Bollywood Blind Item – July 2019 – 14

The blind item below is a little strange to begin with. First of all, since last week it was said that this actor would be increasing his fee since his recent release is such a huge hit.

So you might think this blind item is about this actor, but it’s not. Mainly because the actor does not have a father, who can hire his services as an actor. Not a second time, anyway!

The blind item below is about this actor, whose movie was a huge disappointment and flop earlier this year. It wasn’t solely his film so we can’t say his film was a flop. But he was part of that film and since last year, he had other films that under-performed as well.

These movies are what this blind item is talking about, but this BI claims it all happened in a year. Maybe it’s been a year since last year until now.

Anyways, we had to check this actor’s IMDB and it’s a mess. Who’s handling his filmography there because he is said to be in films he wasn’t in?! Fans?

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


WE do think Bollywood stars are an overpaid lot. If it isn’t the movies, they make their crazy cash via commercials. One does, however, understand a commercially successful actor charging a whopper as he probably is a reliable return on investment.

But this chap – with three mega flops in one year – is certainly both ambitious and delusional. He is said to be asking for Rs 33 crore for a film. Any takers? None other than his sweet daddy we suppose.

OSOP Guess

Actor: Varun Dhawan



#Possible Guess

Other Actor: Shahid Kapoor
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7 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Still don’t know why Varun Dhawan has fans

  2. Manisha says:

    Does anyone think that the reviews that Super 30 is getting are paid? Like 8.7 on IMDB…sounds too good to be true coming from a typical biopic format. But I guess I’ll form my own opinion when it comes out on TV ha

    • D says:

      Yeah it’s paid. Did you read times of India preview or review. Even on you tube you will know it’s paid. I think they are spending lot of money on paid previews.

  3. Hahaha says:

    Please tell me who is spotboye’s new blind talking about is it shraddha?

  4. Lee min says:

    Arjun Kapoor I guess!

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