Bollywood Blind Item – July 2019 – 21

Apparently, this young actor who made his debut with a famous production house has lost out several projects. These were big projects and were the only ones he had!

So now, he is jobless with no projects on hand. This begs the question, is he acting like his step-brother did at the beginning of his career or does he think he deserves better?

It’s a good thing that people are interested in him and are signing him because soon there will be more star kids making their debut and he might just lost in that crowd. To be fair, when his step-bro made his debut, things were different. He gave so many flops and yet, producers and directors were lining up to sign him.

If this young actor knows what he’s doing, it’s fine. But if he doesn’t, he’s going to have a hard time realizing how networking is very important to make it in Bollywood!

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


A recent sequel, which has recently been announced, has sparked off a host of speculations, particularly on the role of its second leading man. Your diarist hears that the actor, who got his big-ticket Bollywood break with this production house, was in the running for the much-coveted role.

But the race came to a grinding halt when he apparently had a major falling out with the big boss. The young actor in question, a powerhouse of talent, has been ruffling up quite a few feathers in movie biz, but he seems unfazed, despite losing out on some plum projects.

OSOP Guesses

Sequel: Dostana 2

Actor: Ishaan Khatter



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11 Responses

  1. paisuhf says:

    Ishan is Shahid’s half-brother as they have the same mother and different fathers. I hope Ishan gets good work with other directors, he’s genuinely talented.

  2. Kiran101 says:

    Its not that KJO ‘s camp movies are unsuccessful in the past year. He holds a lot of power in BW , he controls a lot of film media outlets jouronlists , he will leak stars private details which are sometimes untrue. He will lobby for roles that has been offered to a star to someone else if he holds a grudge on them.

    It takes a lot of tact to do the dance of staying away from his camp and yet boost his ego. Ranveer in the beginning did that , he refused 2 of his shitty movies while praising him to skies and figuratively kissing his ass in public.

    And then there is this star kids hierarchy. Best scripts go to Ranbir-Alia then Varun – Pandey’s -Jhanvi – Tiger …etc . We can hardly expect young non film family stars to fight Kjo’s ways with tact or otherwise. Bascially they have to hope for luck … like Tara’s loss is Kiara’s gain.

  3. Rami says:

    Wow,reading the comments, looks like kjo aunty is out of control in BW! The adivce to young people should be given is to plan your career with short and long term goals. First also, keep your finances under control! Ishann has natural,easiness about him,stay grounded, work with new directers, and try low budget film! The mistake people’s make is that they become too choosy,they should keep doing AD’s,guest appearances, etc, to stay in the lime light, this is important ,BW is not a trustworthy place, out of sight ,out of mind!

  4. Shefu says:

    I have to say why this young lad does not or cannot see himself following BS of KJO. Just listen to his interviews. He is brilliant. For a young mind, to think the way he thinks, it’s amazing. I can’t see him mingling with Ananya Pandeys- like to be in KJO Camp. He is much brilliant than Shahid and humble too (you can see KWK interview to see the difference in attitude with this guy and his brother )

  5. Samantha says:

    i really dont understand the hype about KJO camp!! Specially now! Kalank was the biggest disaster n SOTY2 was also a flop! KJO is hving cold feet directing Takht (after seeing Kalank failure) n Ayan is redoing n making Brahmastra again n since last 4 years!! Sara Khan, Shraddha Kapoor, Kangana, Ranveer.. all r thriving n doing really well without KJO stamp!! N Ishaan should also be fine even if kicked out!! KJO camp ll be YRF in some more time (difference is YRF stl comes up with a Sultan now n then).

  6. Original anon says:

    Half brother, NOT step brother!!

  7. Ria says:

    He is a very good actor with abundant talent . KJo or not he will get good projects. Talent stays no one take it away

  8. abcd says:

    it is good to see star kids like sara and ishaan exploring movies outside kjo camp. sara is getting movies opposite varun and varun does not work with alia anymore; as alia’s true evil face is very much visible to all. ishaan should be slightly careful, stop taking advice from shahid and start working in movies, as there is very strong possibility of getting sidelined as many star kids are now competing with each other to get work.
    there were very few star kids during shahid’s phase but now situation is different.

  9. Joe says:

    Knew Shahid is an egoistic looser who ruined his own career by his arrogance. He thinks he is SRK when in reality stands near John. But never thought he will try to harm his step-brother with his jealousy and pessimism until KWK happened where Shahid was making it difficult for Ishan who seemed pretty down to earth and pleasing as opposed to his step-brother.

    In all probability Shahid filled shit in his step-brother’s mind out of jealousy to make him struggle/derail him from THE camp just so that he is not called star’s brother-actor who failed to take off in comparison to Ishan, and foolish Ishan followed suit. Tch Tch. Like Sara, he too will understand soon, though seems like Kjo has no interest in promoting Sara and Simbaa was a one off mercy due to Kareena-Saif.

    • Samantha says:

      Really, who cares abt KJO camp nowadays.. n its not even THE camp!! So pls chill!!

    • Joe says:

      Correction w.r.t. Ishan- Got to know this is months old story. The reason circulated for Ishan’s fallout was that he refused to play puppet to Kjo’s make out – break up PR tactic. If true, whata nice boy.

      To whoever thinks Kjo doesnt influence industry, needs to be logical rather than emotional. Start by studying Alia, etc.

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