Bollywood Blind Item – July 2018 2

The blind item below is about this famous franchise and its next instalment. For years now, there have been speculations on the cast of the next instalment of this successful comedy franchise. There was even a big launch some time back, but then things died down. According to a beef-cake actor who was added to the cast, the script is not ready yet. So why did they announce it? Maybe to get investors interested in this project.

So this blind item from Mumbai Mirror is saying that this actor was earlier approached to be part of this film since he was already a part of the first two. He refused saying that he only wants to do meaningful films from now one, he doesn’t want to do films from his comedy and action franchises. It is strange considering how he has signed on for the next film from this very successful movie franchise. Maybe it’s about the money that’s why he refused. They can’t offer him much because that company has been under financial troubles for some time now. This despite their last comedy working very well at the box office, still they were sued by the director who claimed they didn’t pay him his full fees.

Last month, the next film from this franchise was already announced and this actor was featured in it. In fact, the producer managed to retain all of the original stars. Let’s see if they can nail a good story since the second instalment was pretty stupid! Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror. By the way, we have received your requests via comments. Please be patient as we are travelling at the moment. We’ll try to make it up once things settle down.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – July 2018 2


NOT too many people have refused to work with this top Bollywood producer who has delivered several big hits in his career. But one of Bollywood’s biggest stars did have a problem when the producer approached him recently for the latest installment of a hit franchise. The actor apparently wants to move away from his past successes, which have mostly been spurred by comedy dramas and action thrillers, and only stick to meaningful movies. Ultimately, the producer’s father, who is much respected in the film industry, had to step in and request the actor to take up the role.


OSOP Guesses

Top Bollywood Producer: Firoz A. Nadiadwala

Hit Franchise: Hera Pheri

Actor: Akshay Kumar

Producer’s Father: A.G Nadiadwala

Bollywood Blind Item – July 2018 2


Bollywood Blind Item – July 2018 2

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2 Responses

  1. Rashmi says:

    on another site it’s not about Akshay, but about the SRK and its Don, what to believe? I would prefer Hera Peri course, than the Full Madhouse 4. when it is finally the housefull end?

  2. naughtytrini says:

    I bet akshay asked for more money, funny how those with so much does never have enough, they always want more and more and more. I think it turns out to be a competition, not needing the money to survive but to show the world hey I am the actor making the most money. And what do they do to help others? nothing. It is no wonder he cant contain his sex drive and his wife is a sour puss. She doesnt even want to pay the sweet shop for the sweets she eats from there.

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