Bollywood Blind Item – June 2019 – 7

Let’s just say, everyone saw this coming! Serves them right for trying to manipulate the audience into watching their films. When will they learn that doing all this drama off screen will not work anymore?

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Just in what kind of bubble do they live in that they think they can easily con the audience? Focus on making their movies interesting and paisa vasool. Both of their recent films were so unrealistic that the audience straightaway blasted the trailers and songs upon release. They didn’t even have to see the films to know!

This is what happens when you are too focused in bringing down others, who don’t bow down to you! Your own world is crashing down!

If we go by this blind item, it looks like KebabJo is one step away from being an official pimp! He might be the mafia king or nepotism by baap or Aloo Paratha’s Papa, but it seems he’s quite close to becoming a pimp.

He can make glossy films or films that don’t make that much sense, but to sexualise young girls? That’s a big No-No! Is this why this late legend’s daughters dress like the way they do? This is so disturbing!

The icing on the cake is Kangu’s sister telling the world how KebabJo tells his minions who to sleep with! And, she did that weeks ago!

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What a sad life he lives! Speaking of which, who’s taking care of his kids?

All the hard work that he went through to produce these two silly films literally got burnt in an eye blink! Now, he will have to work double to make back that money.

Either that or he can always ask for a loan from his rich friends. Now he will be seen more than he was before, hosting everything anywhere!

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This begs the question, what is going to happen to the super big film his production is producing now? Is he going to amp up the fake stories or will he focus on the production instead? For all we know, he can force his lead actors to tie the knot just to make sure this film becomes a hit!

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You know already who this blind item is about, just check it out from Mumbai Mirror. By the way, the stories about this production house offering sequels or series of its decade-old hits are old news! Ain’t nothing new about that!


Bollywood Blind Item


A MAJORΒ film studio, hugely in debt thanks to its series of flops recently, is trying hard to salvage its platinum club membership. It is trying every trick in the trade to stay afloat.

From channelling all its energies into sexualising its young stars, believing that’s what appeals to a new-age audience, to coming out with marketing strategies that only backfired. Now we hear the studio is planning to revisit its hit films from a decade or two ago and offer sequels or a series on them. What’s that they say about flogging a dead horse?


OSOP Guess

Film Studio: Dharma Productions


Karan Johar is a perennial presence on the Bollywood social scene, and this has added to the aura of success that surrounds him. In today’s times, Johar is not just a filmmaker – he is a brand, and has a fan following. He is one of the biggest stars in the country, who not only make films but also hosts talk shows, judges talent shows and endorses products. He is close friends with some of the biggest actors and actresses in the country.

Today, when he or his production house work with someone, it is like a stamp of approval given to the entire industry, which sits up and takes notice. Take the case of Vicky Kaushal (Raazi and Lust Stories) and Kiara Advani (Lust Stories), who worked with Dharma in 2018. – MansWorldIndia



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6 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Problem with these elites in BW or Politics in India is that they think people are still the same that they were 25 years ago. That they know everything better than their challengers. That they own loyalty of the masses. Sadly for them, India has grown up and uses it’s own mind to reject mediocrity in every field.

  2. Jeeia says:

    we have a choice of not seeing his movies FYI

  3. leaps says:

    sounds more like yrf

  4. Crazyworld says:

    I hear the production house is YRF. It’s currently planing a sequel for one of their previous hit, Bunty Aur Babli.

  5. abcd says:

    Shame on kjo to decide on which person his minions must get intimate with for the sake of stardom/movies.
    he is nobody to interfere on matters of others’ hearts. when kjo becomes very old, he will be almost like a
    grandfather to his own children. he might then seek support of other star kids for careers of his own children.
    these star kids have mastered the art of using and harming people as per convenience from kjo. They will then use
    this trick back on him. it will then hurt him that time the most. this is the same kjo who made bollywood aware of
    fashion in a very big way. kjo is now trying to mend fences. he is not fond of kat, he still let her work with
    rohit shetty in cop series (dharma-suryavanshi) , as he is very well aware of the backlash he and aloo have been
    getting from public( not the paid trolls/bots) but genuine posts/tweets. he seemed to be hell bent on establishing his
    supremacy in bollywood but ended up delivering some flop a result, aloo has started exploring other
    production houses (the evil mouse has started running from sinking ship and will return when ship is repaired).
    history will not remember aloo for her acting.aloo will be remembered as someone who lived off on kjo’s spoonfeeding
    of movies and rk.i still feel that kjo will smartly come of all this by end of next year. kjo is not a good human being ,
    but very intelligent.

  6. HateKjo says:

    Hope his production house collapse so we can get rid of him and his nepo gang. KJO movies are terrible.

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