Bollywood Blind Item ā€“ January 2020 ā€“ 3

This might sound like a ploy to get people interested in this upcoming film, it might! Or…It might not be the case because it’s the truth.

There was already a blind item that came out last year about this young actor’s situation when his girlfriend caught him cheating. Let’s see how far they play this facade. It’s nice that his family is concerned enough to get him to understand the situation he is stuck with. Well, technically, he is supporting them so…

Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


This actress girlfriend threatened her actor boyfriend’s family after the hero wanted to break up

Are they dating? Are they not? That has been the potential question on everyone’s mind. We’re talking about this young star couple who’s always managed to grab headlines with their appearances. But while to the world, they are still together, their family will have a different story to tell the world. Apparently, not all’s well between the two and they have just been pretending to be in love, lately.

So what went wrong? The actor, who’s a known face from the younger generation, slipped and had a scene with one of his co-stars from an earlier film. When the actress girlfriend found out about the fling, she was livid.

She directly confronted the star and although hurting, she resolved the matter. The heroine doesn’t want to lose the hero at any cost, given that she gets a lot of notice because of their affair.

But a few months later, when the actor wanted to break up and told his girlfriend about it, our pretty lady didn’t waste any time and landed at the actor’s home. He met the mother and the sister and what happened next was beyond shocking. She literally threatened them and said that if they didn’t control the boy, she would jump off the rooftop.

Yes, things went downright crazy from there and we hear the family was shell shocked. They sat the actor down and told him what he had signed up for. The family never really accepted the girl in the first place and the mother especially had her own reservations about this relationship. But ever since then, the actor has complied to her demands.

Soon, the actress who was shooting abroad for the outdoor schedule of one of her next thrillers, decided to give her actor-boyfriend a taste of his own medicine. She hooked up with her co-star who’s also another Gen-Y actor known for his good looks!

OSOP Guesses

Actress: Disha Patani

Boyfriend: Tiger Shroff

Hot & Handsome Actor: Aditya Roy Kapur


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13 Responses

  1. leaps says:

    well someone tell this girl a man is defined by the company he keeps and aditya is ranbir’s friend so its better to skip aditya after a fling hes not worth it as a potential future security investment .

    • nefarious says:

      @Leaps: Wasnt ARK totally into shraddha and loyal to her? I dont think we can put ARK and RK in the same bracket

      I think he has been with Diva Dhawan for a while now.. so its hard to say whether Disha and him had a scene or is it just PR for film

      • leaps says:

        @nefarious if he has been diva he is effectively cheating on her with disha going by the blind. may i remind you of how kat was the one ranbir cheated on dp with look how that ended up. also ARK seems lazy when it comes to making effect to be more successful professionally the main reason shardha’s family was so opposed to him as a match for her . he will likely end up like arjun rampal compared to him tiger is a better bet.

        • nefarious says:

          As per the blind, Disha cheated on tiger with ARK to spite him for going after Tara. So, it may not be ongoing… maybe only during the filming..i dont know how driven ARK is now, but seems more than what he used to be while dating Shraddha.

          Although, given that ARK family owns UTV, he still may be more financially well off in the future compared to Tiger…so i dont think hes such bad bet.

          • leaps says:

            Tara going through men like tissue papper seems more like kjo attempt tp trash outsiders as usual.
            ARK brother SRK handles the family business he knows the ins and outs and ARK has a share of it but zero experience eventually, out of the brothers Kunaal Roy Kapur is the actor who actually knows to act and works in quality projects even if the family business sinks what will ARK do vjing good looks arent enough she would want an financially independent man for future financial security tiger is a hard worker, consistent with respect to bo success till now only .

  2. whiskermole says:

    Are you saying Tiger is into men?

    • Rita says:

      Yes admin, please clarify this. Are you saying tiger sheriff is into men? Also we live in the 21st century which person would stay with another just cause someone is pathetic enough to threaten them with suicide, that is like a jogger reason to ditch them because they are just holding you hostage and will use that for every small thing, unless she has real dirt on him. Cause he seems to selfish and a MCP to scare for her suicide threats, I mean they way he treated Tara sutaria like dirt during soty 2 promotions and cut her role in the movie is just sadistic.

  3. nefarious says:

    But isnt ARK committed to that model Diva Dhawan? ARK doesnt seem the type to falter when in a committed relationship, unless both disha and ARK were only hooking up

  4. ria says:

    Looks like Tiger could not satisfy her so she is moving to better guy. ARK looks super hot. Tiger is like a robot doesn’t show much emotions in acting except for his body and he is not even good looking. ARK is so much better Disha is one of the hottest in current lot she deserves much better family and guy than Tiger, his is a f’ed up family

    • Raj says:

      Yeah. He is super hot???. What is his claim to fame except for being brother of UTV chairman. He has’n’t carried not even a single movie on his own (Aashiqui 2 was hit due to its music). He looks totally lost all the time like Ranbir and in my opinion, not a star material at all. At best, he is suited for side hero kind of role as he did he Yeh Jawaani. I am sure he is no better than Ranbir in terms of commitment

  5. me says:

    drop tiger girl. you deserve better and hotter. like ARK

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