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This actress has been around for a long time. She started with small roles and was in that ridiculous remake directed by Varun’s daddy. We thought she was going to be another flowerpot actress, which Bollywood doesn’t really need anymore.

But, surprise surprise…She turned out to be different. At least, different from these two leading ladies that this blind item is talking about. Ironically, the first leading lady was blasted for doing the same kind of roles over and over again. Then, boom, the other leading lady made her debut in the first leading lady’s film and guess what? She made such an impression in that film that everyone didn’t notice the first leading lady.

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The problem was, second leading lady also ended up being typecast but when she tried to turn thing around, she was unsuccessful. She has been trying to get back for a while now, but has been unsuccessful!

Sadly, their talent management seems to think that their actresses should undergo a body change, go through surgery and fit in a two-piece aka a bikini! Even Bebola did that!

So, now both actresses have not been lucky and the outsider, who surprised everyone, just took away their brand endorsements. Yes, just the brands not the films! Not that these two leading ladies have that many films on their plate.

By the way, brand endorsements pay way better than movies. At least, when she has the money already, she can make good choices when it comes to signing movies. She does her job quietly, speaks up when she has to and minds her own business. Way to go!

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Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item

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Even a few months back, these two A-list actors was at the top of their game with regard to both films and brand endorsements. And the other heroine was just another up and coming face, who had been seen in a few minutes-role in an espionage spy thriller, starring a superstar hero. There was a common factor between the two A-list heroines – they were managed by the same company.

While one of them is still considered one of the best actresses we have in Bollywood today, her last film was a damp squib and there have been no announcements from her end. Even her marriage to another top celebrity hasn’t really affected her positioning in this industry.

On the other hand, her contemporary actor who’s being managed by the same team, has had a rough patch in her career. She started off and people called her the next big thing but soon, her career and films lost steam. Even in her latest film that starred the same superstar, she barely had a 5-minute appearance. Now, both the actresses are being replaced in the brand circuit too.

One of them was endorsing a beauty brand and the other was the face of a chips brand. Both their contracts have been terminated earlier this year. And guess what? They all went in the other up and coming actor’s kitty who’s already proved her mettle with some terrific performances and commercial successes in the recent past. While she’s climbing up the charts, these two heroines are lagging behind now. And they are not even at fault.

Our khabroo informs us that the brands got tired of the ridiculous demands and the high handed attitude that they had to face at the actresses’ teams. Apparently, both the ladies treated them really well but the companies couldn’t take the regular tantrums they were subjected to by the team that manages them. Woh bolte hai na chai se garam ketli. This is a classic example of that. But shouldn’t the actors also keep a check on this before they lose out on everything?

OSOP Guesses

Married Heroine: Anushka Sharma

Other Heroine: Parineeti Chopra

Management Company: Yash Raj Talent

Actress Who Replaced Them: Taapsee Pannu


Taapsee Pannu has been having a good run at the movies. With some terrific performances in Pink (2016), Mulk (2018), Manmarziyaan (2018) and now the upcoming thriller Badla (March 8) whose trailer looks promising, her career graph has been on the rise.

Meanwhile, Parineeti Chopra has had to lie low for some time now. Despite the comedy franchise Golmaal Again (2017) doing wonders at the box office, the actress hit a roadblock especially after (Namastey England, 2018) came unstuck. However, she is gearing up for her March release, the historical, Kesari, in which she teams up with Akshay Kumar.

Having said that, there are certain brands, who have got slightly impatient with PC’s slow turn at the movies. And, one of them has decided to replace her with Taapsee.

Says a source, β€œA popular chips brand was looking for a new face and they zeroed in on Taapsee. They have already shot for their first ad together last month. The team wanted a complete makeover and someone whose energy matched with theirs. While Parineeti was the face of the brand for years, they didn’t renew her contract this time around.”

Of course, several brands are known to be myopic and they constantly play musical chairs with celebrities. Nothing too alarming, we say. What goes up also comes down and vice versa.

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6 Responses

  1. Monalisa says:

    Anushka’s flops affected her career and brand. Apart from Sanju (a movie she had a cameo) all her movies since 2017 flopped or under performed. Also being part of SRK’s recent flops did not help her either.

  2. HateKjo says:

    Admin why Anushka is not signing films? Tired of seeing Alia, katrina in every film.

    • Admin says:

      Shah Rukh Khan burnt down her career πŸ˜‚ No, just joking. She’s not getting good offers. Most likely she will focus on production…She’s happy following her husband around so… πŸ‘

      • KA says:

        will the same happen to Deepika too ? πŸ™
        is this the reason why actresses are ready to get married only when they feel their career is going downwards
        whereas in all other industries including television, married women are working.

        • Admin says:

          Deepika is set for now. She and Ranveer are considered a power couple so as long as they stay powerful, as in their movies work, she has nothing to worry about. The challenge for both of them is getting good scripts and doing movies that meet expectations.

    • Dree says:

      Werent there news that she was pregnant?

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