Bollywood Blind Item – June 2019 – 23

This blind item might just be about any actor in Bollywood. But the blind item narrows it down to a “tall” actor, which means Bhai, Fatty’s Mamu and ex-King Khan are out.

This leaves Khiladi Kumar, who is actually tall but does not generally described as “tall”. The other option is an ex-model, but he was already trapped in this badly once.

The reason why most people is going to think this is Khiladi Kumar is because he lost a Diwali cards game once. It was a huge amount and instead of paying back the person he lost to, he choose to act in a ridiculous film made by that person.

It has not been reported that he likes to place bet randomly, so we are not really sure it is him. Besides, they could have described him with something other than “tall” in the blind item. This man loves his money so doubt that he would place bets randomly if he didn’t think he was going to win.

If it is him, let’s go with that. His film did cross 100crore this year and KebabJo co-produced that film.

The other actor that can be described as “tall” is the one who is entering a new phase in his life. Or should we say, re-entering because he has done it all before and now, he is going to do it again. But in his case, this BI is not about him since he has not had a profitable film for a while now. Plus, he has a real problem not these small bets types.

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.

P.S. What if the film ended up being a flop then? What would the bookie have done?


Bollywood Blind Item


THIS tall actor is quite the high roller, it seems. But what’s a few crores here or there when you’re raking in the big bucks. Apparently, when the much-loved actor lost some Rs 15 crore on a bet, he merely asked the bookie to get on board as a producer for his next film.

The bookie was apparently wise enough to recognise how good a deal this was – and he actually ended up making more than twice the sum in the bargain. Well, you know what they say – It’s all fun and games… until someone loses his shirt.

OSOP Guesses

Actor: Akshay Kumar

Film: Kesari (?)


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2 Responses

  1. Mehnaz says:

    Coukd this be Vicky?

  2. KA says:

    really a difficult blind to solve

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