Bollywood Blind Item – June 2019 – 18

The story in the blind item below has been rewritten, posted and shared so many times that we have lost count! What is the deal with this actor? Either tell the director he doesn’t want to do this film or keep quiet and do his job! He did agree to star in this film so why does he keep complaining? It’s like he is looking for a reason to ditch this project.

This reminds us of the numerous blind items that came out before he was starting to shoot for that sugarcoated biopic. It was the same trend, like he couldn’t tell the producer and director that he didn’t want to do the biopic so he resorted to sort of stabbing them in the back.

It would be a wonder if this film gets him the accolades like that biopic did! By the way, the film he saw that he didn’t like was a big hit so what’s the problem? He cares that deeply about the storyline? Being a hit storyteller is not everything? Why then did he express an interest to work with this director?

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Anyways, what is more important is this ridiculous headline from DNA today! Like, seriously?! At this point, there’s more pressure on Aloo P than on Raymond K. By the way, more than “bahu rani”, Aloo looks like Samaira’s friend (no offence, Aloo)! Also, how in the world, is AB Jr. looking way younger and fresher than Raymond K? Oh yes, that’s right! He uses his recreational time wiser. (wink-wink)


Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


THISΒ high-flying actor caught a new film written by a producer-director and was apparently so disappointed by it that he walked out halfway through the movie. No wonder, the talented star is reconsidering working with the filmmaker, with whom he had last year started a project which is already on shaky ground. We don’t blame him – after all, this is an industry where you’re only as good as your last performance.

OSOP Guesses

Actor: Ranbir Kapoor

Filmmaker: Luv Ranjan

Movie: De De Pyar De




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8 Responses

  1. Monalisa says:

    Ranbir still crying about this film… Ranbir himself admitted that he was the one who called up Luv and told him that he wants to work with him. He signed the movie before the release of Sanju, since he got a big hit Sanju he seemed to be reluctant to work with Luv. RK has released so many blinds about this movie since then. He should just walk out. Because of Brahmastra delay his dates are held up so the sooner he walked out the faster Luv can cast someone else and start shooting on schedule.

  2. Sheena says:

    U know OSOP family: I have started boycotting all movies of nepokids. Instead watch good movies like andhadhun, Newton, Stree, Bhadahi ho and plan to watch the upcoming article 15. All in cinemas so they get revenue to make more such good movies. Just caught a short film called Suno on YouTube and the female lead was fabulous in it. Then I remembered she was in Aisha (sodumb). So this fab actress is made to do short movies while these nepokids like Sodumb gets meaty roles such as Ek Ladki… Zoya factor… SMH

  3. Crazyworld says:

    According to other gossip forums, the actor is Vicky. The film he walked out of is Indian Most Wanted as he was considering working with the director. Besides, De De Pyaar De was a hit. it has crossed 100 crore

    Seriously, your hate for Ranbir and Alia is getting out of hand.

    • Admin says:

      Seriously, you think Vicky is this rude to walk out of a film screening he was invited to? This BI is about a producer-director, not director! Also, Vicky wasn’t at the screening of IMW!

  4. abcd says:

    is it so difficult for luv to cast another actor? Is rk the only actor in bollywood? If he can’t value opportunities given to him, then why can’t luv cast some other actor? somewhere even luv is at fault. Is it mandatory for him to cast a star kid? i’m sure outsiders would work more hard than rk for this movie.

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