumours circling around about the actor being inappropriate with the film’s lead actress who happens to be an outsider newcomer.

So the actress is the only one at lost here because this is her first film and it was supposed to be a big deal since this is the official remake of a Hollywood hit film and now, it’s all gone! Well, not really since it all depends on what comes next when the film finally releases and people get to see her talent.

The actor is really having trouble getting back in the race, but he has nothing to worry about as he is close to this casting director who coincidentally is the director of this film. If you remember, there was a blind item about these two being involved which is why the casting director recommends him for projects.

Who knows really what’s the truth?

Only they do!

Anyways, they should have thought twice before thinking they are privileged enough to behave in a creepy manner to others. This actor is going to have a hard time being back in the spotlight he once enjoyed when he delivered his first 100 crore film. As for the director, they still give him a lot of importance so he’s safe for now.

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Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.

Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item in Bollywood

THISΒ actor’s remake of a Hollywood film seems jinxed. First, the project got stalled as he had second thoughts of working with a filmmaker after their maiden collaboration tanked. Then, the movie hit a roadblock when its director got caught in a major controversy.

Fortunately for them, the movie did reach the finishing line. But it’s not going to cinemas as the studio behind it is planning to release it on a streamer. While the director, a debutant, is upset with this development, the hero is all the more anxious as his last release online found no viewers.

OSOP Guesses

Actor: Sushant Singh Rajput

Movie: Dil Bechara

Director: Mukesh Chhabra


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4 Responses

  1. missyouSSR says:

    If he was an established actor, why did Drive get released on OTT, why was there no hype or buzz created for the movie…whole Bollywood equations need to be recalibrated now, someone supremely talented lost his life due to unfair practices, clearly his depression was due to external circumstances unlike Robin Willians or Anthony Bourdain, Sushant was not fighting inner demons, he succumbed to outside pressure….

  2. KP says:

    Admin, why haven’t you posted anything about his sudden death and stuff he went through. He was talented guy, and acted well on screen and they say kjo released all these fake blind item against him because the nepo gang were trying to boycott him. You have time to post Kjo created blind items but not talk about the REAL ISSUE at his hand ?!

    • Admin says:

      Hey, we know this is upsetting but what you are saying is not what happened. The man was not well, let his soul rest in peace. His health issue is not everyone’s issue, it’s his personal problem. You cannot simply attack others because he was not well. The man had people wanting him in films, ready to sign him, he made good money, had a good place to live, had women who loved him truly, appeared on famous magazine covers and so on. He wasn’t a threat to anyone as he is being made to be now. He was a man who had a place of his own in Bollywood, the same way Irrfan, Nawaz, KRK, Ayushmann and Vicky had/have. KJo and clan are just for socializing and nothing else. He does not have the power to stop producers from signing an actor. He himself worked with SSR. Blind items don’t stop producers and directors from wanting to sign an actor, they sign him because they want to work with him. It’s how Dangal’s director went to him, right? People are upset so they are saying all kinds of things and attacking everyone. At the time of his passing, SSR was not a struggling actor, he was an established actor. That’s it! You want outsiders to succeed? Go watch their films.

  3. SQ says:

    he is dead now so not privileged

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