Bollywood Blind Item – July 2019 – 3

Since its release, this film has surprised everyone in all ways: at the box office and when it comes to reviews. It is still going strong and might very well be on its way to earning 200 crore! That’s quite something for this actor!

This makes you think, who are those people going over and over again to watch this film? Who?? Are they going because they cannot believe the story-line of this movie Β or because they liked it so much?

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Anyways, so this blind item is about this film and how so many actresses turned down offers to star opposite this actor. The search was going on and on until this actor became special friends with this new actress when they starred together in this remix song. Then, it was set! She was going to be in this.

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She signed on and today, this film is her biggest hit!

Check out the blind item below from SuperCinema. By the way, this other actress was supposed to be in this film. Don’t know whether this was supposed to be her debut film or her second film. Either way, this would have been her first big hit and it would have been quite something if she did do this film.


Bollywood Blind Item


This recently released movie had its makers running pillar to post to find a suitable leading lady to star opposite the leading man of the movie for some time before they finally locked on to the one who eventually did the role. The makers offered to role to not one but as many as five actresses in the industry who for some reason didn’t want to be a part of the movie.

Some of the actresses the movie was offered to had not even had a proper release at that point of time but they still choose to refuse the movie for some absolutely reasons citing things like the role was under-written to too many kisses in the part.

The actress who agreed to be a part of the movie eventually didn’t see it like the others who passed on the movie but saw the real potential in the film and the overall set-up and literally jumped at the chance to do the film. The movie has released and is working major wonders at the box-office. Like they say, it all about seeing the bigger picture.


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Film: Kabir Singh

Actress: Kiara Advani


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6 Responses

  1. Sheena says:

    Did anyone watch Kiara and Shahid’s BFF with Neha? 100% sure they are lovers or at least f$&$ buddies. Feel sorry for both her and Shahid’s baby wife… Sad

  2. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Haven’t seen Kabir Singh myself though I have seen Arjun Reddy . One thing which really stood out in the Telugu version was Shalini Pandey had barely any dialogues throughout the entire movie (excluding only the end) and I didn’t get how and when did she fall in love with the bloke? It’s the man’s movie throughout and it’s not surprising actresses refused it (not due to the kissing which is common enough today) because she has zilch to do in there. As for Kiara , a hit is a hit is a hit!

  3. Sorry says:

    I’m so happy for Shahid. The actress most likely thought it would flop. If it was Ranveer Singh, none of them would have rejected it.

  4. Samantha says:

    Tara.. i very clearly remember.. once said “I like Kangana, as a person n as an actress”.. after this, everything else is history!! From Ananya Pandey getting more prominence in KJOs crap SOTY2, to various blinds.. to Tara now saying “PC is my fav actress”.. Tru that KJO is movie mafia!

  5. abcd says:

    Sorry for sounding mean, but fact of the matter is that kiara is juhi chawla’s relative and so kjo has decided to take her under his wings. Kjo must have taught kiara to release this blind item. here he kills many birds in one stroke. One- outsiders are averse to intimate scenes. actually they are not, infact they are the ones who are made to give into demands for so called script requirement. Two: instead of considering outsiders for potential steamy scenes in upcoming movies, take kiara. this is what they are trying to say. Three: remember that for kjo’s lust stories: kiara was taken, and kjo was trying to show that he did value efforts of outsiders; so he’s trying to show that he does give work to outsiders by giving them small roles in budget movies and big roles in his some of his small budget movies. Remember in dostana 2; he is trying to cash in on popularity of kartik for promoting other star kids in movies. Same technique is followed in takht.

  6. Ria says:

    Good decision by Kiara. When we watched the movie we never thought of how many kissing scenes they had. It was just the awesome story and bowled over by the acting by both actors. It’s truly Tara’s loss Kiara’s gain

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